Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Day At The Beach

Happy Sunday everyone! Today's card is a fun one! I used this image from the Divine Bovine series at Squigglefly.

Isn't it hilarious? My sister came up with the funny greeting. I just love it! I colored with copics and chalked the sky and sand. I added a little bit of crystal lacquer to the sunglasses and her hooves.

I am going to work on a tutorial for yesterday's card for ya'll. I am thinking I may make it a video tutorial rather than just showing you pictures. Speaking of videos, if you remember I showed you one of Riley chasing the remote control car. Well, she has since mastered her technique, and she grabs it and spins around in a circle with the car to flip it over. It's so funny and I thought ya'll would enjoy seeing her do it as well!

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by!



Good morning hunny, hope you are having a fabulous weekend. this is such a great card, loving that image! hugs Linda x

lauman said...

So cute! And it even made me forget about all the snow that's outside right now. A day at the beach would be awesome compared to all of this snow in Ohio.

Pam in Ar. said...

Ha Ha..I've got to tell you what my husband said when he came into the room and saw me looking at this card.......He saw it and looked closer..

I chuckled and said, "Isn't that cute"? He replied, "No, that's gross"! I chuckled again and said, "What's so gross about it"?? He says..."Those two bikini tops covering its udders...that's udderly disgusting"!

Men are funny creatures..
Ha Ha Ha...I think this is only a card a female would appreciate :~)
I love it!!

Thanks for the Riley video too!

bumblebee creations said...

oh my!! This is too cute!! on the squigglefly website I missed the whole bikini thing!! Now with it colored I see it better!! SO FUNNY!! Love how the string is barbed wire!! I am going to have to get this one too-and love the saying-hope you don't mind it I use it too!!
Riley is adorable!!
Have a great sunday!

msfreida said...

Miss "Bovine" is looking good soaking in the rays! I'm so glad you chose this one to me some ideas! The sentiment is SO always!

You need to send Riley's video in to America's Funniest Videos...she would have fun with $10,000! That is so precious! You have your own built-in entertainment!


Norine said...

this card is super cute

Kat said...

I couldn't tell that was a bikini top. And I never would've realized "the string" is barbed wire. LOL
Such a purrfect saying with this image!

And you really *must* send Riley's video to AFV. You can send them digitally now - no need to snail-mail them a VHS tape! I just know they would show this video - and "just IMAGINE" yourself winning some big bucks to boot!

Annasmama said...

This is a very funny and sweet card and I learned a new word today (didn`t know what "hide" means *shame*)! ;-))
And then I saw tha great video, your doggy is so cute! :-))
I have a female Saint Bernard, she weighs 68 kg - if she grabbed the car, it would never ever go again! ;-)))
Hugs, Renate

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

omg! that bikini is heeelarious! :) I love it!

Debby said...

That is the cutest ever! My Kryp right now loves the laser light up and down the hall. He will chase that thing back and forth all night if you let him.