Thursday, November 6, 2008

Leaves In The Glass

There's still time to comment on yesterday's card for a chance to win it. You have until noon and then I'll have choose a number for the winner.
Before I get on with my main post today I wanted to guide you to Heidi's blog because she's doing a wonderful thing that you can help with and maybe even win some great blog candy in the process!
Also, after a slight discussion with Chesney about the cow she drew for my purple cow card, she said she thought girl cows could have horns and she mentioned Elsie the Borden milk cow. I googled and came up with this

so I guess cows can have horns!

Okay, now guess what! I have a new tutorial for you today! I found this little frame at my local Dollar Tree the other day.

I brought it home and thought about what to do with it. Since it has the little metal vine of leaves running along the top of it, my mind went to leaves. That coupled with the fact that it's peak Autumn season here made me think of showcasing leaves.
So I went outside and looked for leaves that were in tact and had pretty color.
Lay them out on the glass and find an arrangement you're happy with.

Once you've got an idea of how you're going to lay them out, set the leaves aside and prepare your glass. Clean it. Now break an egg into a bowl saving only the egg white. Whip it up with a fork. Paint the egg white onto the glass.

Now lay the leaves on the glass in the arrangement you had planned, making sure you have the more colorful side down. Paint more egg white over the leaves.

Now take some paper that is lightweight. Handmade mulberry taype papers are perfect for this. I picked some paper that is a little heavier than tissue paper and has speckles of something in it; kind of an earthy looking paper. Take the paper and lay it over the leafs and egg white.

Paint more egg white over the paper and set it aside to dry. Once the paper is dry, check for loose areas and apply another coat of egg white for good measure. Set aside to dry again. Here's what the front looks like now that it's dry.

Cut away the excess.

Place back in frame. My frame had two pieces of glass, so I just put the other piece on the back side of it. Now it looks really nice in a window where the light can filter through.

Or on a table with a candle behind it.

This really is a pretty little gift that is so easy and quick to make. I hope you will take a little stroll through your dollar store's frame isle or a Good Will store and see what frames they have that you can do something like this with.
I'll be back a little later today to announce the winner of yesterday's card, so please check back! Thanks for looking!


Pam in Ar. said...

Very cool Holly! I learned something new today.....and they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks....LOL

Thanks for sharing with us :~)

bumblebee creations said...

Wow Holly - how do you come up with these great ideas? who'd have thought of egg whites? Not me!! You rock! Thank You!!! : )

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is something so beautiful and creative. Thank you so much for sharing.

Loretta Rodger said...

This is a very lovely project. It is beautiful!

Debby said...

Every day you get better and better and better, my this is so clever!

Like my rhyme ;-)

Kat said...

Unbelievable, Holly -- where DO you come up with these ideas!!?? I had never heard of using egg whites to stick something. Wow, you are so amazing. And this is so nice - I love it. Great autumn leaves!
P.S. *giggle* I just now read bumblebee's comment.

Catherine said...

This is pretty cool, Holly.
Love it!

Lorie said...

Wow! That is very pretty! I would never have thought to use egg whites with my stamping. Excellent job!