Thursday, July 10, 2008

Diet Is A Four Lettered Word & A Tutorial!

After typing that title out I am thinking maybe I goofed and it should be "letter" rather than "lettered". I'm sure if my daughter Chesney is reading this she will let me know how it's supposed to be. I have a tutorial that goes along with today's post! In the midst of making this I thought someone might like to see how I did it, so I took some shots. First the card.

On the inside it says "it'll make you say a few four letter words too!" The font I used is one called Boopee.

A while back my sister Lynne drew a lot of these adorable bears called Shy Bears. They were all made into rubber stamps and sold by Merry Stamper. That company has since closed, but I do think the Shy Bear images have been sold to I Brake For Stamps. Isn't it a cute image? It's hard to tell in this photo, but the towel is embossed from behind so it's dimensional. It almost gives the effect that you've cut out the towel and mounted it on pop dots, but it's cooler than than because it's all one piece. Here's a close up from the side so you can see the dimension.

And guess what, this time I didn't color with copics! I colored this with watercolor pencils and then went over everything with an aqua brush. I did use copics on the floor. After coloring it I turned it over and held it up to a window so I could see the image, and I lightly traced around the towel. Then I placed the image face down on a mouse pad and used an embossing tool to lightly press in the towel part. You can also use the round end of a paintbrush or something similar. You continue adding more and more pressure until you have it raised where you want. At this point I fill the area in with cotton. I've also filled in with glue gun before, but I didn't want the heaviness in this. If the area you are embossing isn't a large one you can skip this step all together. I just don't want to take a chance that it will get flattened in the mail!

After that was done I used my quickie glue pen around all the areas that weren't raised and glued it to the "wallpaper". Glueing that part down completely makes the raised area even more pronounced. Here's a close up right after glueing it down.

It's a really cool look. I've got this image of grapes (another one my sister drew for Merry Stamper as a matter of fact) that I like to do this technique on. I hope you like the card and that if you've never tried this technique before that you will. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

What a great card Holly....I've never heard of using cotton to emboss before, I'm going to have to try that.

It sounds like your whole family is talented, no wonder you make some amazing cards!

Can't wait for tomorrow's card :~)

KAT said...

Great technique, Holly! I'll bet that is one soft 'n fluffy towel -- kinda like the bear, huh? (soft 'n fluffy -- a little *too* fluffy, she's thinking - LOL)
What a talented family! I had not known it was your sis who created the darling Shy Bears.
BTW, I think it 'technically' ought to be: four-letter word. ;-)

Juliana said...

Adorable card--so cleverly (and beautifully) done!

weatkins said...

I absolutely love the Shy Bears. I wish Lynne would do more of them. I love the school teacher one with the rules posted. (And it is "four-letter"-- but you caught that yourself!)

Unknown said...

Hi Holly! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! I have added you to my blog roll! I love this card, the image and sentiment are too cute! :)

Have a great day!!!

Diane said...

Great card and a great technique! I confess I don't dry emboss enough and I'm not sure I haev any images where I can use this, but I'll file it away in the back of my head! TFS!

Cheryl Hirzel said...

AAA+ as in Adorable!

Phyllis said...

absolutely adorable. Great idea on the cotton under the towel. thanks for making me think outside of the box.