Sunday, June 15, 2008

A tutorial and more cards!

Wow! I owe a BIG thank you to Lauren Meador for mentioning my new blog on hers because it brought some people here and I thank those of you who left comments for me! It was pretty cool seeing them when I got up this morning.
I had a comment on SCS about the origami butterfly so I decided to make a mini tutorial on how to make one of your very own. They are super easy, and you don't have to have a lot of experience with origami to do one.

First step is to start off with two squares of paper. The squares can be any size you want, but the one I made on yesterday's card used two 2" squares. You can decorate your squares any way you wish; I stamped mine with a speckled background. A fun thing to do is use tea bag folding papers because the different patterns in those papers can make cool butterflies!
Fold your square corner to corner so you have a triangle.
now take the top point of the triangle and fold it down so it extends a little past the folded edge.
The next step is hard to explain in words, but I think the pictures will show it pretty well. You take the right side and fold it up to the point you just folded. and do the same thing with the left side.

Do the same thing with your second square and place them together to make your butterfly wings!
You can stamp or draw a butterfly body. Yesterday's card had a piece of wire that I ran through two beads for the body and curled the ends for antennae. If you make one of these, please send a link to it!

Now for a card! This card is another image my daughter drew. I thought it was cute and I am probably the last person on earth to receive a swiss dots cuttlebug folder and mine just arrived yesterday so I had to make a card using it! I was going to add words on the front that said "Dance like nobody's watching" and then on the inside I was going to say "They'll all be busy watching the elephant in a tutu!" lol! but there just wasn't room on the front for it. I decided I need more shades of grey in my copics. I added some stickles to the tutu!

Since I seem to be showing cards with my daughter's drawings, I may as well show you one more of hers I did a while back. The inside says "It's the only time of the month I can be myself!"

Well, thanks again for the warm welcome!


StampingJoan said...

welcome to the blog world Holly!

Love the butterfly!


Wanda H said...

Holly, your blog is great!! Love the tutorial (and butterflies) so I'll definitely be giving this a go.

Diane said...

The butterfly tutorial is great! I think I'll use this technique to use up some of my small double sided designer paper scraps!

Babs said...

Hi, Thanks for your easy-to-follow tutorial for the butterfly. I made a card with one of these butterfly's. It's on my blog at.....
Thanks, Barb.