Thursday, January 8, 2009

Look Ma, no copics!

Hey everyone! If you haven't been to squigglefly lately, you should go take a look! They've added some new images that are so great! I'm really excited about the Divine Bovine images they have!
You are all going to be surprised today to find out that I made a card and didn't use copic markers! That's right, I actually went back to an old favorite of mine; coloring with colored pencils and blending them with odorless mineral spririts. If any of you are new to this technique I suggest you take a look here. That is where I learned how to do it. It really did make a world of difference in my artwork.
Anyway, here's today's card.

The card is a square one and I stamped the flower image (sorry - it's another unmounted I don't know the company) and then colored with the pencils and added some stickles to the center of the flowers. The Birthday greeting is from Stampin Up's Sincere Salutations set. It's a really simple card, but I was in a hurry to make some birthday cards so I opted for simple!
What kind of cards are you all working on? I have been surprised at the number of Easter cards I'm seeing already! Whatever you're doing today, I hope you find some time to do something you enjoy.

Several of you said you'd like to see pictures of how I did the scallop on yesterday's card, so I will try to get that done for you over the weekend. Thanks for stopping by!


Kat said...

Lovely, Holly (the card *and* you). :-) I am always amazed at how easy this coloring technique is, and blends colors so well.

Karen said...

Very pretty card. I want to say that I never use markers. I only use watercolor pencils. I love using them, and the blender pen. It seems that I have become addicted to this way of coloring and cannot switch. I think I want to buy copics, but always end up deciding the pencils are just fine. You did a very nice job on your card. Keep up the good work!


Pam in Ar. said...

Thanks for the link to the will come in handy :~)

Love the Birthday card, but then can't go wrong when purple is in it!

msfreida said...

I love that image! I just stocked up yesterday at Squigglefly and now I'm off to see the new beauties! So much for my New Year's resolutions of not buying anything new till I've used at least 25 things from my old stash! Why do I bother? :)

I LOVE how you colored this! Since I only have a few copics, they don't get used that much.I use my pencils all the time, but had forgotten about the mineral spirits technique.

Don't ask what cards I am working on! I am SOOO far behind! Before I can begin with my thank yous and start on my Valentines, I MUST get my house back in order to save my marriage! JK! I did notice in Dear Abby though, that she said it's never too late to send thank yous! Well I think I will attach a copy of her article to all my notes in waiting!LOL!

I,too, thank you for the link! I will add it to my bookmarks!


Beverly aka beestamper said...

love it!

Beverly aka beestamper said...

on another note..
...don't give up on snow... yet!

catt871 said...

SO pretty!!! My old fave medium is OMS and my Koh-i-noor pencils too....I really should revisit!! I loved it!!!

Debby said...

Lovely as always. And because of you I am on squiggle fly and I am buying images! The one of the dog tearin stuff up is just like my Kryp and your card was so cute. So STOP making cute card wouldja? You're killin my pocketbook over here. And...I am so proud of you for setting your copics aside for a bit. I force myself to do that once in a while. They are addictive aren't they....

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

I hardly ever reach for my prismas anymore. I really should pull them out, it's such a nice soft effect.