Saturday, November 1, 2008

Birthday Elephant

I wish I could come up with really creative titles for my posts, but I just can't. The title of today's post is pretty straight forward. The card has an elephant on it, and it's going to a 13 year old girl for her birthday. There is a little tutorial I made for the background of this card. Once I started typing it out I thought it was rather silly to have all the pictures showing you things that you could figure out easily enough by just reading, but I went to the trouble to take the pictures and upload them, so I'm going to go ahead and have the pictures too. I hope you don't think I'm thinking you need these pictures to understand!
Okay, enough said! First I'll show you the card and then I'll tell you how the background was done.

Isn't that little elephant (is it odd to say little and elephant in the same sentence?) so cute? This is another image I received in an image swap so I don't know what company it's from. I colored with colored pencils and blended them with odorless mineral spirits. I did use a red copic marker on the toenails and then I went over them with a clear glaze pen. I wanted them to look like she had just had a manicure! LOL!
Anyway, here's how the background was done.

Tear pieces if masking tape and apply to cardstock. I let the edges overhang and just tape it to my cutting board. It holds the cardstock down and the edges will be cut away when you're finished.

Continue adding pieces of masking tape letting them overlap.

Do this until your whole cardstock piece is covered.

Then take your choice of color ink pad and just swipe it over your tape. Use a kleenex or paper towel to rub excess ink off. This will also move the ink into the torn edges more.

Once that's complete all you have to do is cut the edges off and your piece is ready to use. One thing to note is that anything you mount on top of this piece will not stick well with just regular tape or pop dots. To adhere this elephant to the card I applied pop dots to the back of the image piece and then used some crystal effects to the back of the pop dots and placed it on the background. I chose this technique for this particular card because I thought the tape looked like elephant skin. You can also do this technique using small pieces of tape rather than strips of tape like I've done here. I am still considering adding a sentiment to the front of the card. Maybe something like "Big Birthday Wishes". What do you think?
I hope you will give this technique a try sometime! Thanks for looking!


Pam in Ar. said...

I think your step by step instructions are good, Holly. Some of us are visual laerners and need these....

Nice card as usual...the girl doesn't know how lucky she is :~)

msfreida said...

AMEN! I am definitely one who needs all the visual I can get! Your instructions are ALWAYS so easy to follow. Thanks for taking the time.

I LOVE this technique! I've used masking tape like this over wine bottles and rubbed shoe polish over the tape, but I never would have thought to use it on cardstock. I LOVE the effect it gives. I will definitely try this one! TFS

Kat said...

LOVE the painted toenails!!
I'd never before heard of nor seen this technique, Holly - and I am thankful for your photos. :-) I thought fur sure you were going to be removing the masking tape after swiping with color. This is so purrty & cute at the same time.
I hope the birthday gal gets a "trunk-load" of gifts. LOL

Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Yup...that is a cute "little elephant"! Love your background, it fits the card so well! Your pictures paint a thousand words!

Cynde said...

Great Technique! I am glad when you include pictures. It's easier for me to understand when I can picture it. I'm a very visual person. I can understand when something is typed up, but it absorbs more when accompanied with pictures. So Thanks very much for the inspiration!

Nancy said...

You are so creative! Great technique, and thanks for the step-by-steps!

bumblebee creations said...

This is really a neat look!! At the first look I would have swore it was thin ribbon material attached in some way!! Wow, was I surprised to find out it was ink and tape!! : ) Thanks for sharing all of your unique ideas Holly!!

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Very cool! I love that masking tape background.

katiesniche said...

The masking tape technique really works for this card. And I love the red toenails!!