Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Passing Urge, Giveaway, and a Double Dare!

I cannot believe how many people wrote to me about my missing toenails! Let me clarify that I was born with toenails, but when I was 26 years old I had really bad ingrown toenails on both sides of my big toes. They were so bad that I went to a doctor to have them cut out. The doctor however didn't just cut out the ingrown part, she totally ripped off the whole nail! Then she did something to the nail bed so they wouldn't grow back. Once they were healed, I was glad that it was done, and I haven't regretted it since. No more ingrown toenails ever! Also, I did have someone double dare me to post a picture of my toes sans nails. I can't pass up a double dare, so at the bottom of this post you will see a picture of my feet! LOL! If seeing my toes grosses you out, go complain to Catherine since she's the one who issued the dare!
Now, on with the exciting part of today's post. Today is card give away day! Leave a comment on today's post by noon tomorrow for a chance to win the card. I always send an envelope along too in case you want to mail it on to someone. Tomorrow I'll have pick a winner!
Today's card is using a stamp I just bought at Hobby Lobby. It was on clearance for $2.87! How can you pass that up? Evidently I thought it was such a great deal I bought two of them! I think the extra stamp will end up being blog candy soon. :)

The image is fun enough on it's own that it doesn't require much. I colored with copics, used some cute designer paper, and added a ribbon and some layers! One thing you might not know is that I hand drew the whiskers on the cat! LOL! I liked highlighting some of the words with the markers too.
I hope you like it enough to leave a comment for a chance to win it! As always, thanks for looking!
Okay, here are my toenail-less feet!


Pam in Ar. said...

OUCH.....they look painful (I'm wincing) oldest daughter had that problem with the toes when she was in her early 20's. She had them operated on and hasn't had any problems since. Glad it worked for you. I'll bet if you were to encounter a person with a foot fetish they wouldn't want to be sucking on your toes LOL...just kidding :~)

Your card is too cute Holly. The only thing it is missing is a box of chocolates on the floor LOL

Enjoy your day today..I think we're in for some colder weather and maybe bad weather tonight.

Would love to win this card...

Carolyn said...

That stamp is too cute and the card is perfect for it.

I don't think your feet look bad at all, and just think all the money you will save on nail polish, lol.

Thanks for sharing

ceashark at aol dot com

Catherine said...

LMAO! I can't stop laughing when i saw the title of your post today. While driving home last night, I keep thinking why did she remind me to make sure to visit her blog today (i always do anyway) and just start laughing when i remembered that i double dared you. Way to go, Holly! And just want to let you know that you still have a pretty feet for no toenails :)

BTW, cute, cute card. Love that image!

Kat said...

Love the card! I can't believe that is designer paper - I thought 'fur' sure you had some really kewl bling that you applied. Awesome paper!
Great job on the entire card. I like the idea of highlighting some of the words.
The whiskers you drew certainly bring kitty to life. *s*
As 'fur' yer nailless toes ... well, I'd say Pam said more than enough *LOL* so I will add no more comment. *g*

Sharon H. said...

Holly - this is one of the coolest cards I have ever seen! I can totally relate - I have good intentions of exercising, but I usually do lie down until they pass! Not good, I know, but this stamp has her looking so adorable how could one possibly feel bad about it?! Oh, and I think your feet look fine. I have such small nails on my toes I wish they weren't there at all! Very hard to cut and maintain - and forget the nailpolish - I have to end up painting on the skin!
I love your blog and would love to win this card - I think I'd frame it!

Nancy said...

That card is just way too cute!!! Love the image! Can definitely relate.

LOL...way to go with the double dare! ;)

bumblebee creations said...

Oh my goodness!! If anyone were outside the window right now they'd think I've totally lost it!! I am sitting here Laughing out loud-you are sooo funny!! As well as some of the other comments!! You are very brave Holly for sharing - great job!! Your toes don't look bad at all!
As always I would love to be enterd in your drawing-your cards are amazin'!! Thank You for the chance!!

Shirley said...

Loved the card. Was that a familiar ribbon?

Annasmama said...

I love your card, I totally agree with the saying! ;-))
And your feet look really cute, I like them! :-)))

Hugs, Renate

Colleen Wold said...

Super cute card! Love the coloring and how you highlighted some of the words. Such a fun image and sentiment too!
Sorry to hear about your toenail problems. My cousin had the same thing done to hers.

watchlady said...

Oh my-- didn't expect to see your toes when I went to your blog today! But hey... they look great! :)
Speaking of toes.. I had an ingrown many years ago and the doctor only cut 1/2 of the nail out so I have this little piece on the side that grows up next to the original nail-- now... that's gross! I bet that's more information than what you wanted.
Love the card.. I think I have that stamp.. thanks for the ideas!

KraftyKerilou said...

Wow! No toenails!! My brother and Mom both have HALF toenails on their big toes, due to the same issue. The card is cute, love that sentiment!!
Found you from SCS blog thread!

Diane said...

I don't think they look bad at all, probably better then ugly old toenails anyhow!!! (I am saying that because mine are butt ugly, and NO I am not showing them...LOL)!!
ON a bright side....the card is fantastic, as yours always are!!!!