Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hello There!

Hi everyone! I enjoyed making today's card. I combined two images from Squigglefly and came up with this.

I just shrunk the scottie dog down really small and then hand drew a leash. The ability to shrink down or enlarge images is one thing I really love about digital images. Wouldn't it be funny to have a really big dog with a leash attached to his little person?! Okay, maybe not. The "Hello" was computer generated, but I can't remember the name of the font.
The best part is the designer paper. It just went so well with this girl and her dog.
I have to tell ya'll about something that I saw in the grocery store the other day. I really should go back and take a picture of it, because I thought it was so funny. It was a package of two lemon covers. Little covers to put over your sliced lemon wedges! One size for half a lemon and one size to cover a wedge. I mean how ridiculous is that? I can't imagine that they sell very many of those things, and I really don't even know how the person who came up with the idea for this product ever managed to sell anyone on marketing it. I guess plastic baggies don't do a good enough job of protecting those precious left over lemon wedges! LOL!
Well, I'm off to walk Riley so I can come back and check out who the featured stamper is on Splitcoast Stampers. We're going to get the grocery shopping done and be back in time for the Super Bowl. I'll be stamping while my DH watches; so happiness for all! Thanks for stopping by!


Lauri said...

How clever!! Love this....looks like my daughter VIcky and my Westie Chansey!!

Pam in Ar. said...

This card is too cute Holly! I think I am being drawn more to the older girl cards lately,because one of my grand-daughters is getting to that age...I can just see her standing there like that holding the leash.

LOL about the lemon shower caps...I just have one question to ask you about them...have you priced lemons lately??? Last time I looked, I put them back...give me a baggie any day :~))

Happy Stamping!

msfreida said...

This is so Sara! She is forever twisting her hair while talking on her cell! I LOVE THIS CARD...very clever combining the 2 images! Resizing is one of my favorite things about these images too! I LOVE this BG paper! It is perfect for the card! AWESOME always!

Yeah, I'm a baggie lover too! Only wish I had been the one to invent them!

Enjoy your day!

LaVerne said...

I love how you combined the two images. You always have such great ideas!

Annasmama said...

Well, I don`t see any need of lemon weedges covers here either........ *LOL*
This little doggie looks a little bored, doesn`t it? It looks almost like my mother-in-law`s Westie. ;-))
A sweet card, the paper in the background fits just perfect!

Tracey said...

Love this card Holly!! Very clever of you to put the two images together!! xx

Kristie said...

This is totally cute and it♥
Oh, and of course your colouring is perfect! When are you going to make a video on colouring huh????? I'd be watching it...over & over again :)