Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tee-riffic Birthday

Hi everyone! Guess what! there are more new images added to squigglefly! So many cute ones I don't know what to color first! I'll tell you what, you go and look and tell me what image you want me to use and then I won't have to decide. LOL!
Well I did go shopping yesterday and I came home with several things that might do. I am still trying to decide on which one to keep and after I get the opinions of everyone I know I will finally choose and take the other things back. So, I sort of feel a sense of relief at having that behind me, but there's a nagging worry now about shoes. I do know one thing; there are some really ugly dresses out there! Oh! One good thing happened while shopping. I saw this little sign in an area of knick knacks that said "The right shoe can change your life, just ask Cinderella.". I thought that would be the perfect saying to go with this image, so now I'm excited about coloring that. I didn't get to do much stamping though, because shopping took up so much of the day but I did finish a card I started earlier in the week.
The girl who cleans my teeth at the dentist's office loves golf. She plays it and watches the golf channel all the time, so I chose this cute House Mouse stamp for her card.

I colored it with copics and chalked the background. I don't know if they make purple tees, but I had to add a little purple to it! If I played golf and they don't make purple tees, I would color my white tees purple with copics! The fun part is when you open it! There is piece of cardstock that flips up to reveal your greeting. I got the bright idea to cut a circle out and emboss it with a cuttlebug embossing folder to make it look like a golf ball and put my greeting on that. It turned out so cute and I can't wait to give it to her! I really wanted ya'll to get the effect of seeing it open and flip up so have a look

I'm going to try to have a tutorial for making this card really soon if ya'll are interested, so let me know!
Have a great day everyone, and thanks for looking!


Norine said...

the card is really nice love your coloring and than the surprise of how it opens and the saying pops up how creative love it

Pam in Ar. said...

I love it Holly...what a great idea! And to make it for someone at the Dentist's office??? You can't wait to see her and give it to her??? That's just plumb WRONG...who likes to go to the Dentist????? LOL

All kidding aside, I think it's one of the cutest ideas you've come up with. I for one, would love to see a tutorial for it.

Glad you maybe found a go girl!!

Annasmama said...

What a lovely idea, you made me laugh out loud when I saw that ball coming out of the card! :-)))
And the coloring ist really great, as usual!

Greetings, Renate

Kat said...

Oh, Holly, you are so professional. This card is great. I do not golf but I sure love those deep 'n bright Copic colors! Of course you can color the golf tees any colors you choose - YOU are the artist. :-)

I could not get the squigglefly link to work. Anyone else have that problem? [You will *still* have to make a decision, tho, Holly - 'cuz different gals will choose different new images for you to use. LOL]

I think it is funny that you bought more than one dress, with the intention of returning all but the one your family/friends like best. You ought to be in the movies. *g* I am sure you will find the purrfect shoes, Cinderella. *s*

Debby said...

Cute and clever. I'm sure your hygenist is going to love it! Your hummingbird card is gorgeous and do we get to see the dresses?

msfreida said...

Just where in the world do you get all these AWESOME ideas and tricks??? This card is so cool! First, your coloring is usual! Then to emboss the ball...who woulda thought...HOLLY! To top it off , the pop-up idea is off the chart! I need some of your creativity pills!!! I WOULD LOVE to have a tutorial on this! My dad would love it!

Yeah, I spent a good while shopping at Squigglefly last night! Just when you think you have a good stash, she comes up with more! There are some of the cutest images there! I totally agree about the shoe would be PERFECT for Cinderella!

Glad you found a dress! Speaking of ugly, just wait til you DO try to find those shoes! Some of those pointed ones look like they could really do some damage! Ouch!


lauman said...

super cute cards!!!

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

I {heart} house mouse! I love the way you colored this.