Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Don't Like Ike

Well Hurricane Ike passed through here and left us without power. We had just gone to the grocery store the day before so I packed up all of our perishable stuff and stored it in my friend's freezer. Now, I'm at work using the pc here to let you know that you may not be seeing any cards for a couple of days. :(
On a good note, my family in Texas is safe and my daughter and her fiance didn't run into any bad weather on their canoe trip.
I'll be back to posting when I can!


Catherine said...

That's horrible not having power at home and not be able to make cards ;) but i'm glad that everyone is safe.

KAT said...

A week ago we had to store our fridge & freezer stuff at our daughter's & at the neighbor's -- but *not* becuz of Ike. It was becuz of Kenmore! LOL
Take care, Holly ~ and God bless you & yours.

Nancy said...

Hope you have your power back soon!!!
I'm in San Antonio, and Ike "bounced" about 70 miles east of us and started heading northeast. We didn't get a drop of rain and barely any wind. However, my daughter is in college in Vermont, and she will probably get more out of Ike than we did. How weird is that?!? :)

Unknown said...

I am sorry you are without power and I hope your home and neighborhood did not suffer much damage. We will be looking for your return!

Stay safe!

Imagine That Digistamp said...

Ugh...hope you have power back SOON and that no damage came your way.