Monday, February 16, 2009

Featured Stamper

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Hi everyone! It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day here! I have a busy week ahead of me and lots to do today, so quick post!

As you all know I love doing the featured stamper at Splitcoast Stampers. The card I'm showing you today is actually one I made for last week's featured stamper.

It was a fairly quick card to make. The little medallions were made by stamping the same image four times. It was easy to line up because it was a clear stamp on an acrylic block. You should take a look at your stamps and see which ones you have that will make a medallion if it's stamped in a repeating pattern.

Yesterday we took Riley out to the park. She had just been groomed on Saturday and looked so cute and fluffy and smelled so good too! Here she is all ready for her park outing.

We had a great time at the park. We went to a sand bar on the river and she hunted up mice and had a grand time. Here's how she looked after we got home.

Yep, all dirty and in need of a bath again! LOL!
Well, I've got to run. Thanks for stopping by!


Pam in Ar. said...

That Riley...she sure knows how to have fun! LOL If you don't get dirty while having fun, it's not fun is it? That's why my fingers are all inked up when I get done making cards :~) Fun!!

Loved the card and loved it even more because it was a simple one...Have a great Monday :~)

Norine said...

love the card very pretty
that Riley how cute love the B4 and after shots LOL

Lauri said...

Oh Riley is so so cute!!!!!! Love the before and after pictures!

and that is a very very pretty card!

bumblebee creations said...

how comical!! what a cute doggy!!!! just like one of the kids -huh?

I love your card!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!! again, I love the look of the three squares!!! gotta do one like that!!!

msfreida said...

LOL! That Riley! Isn't it funny how their personality changes when they get all groomed and spiffy! They just know they look pretty!'s even funnier to watch their true instinct come out when they get a chance to play! Gotta love'em!

Your card is beautiful! I must find out more about these background papers you've been using! They are to die for! I love your color combo here, and the medallions are awesome!


Debby said...

Riley is the cutest evah! The look of pure bliss in the after the park picture too funny. Card's cute too :-)

Annasmama said...

This card is very elegant and pretty - and you dog is soooo cute! :-)))
But if you think THAT was dirt, you have never seen a Saint Bernard after bathing in a swine wallow. That`s what my Anna loves to do if we don`t keep an eye on her. *lol*

Kristie said...

That card is so beautifully elegant...just gorgeous!
My Grandpa used to have this saying about people who had a great life...*he sure lives the life of Riley*...I used to always wonder who Riley was and why their life was so I know...LOL!

Kat said...

I love those colors on the card!
Oh, purrty Riley.
Oh, dirrty Riley!
How terrific of you to allow Riley to "just have FUN!", even if it means changing her looks. LOL

Deb Wood said...

Such a beautiful card and Riley is too cute!!

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

What a cute Pup!!!

Sharon said...

Love your blog and creations.
What a darling dog. We have three "grand" dogs that we love.
Thanks for sharing.

neverenoughrubberstamps said...

Great Cards!
That Mrs. Riley is one cute PUP!

Smiles & Cheers,


P.S. I posted your link on my blog.