Friday, November 7, 2008

The Envelope Please

Happy Friday! The weather here is beautiful today and we are in the peak of our beautiful Fall foilage. Here is a picture I see looking out my driveway.

The picture just doesn't capture the vivid colors that they really are.

Today I want to talk about envelopes. I don't always do it, but sometimes it's fun to decorate your envelope to go with your card. It's fairly easy to do with all the stamps I'm sure you have. I've even seen stamps that are made to stamp on envelopes. They have a little scene all built around a blank space for you to write the address on. You can make envelopes out of designer paper to match a bit of designer paper you used on your card. That can get expensive though! What's really fun to do is to make your own envelopes with old calender pages or wallpaper from old wallpaper sample books.
You can go to paint stores or some of the big box hardware stores and ask for their old wallpaper books. They are more than happy to give you a bunch! Use some of the wallpaper just as you would designer paper and make a matching envelope! Some of the wallpaper books even have fabric samples in them. That can really dress up a card!
Calenders are a lot of fun. I get family and friends to save their old calenders for me just for this purpose. Guys I work with have wildlife and hunting or fishing calenders and they are great for guy cards.
You can position your card in a way so the part of the calender picture you want to show is front and center (with room for the address). The person receiving your card gets entertained twice!
You can make envelopes with templates that you buy or you can take apart envelopes and use them as templates tracing around them, but neither of those things is necessary. I usually make my own envelopes like this:
I pick a page from a calender; one that compliments the card I made. Here's my page

So you'll understand why I picked this particular page, let me show you my card

The image one my sister drew years ago and is available at Creative Images. I stamped it, embossed with clear embossing powder and colored with copics. I added some clear liquid glaze pen on the berries and embossed two of the corners with holly leaves. The words were one clear stamp from Printworks that I cut apart and stamped separately with a clear acrylic block. That makes them easy to curve and see exactly where they will stamp.

I want the raccoon image to show on the front of the envelope, so I position my card on the page where it should be to allow this.

Now fold all the sides of the page around your envelope. This will be your top, bottom, and side flaps. Once that's done, remove your card and reverse the folds so the picture is on the outside.

Now you're ready to cut. Cut the side flaps down to about 1 inch. Then cut off the corners (on both sides)like this

Now cut off the side flap on the part of the envelope that folds up like this

lay down some double stick tape on the side flap that remains

and fold over to seal. Do this on both sides.

Now cut the side flaps off the top portion of the envelope so your envelope looks like this

and slide your card in like this

here's the envelope from the front

Now I know you're thinking "hey! The raccoon is sideways!" and you're right, but who says you have to have the address facing one way? I cut a little slit to slide my address into so it looks like the raccoon is holding it in his mouth! (of course this will be glued down when I have the real address on there)

edited to add: In case you don't read the comments Diane said she works for the post office and it would cost 83 cents to mail an envelope with the address put this way. I guess if you want to entertain twice, you have to pay twice!

But isn't it cute? Now who wouldn't like seeing that in their mailbox before they even open the card?
I hope you'll have some fun playing around with envelopes made from calender pages! Seriously, it took me way longer to write up how to do it than it actually takes to do it. Plus, I think I made it sound and look harder than it is, but it's just hard to explain.

I have a fun day planned for tomorrow. I'm going to a stamp-a-stack where we will make 24 Christmas cards! So, I'll be sure to share those with you! Thanks for looking!


Nancy said...

The raccoon holding the address is priceless! Great idea Holly!

Pam in Ar. said...

I love this idea Holly...Thanks!

Sherry said...

Just too cute... love it. How do you think this stuff up?

Sherry said...

The raccoon holding the address is just too cute for words. Love it.

Hope you are enjoying your coffee on front deck every morning? What a gorgeous view of your drive.

Catherine said...

this is way too cute. i just love it!

Catherine said...

oh by the way, that a beautiful scene you got there to see every morning...TFS!

Diane said...

I greatly enjoy your blog and your great cards. The racoon is adorable. However, I am a postal employee and you cannot address a card size envelope that way. If you do, you will be charged as a large envelope that starts at 83 cents. Just wanted you to know before you stuck it in the mail. Thanks for the instruction on making envelopes.

alohatammi said...

This is sooo cute! I love the card AND the little critter holding the address. It's as if he's handing the mail to you. So cute. Recycling waste paper is a great idea! Thanks!


alohatammi said...

I forgot to mentiom that your driveway view of the beautiful colors is wonderful. It's nice to get a glimpse of the fall colors that we don't get over here.



Kat said...

What a gorgeous view you have from your driveway. I hope you also have a window from which you see all that beauty - so you don't have to stand in your driveway. LOL
I love the raccoon envy, holding the addy - but I knew the PO would not like you mailing it that way. Drats, huh?
BTW, thanks for your kewl EASY instructions on making envys from old calendArs. [Note that 'A', Holly? *s*]

Rina said...

Aloha Holly,
What a beautiful scene to wake up to, every "Fall" morning. Hawaii is just as beautiful but, I wouldn't mind experiencing the autum leaves and the crispy "Fall" weather, as well. TFS!

Before I forget, thanks so much for popping in on my blog and sharing your input on the Sarah Kay images. I'm glad we can agree, that they are too cute!

Cynde said...

Thanks for the great idea! I love getting tid bits of info for things i don't think of, or something that then makes me think of things in a different way....It's Great!
Love the Raccoon holding the address. Think it would be just as cute if you turned the address label sideways to mail it the usual way also....
Great inspiration....Thanks, Cynde