Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flower Soft

Well I told you a few days ago about this stuff called Flower Soft and I ordered some of it. I got five different colors. Here's what they look like:

It kind of looks like shredded foam. It is very light, and there is a ton in a jar. It's very densly packed, and you need to take some out of the jar and loosen it up a bit with your fingers.
To apply it, you just add glue where you want it, and then sprinkle the flower soft over it.
One thing I found is it's kind of hard to do one color and then come back later and do a second color because the flower soft that is already applied will stick to the glue applicator. This wouldn't be a problem if the areas you are putting the flower soft aren't close together. I was doing a lilac bloom and first put some purple flower soft down. Later I went back to add some blue and my purple kept getting stuck on the glue applicator tip. Here are how the lilacs looked.

I think I got this on a little too heavy, but I was trying to cover the white that was showing. I decided it was best to color the image first so that after the flower soft is applied you don't see white showing through. Here is my second attempt.

I was so anxious to get the flower soft on the card that I neglected to do my sky, and now I don't know that I can! There are pre printed cards that the company sells called "toppers" that you can get and apply the flower soft to, but I didn't get any of those preferring instead to use them with my rubber stamp images. I think this may look better if I find better images to use with it.
I ordered mine through a very nice lady named Cheryl Horton. She has a blog here where you can find out more about this and order some if you want. My order arrived very fast, so I'm a pleased customer!
I hope this has given you a little more insight on this new product!
Thanks for looking!


Paula said...

Very Nice! I have some flower soft on order that should be arriving in the next couple of days. I can't wait to play with it. Thanks for posting the great pics!

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly....I like your second attempt the best! It really makes the flowers pop when you put on the Flower Soft.

It kind of looks like Fun Flock, have you ever used that? You apply it the same way but it gives the area that it's applied to an almost velvety appearance and feel. They have it in a big variety of colors too.

Thanks for sharing with us...I look forward every day to visiting your blog :~)

Unknown said...

Very pretty! I have never heard of flower soft before, but it has a great effect! TFS :)

Conni said...

wow that stuff looks so real!!! Great find

Helen said...

Wow, these are fabulous! Never seen that product before - you made some very cool cards with it.

Unknown said...

That stuff looks cool! I might have to get some. I saw it in an online store somewhere too (Unity, maybe?). It would even be great for a mossy groundcover.

Catherine said...

don't you just love this... how cool huh =)