Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sorry about the video not uploading correctly yesterday. It finally did go through though, so if you feel like a fun 43 seconds that will make you giggle, I suggest you go back to yesterday's post and watch it!

A couple of days ago I was awarded this Kreative Blogger award from Catt at Cat's Scratching Post

and I'd love to thank her for it and pass it on to these five people:

1. Tracey
2. Kerri
3. Karin
4. Angie
5. Kristin

I hope you will go by their blogs and see how creative each of them are!
While I was at Catt's blog though I saw this post where she has made all of these wonderful cards with squigglefly images. You really need to go see what she's done! It's so nice to hear people talk about how much fun they have coloring them.

Okay, on with today's card!
I made this card for someone I know who is celebrating a personal milestone this December. It uses the Stampin Up set Good For U.
Not much to say about this card; it was simple to make but I think it will please the person who gets it! It's always nice when someone else notices your accomplishments.

The little paper flowers at the bottom are from Martha Stewart, and I used some of my beloved rain dots from Cloud Nine.
I'm going through all of my Christmas gifts and trying to get it all wrapped. I'm still waiting on one thing that I ordered to arrive. This time of year my house feels so un-organized because of everything that is out. I did get a surprise day off of work though due to some ice that we got last night. It sounds like a perfect day to get some of this stuff wrapped and stacked under the tree! I hope you're all staying warm!
Tomorrow is card give away day, so be sure to come back for that!


Pam in Ar. said...

Cute card...you amaze me being able to post every day! It certainly takes dedication, and you've got it Holly..


msfreida said...

Don't you just love this stamp set? I use it ALL the time! It's so versatile! The paper you used is beautiful and the rain dot is the perfect touch...although I DO know how hard it is to let go of them!

I went over to Katt's blog and all I can say is WOW! Dang, I wish I could color like y'all! I especially love what she did with the sunflower image and of course the hummingbird! Squigglefly is TOPS in my book! I still haven't had time to play with my images, but as soon as I get caught up with the gifts I am making, it will be my time to play!

Congrats on your blog award...very well deserved! Keep up the inspiration!


angie said...

Thanks for the award :)

Happy Holidays!

bumblebee creations said...

whoohoo- a surprise day off! I could go for that-not gonna happen this time of the year though! Love your card-and is that the official name of those really cute bubbles?-rain dots? I want to get some!

Anita said...

Beautiful card!

Tracey said...

Aw, Holly - Thanks! I'm honored :)

Tracey said...

I love your card, BTW - I totally flaked and forgot to commet!...ugh.

I think it's great that you post everyday - I need to hole myself up in stmapland and get a bunch of stuff done, so I can save things for a 'slow time' :) Thanks for sharing your creativity!!

Nora said...

Cute card! I love the background paper...don't know what it is about plaid & checks (must be the Irish in me! LOL). I'm sure whoever you're giving it to will love it.
Thanks for sharing!

(PS - noticed you put me in your blog list - thanks oodles!)

Femin Susan said...

How awesome! Thanks for sharing!
Wishing you in advance "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

Emma said...

Congrats on your award and love your card.
Emma x

Angelo said...

Oh, boy, thanks a bunch!! That's what I needed today!!! I'll post it as soon as I have time!

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Love the card. So soft and pretty!