Monday, November 3, 2008

Taking Care Of Business

I was recently tagged by two different people and I've been a little slow in responding to them. It's hard to do these tags!
The first person to tag me was Beverly at Beestamper. Beverly has a great sense of humor that she brings to her stamping often. You really should get by and check out her blog! I'm supposed to tell you seven odd or weird things about me to fulfull Beverly's tag.
1. My hair has been super curly my whole life until about two months ago when it suddenly started turning straight. Now it won't even hold curl!
2. I don't like people to tell me secrets.
3. I don't have toenails on my big toes.
4. I'd rather wear glasses than contact lenses.
5. I had to call my best friend to ask what is weird or odd about me.
6. I let my kids color our pets with markers when they were little.
7. I let my best friend tell everyone we met in the eighth grade for 30 years before correcting her.

Now I have to tag 7 people! For that I am just asking you to take a look at my blogroll on the side and pick seven yourself!

The next person who tagged me was Nancy at Windstar Creations. Nancy always has something fun and unique at her blog. Be sure to go by and show the girl some love!
To fulfill Nancy's blog I'm supposed to list the following:

Five things I love:
1. My husband
2. My kids
3. My dog
4. Snow
5. Stamping (duh!)

Five things I don't love:
1. Grocery shopping
2. Oversleeping
3. Being late
4. Rap music
5. Snooty people

Five songs on my mp3 player:
1. Addicted by Kelly Clarkson
2. Shooting Star by Harry Chapin
3. Sand and Water by Beth Nielsen Chapman
4. Feel It by Kate Bush
5. Because of You by Reba McEntire

Five Favorite Foods or Drink:
1. Baklava (keep it away from me unless you want it gone!)
2. Blackened fish
3. Frozen custard
4. Espresso
5. My best friend's mom's buttermilk fudge

Now I have to tag five more bloggers:
1. Catherine
2. Rhonda
3. Diane
4. Debby
5. Debbie

Okay, I'm caught up on my tags! There are some exciting things happening soon and I wish I could talk about them right now, but I can't! Just stay tuned! LOL! Also, my counter is getting pretty close to 20,000 hits and I'm thinking major blog candy to celebrate! You don't want to miss that either!


Pam in Ar. said...

No toenails!!!!! ????? No wonder you have such a warped sense of humor LOL....Just kidding, I knew there was something different about you. Loved your confessions...

Interesting....very interesting :~)

Dawnie said...

OMGosh, the hair thing has freaked me out!!! WTH??? Why would that happen? I've heard of it when you're pregnant... Oh, did I just freak you out now? mwwahahahahaha!
:) So, if you didn't meet your best friend in 8th grade like she thought, when did you meet?

Catherine said...

You are just too funny! First on your comment this morning, still laughing at that one.

And on #2, #3 and #5.... LMAO!
You have to take a pic of your big toes.