Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Coneflower Passion

Just wanting to remind you that today is the day you can order the Hey Chica! stamp set from My Favorite Things! I'm totally loving seeing what Kim's awesome design team has done with it, and thank you so much for all the well wishes and congratulations I got!

Now on to today's card. It is another we made at stamp camp. It uses stamps from Stampin Up's Inspired By Nature set. This set is double mounted, meaning it has two stamps on one wood block; one on each side. The grasses were on one side, and the coneflowers on the other. A lot of the ladies at the camp didn't like this, but I am for anything that will save a little money!

The card, and the piece the image is stamped on are Pirouette Pink, but it doesn't really look pink in my photo. I never would have put pink and red together, but I like the way this looks. The coneflower stamp is just gorgeous. I hope you are enjoying your peek at these new images!
Speaking of new stuff, I ordered a cool punch from a catalog the other day and it came yesterday. It reminds me of the fresh notes note cards that Stampin Up has. Here it is punched out on white and the paper is just laying on a piece of black paper.

I haven't found a way to actually use the punch on a card yet, but I like it! It's by McGill and is called Spring Flower. Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

What a great day to stay inside and cruise the internet :~)

Hummmmm I wonder what I'll buy today...maybe I'll head over to MFT and check out the new stamps being released today, I am so excited for you and Chesney!

Have a great WET's always sunny on the internet LOL

Unknown said...

That is a cool punch! I love the card too. :)