Friday, December 19, 2008


I found myself in need of a birthday card for someone who I didn't know when their birthday was until just a short while ago, so I didn't have one made ahead of time!

I colored with copic markers and added touches of silver to her belt and necklace. Speaking of the necklace, check out that pearl!
That is a little flat back self stick pearl from Keiser that I picked up at a stamp store last time I was in Memphis visiting my daughter. The font has the fun name Pupcat. When I was about 13 years old I babysat for these people who had a cat, and they named it Puppycat because the youngest daughter kept confusing kitty cat and puppy dog and said puppycat! LOL!
Quick post today as I have many miles to go before I sleep today!
Thanks for looking!


msfreida said...

I LOVE this image and the card is adorable! Love the pearl touch too!This is what is so AWESOME about the images from Squigglefly...THEY WORK FOR EVERY OCCASION!

Hugs...also on the run today!

Anita said...

Great image! I love the pearl what a neat touch.

gemr said...

Another great card, Holly! Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration. If only I could keep up. *g*