Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Card Giveaway!

Today is card giveaway day! Leave a comment on this post by noon tomorrow and I'll use to pick a number to send this card to. If you have a blog, please let your readers know about this!
One of the Dare To Get Dirty challenges was to create a scene card. My scene is inside a room looking out a window. I love this card. It was such fun to make.

Isn't that grumpy old cat the funniest? The saying in case you can't read it is "Meow Dammit!" yesterday I told you cat lovers would like it and so would cat haters. Cat lovers because they've all seen their cats look grumpy like this, and cat haters because the cat is OUTSIDE!
The card is totally 3 dimensional. You can see from this angle how much so.

Even the little flower pot on the window ledge is popped up! Sorry, I don't have stamp credits for any of the stamps except for the striped wallpaper. It is by Stampabilities. Now go comment and try to win it!
Tomorrow I've got the first of the cards I made using the stuff Sue sent me in her summer challenge packet. Thanks for looking!


Nicole said...

Way cute! the perfect card for me to see first thing this morning ;D

Elizabeth said...

So cute and funny!

Anonymous said...

It should be meow COMMA dammit! lol, sorry, I couldn't resist! I like how the window protrudes.

Unknown said...

LOL! That's hilarious. I know the perfect person to send it to if I win. Dh calls her "the cat lady". lol! :) Nice work!

KAT said...

hmmmm.... Believe it or not, Holly, none of my 4 kitties (have just my 16-yo Sunshine still w/me) ever displayed grumpiness. But *I* certainly have, so this Kat can relate in that way. LOL
The dimension is great. =^..^=
P.S. Chesney is correct. LOL

Anonymous said...

Holly Holly Holly!! I am so happpy for both your daughter and you!! I knew that you passed down those creative and artistic genes to her! How exciting!!!!
As for the card...any one of my cats could be the subject of today's card! Lovey, Thurston "Howl" the Third or MaryAnn! LOL!
Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

I'm past the time, but I love that cards, very cute and love the 3-D!
Stephanie B.

Anonymous said...

I hope I win, DAMMIT...LOL

Very cute,

weatkins said...

I love this card (even though I hate cats!) and it's much better than that awful card you made yesterday with that banner! :)

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this grump cat because he looks so much like my old grumpy cat!

Stacey Schafer said...

hee hee:) too cute!