Saturday, July 19, 2008

Zindorf inspired

I don't think there is anyone in the stamping world who hasn't heard of Michelle Zindorf. She does absolutely magnificent works of art and on her blog she shows step by step photo tutorials. I am most fascinated by the highlights she makes with the white gel pen. She is a master of highlights and shadows. When I saw THIS card I wanted to try my hand at it; mostly because I have the stamp set she used! {grin}
Anyway, when I first made it, I didn't like it at all. The highlights I made appeared too stark. I left it on my stamping table and went on to something else. Later when I came back I didn't hate it as much. It seemed to look better from a distance than close up, but overall I was happy with what I had acheived. There is this quotation that I just love that I thought would go perfect with it, so I decided to print the quotation on to my piece. Mistake! The words just didn't show up on the dark ink. At first I despaired that I had messed up what took me so long to make! There was no way I was pitching it! So, I ended up printing the quotation on to some very vanilla cardstock and I cut it out, did a little sponging, and mounted it over the printing I had done previously. I'm happy with the results enough to post it here, and I plan on trying more of her tutorials!

So, what are your feelings about this card? The font on the quotation is Garamond. Thanks for looking!


KAT said...

Oh, Holly, as soon as my eyes rested on this card, I felt p e a c e .
Then I read your excerpt. My thought regarding the words is: The fact that you have it printed on the vanilla cs gives the feeling of 'being on the outside looking in', if you know what I mean. So I feel your 'mistake' (originally printing the words directly on the card) turned out for the best - with the way you changed it. I really do feel peace when viewing this card.
Oh yah - I guess I could be the only one in the stamping world who had not heard of - is it Michelle? LOL
[BTW, regarding the quote: Is his name really spelled Josheph - rather than Joseph?]

Holly Young said...

Oh my gosh! I just saw that misspelling! No, Kat his name is Joseph.

KAT said...

I won't tell anyone if you won't, Holly. LOL
[P.S. Love your photo with Riley!]

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly....I thought your background technique was wonderful! You have such an amazing eye for things I am just in awe. Every so often, several "stampin" friends and I get together and do our magic, it is fun to see what the other comes up with.
The other night at stamp club, we did some different techniques....using versamark pen and coloring with watercolor crayons and then embossing using glossy paper (very pretty) and another one was stamping on velum paper and coloring from the other side of the stamped image. We always enjoy getting together and trying new things.

Thanks for did a great job!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!Great job!!

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

This is a wonderful and soothing card. Awesome job with Michelle's techniques...I haven't ventured there myself. You have given me the courage to try it!

Maureen said...

You did such a wonderful job with this card! I think the white hilighting is perfect and the whole thing is gorgeous!!