Friday, August 1, 2008

answering a question

Sandy commented on my watercolor card and I couldn't find an e mail to reply to, so I'm using this comment to answer.
Sandy asked:
Oh how cute! I have come to the conclusion, I NEED MORE STUFF!!!
My husband wouldn't agree. What tools are you using for coloring and where do you get those rain dots?

Sandy, we always need more stuff! LOL! I used a small paintbrush, water, and twinkling h2o's to color the bird. I normally use an aquabrush to do my watercoloring, but these bird images have such small spaces to color that I was more comfortable using my small paint brush and water.
The rain dots are made by Cloud 9 Design and they have all sizes, colors, and shapes. I got a whole assortment of different sized circles in all colors from QVC. They've come out with some new eyelet ones that I love.
Hope that helps, and thanks for visiting my blog!

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