Thursday, October 9, 2008

Row Houses

I'm still playing with my new Unity stamps. I received a card from a friend last week and she made the envelope from some designer paper and included the left over piece of paper inside the card. I thought that was a cool idea! So I made this card using the left over piece she sent me.

I colored the houses with copics and chalked the grass and sky. I added some brown ribbon that I got from the bag the Unity stamps come in and then stamped the greeting below in brown ink. It's a cute image, but I had a hard time understanding what part of the image down by the wall. It almost looked like a dam or a levy of some kind! Does anyone know what that is? LOL!
Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

I always forget to use my chalks!

Thanks for using different coloring items that remind us it doesn't just have to be the same ole' thing :~)

Nancy said...

Cute card! Isn't that the wall, then street, then lawn in front of the houses?

bumblebee creations said...

Holly! I love the sentiment on this card!! What an awesome card!! Is it regular chalk-or is it certain chalk made for cards? TFS-and smiles.. : )

CraftyC said...

A gorgeous card, I love my copics!!

KAT said...

That is just the cutest image - like drawings I made as a kid. So cute!

The part of the image you are confused about - if you are referring to the area between the stone wall & the houses, I think it is the street. It does seem funny that it is higher than the wall - but I believe we are "downhill, looking upward" - and that area is still on an incline.

Of course the words you used are purrfect fur this image. ;-)

Catherine said...

Hah, can't help you with that one. But this is too cute, land how cool that you can use your left-overs to create this :)

Unknown said...

I love Unity stamps, don't you? But I agree about them being smaller as a whole than I thought they'd be (you mentioned that on an earlier post, I think). Cute card!