Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Be or Not To Be

LOL! Tonight I received a comment from Kat about the Magnolia girl card that I thought was funny.
Kat said...
Oh Holly, I *love* the layout of this card! And I love those blue sequins. I just do not care for the image - a girl with no nose or mouth. ;-)

August 26, 2008 7:41 PM

Then I received an e mail from my sister Jan (the one who doesn't like Precious Moments images - remember this post?) with a subject line that said "There, I Fixed Her!"
Attached to her e mail was this picture:

LOL! I have heard some people say that it bugs them that these images don't have a nose or mouth. It doesn't really bother me, and sometimes I draw in a nose and mouth if I feel like it. Part of the reason these images are fun is so you can add your own "expression" to their faces. So my question to all of you is should there be a nose and mouth or not be a nose and mouth? Does it bug you? Do you ever draw your own?
Okay, don't forget card giveaway on my next post! You'll like it!
Thanks for looking!


Shirley said...

Holly, I prefer a mouth and nose. it looks like something is missing without it sort of a blank space in the middle.

Imagine That Digistamp said...

I think I prefer there to be a nose and mouth. They have more expression that way. I'm no artist though, but even just a cute little half smile with a dimple will do, lol. You did a terrific job.

Karen said...

I use really be into making country wood crafts, and dolls. I understand the whole eyes with no nose or mouth thing, and thing it looks okay. However, I think your added nose & mouth on this image is perfect. It does make her pop. Those stamps called glam girls, which I think is CC Designs, I added eyes under the glasses. I had a problem with not seeing eyes on them, & I really liked the stamps. They, too, looked better with eyes. You can see what I did on my blog, if you are interested. But, just wanted to let you know your girl looks cute! Have a nice week!


Anonymous said...

I agree....the nose and mouth complete the girl, it almost makes it look like a different stamp!

Anonymous said...

I *hate* these images just because they have no nose or mouth. When I'm cruising the blogs on my reader, I cringe & quickly click pass any and all blogs that have those images used on their cards. Yours made me stop & go back...almost didn't register she had a mouth & nose!! It looks so much better.

KAT said...

Well, there ya go, Holly. This little gal has real CHARM now, doesn't she? My "charming THANKS" to your sister Jan! :-D [See my nose 'n mouth in my smile? LOL] purrrr.....

Unknown said...

I've gotta say, I'm a fan of the nose and mouth. And honestly, I never even noticed they were lacking until you pointed it out. Thanks. *sigh*


P.S. Do you like how I catch up on blogs in one day? I've been so far behind lately. UGH.

Karin said...

Hi Holly,

this is a complete different Tilda.
I'm so just to the images without nose and mouth it doesn't bother me. But she's got a total different expression. Love it

xoxo karin