Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Doggone Happy

Happy last day of March! Can you believe that another month is already over? Tomorrow is April Fool's Day and I'm wondering if any of you have any tricks up your sleeve. One April first the ladies on one of my rubberstamping groups all got to talking about different tricks we had all done in the past. There were some pretty funy tricks that people came up with! One lady said she saved the newspaper on April 1st one year and the next April 1st she set last year's paper out for her husband. I just get so tickled thinking about how confused he must have been for a bit! Another lady frosted a sponge and served "sponge" cake for dessert! I'd love to hear of any tricks you have planned!
One thing I can tell you is that you will not be fooled by Squigglefly this April 1st because that's the day their blog hop is starting! I'm so excited because there are some new images that will be released at the same time and I know you are going to love them!

Today I have a card that uses a cute little dog. I was given this image in an image swap so I don't know what company it's from.

(click to enlarge)

I colored it with copic markers and chalked the sky and grass. The little flower on the side is punched out from the same designer paper. I punched a hole in the middle and added an eyelet and then filled the eyelet with yellow stickles.

I stamped the words directly onto the designer paper. I don't stamp on to designer paper often enough. I like the way it looks.

I'm working on a card that uses this image and I was running through some different sentiments to use on it with my husband. The problem is he doesn't think most of the ones I suggested were funny, so since most of you appreciate my "humor" let me run them by you, and you tell me which one you like best. Now, I know some of these are going to make you groan, but here goes
To brie or not to brie!
I swiss you the best or I swiss you very much
my husband's favorite but I tend to think it's expected - Who Cut The Cheese?
and my favorite, oh wait! I won't tell you my favorite I'll just use it and you'll have to wait until I finish the card before you know what it is! LOL! Aren't I evil? Or! Maybe you can guess it! I am sure looking forward to the comments now!
Enjoy your day, and thanks for looking!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Now tell me your favorite is.... "cheesy is as cheesy does!" Am I right - LOL!!!

I like "to brie or not to brie" and your card is fabulous. That dog is adorable and your coloring super!

P.S. I'm having trouble emailing Squigglefly. I keep getting a "failure to deliver" notice. Any ideas here? Thanks.

CRYSTAL said...

Those are all to funny....I love your humor.... Well, I 'cheddar' get going.... LOL

msfreida said...

I always know I can get a good chuckle when I stop by Holly's place! :) First I have to tell you about my best April Fool's joke...I'm a big prankster! My husband was just about to graduate med school, and I was the only one with an income...hence,not much money! I had a pregnant friend take a pregnancy test for me so I could show him the stick! YEP...he fell for it! BUT...it backfired...IT TURNED OUT THAT I REALLY WAS PREGNANT ALL ALONG! Now our precious daughter reminds us what a joke she is!

I love your card Holly! Clever using the DP for the flower! I still can't get brave enough to stamp the sentiment directly on the PP, but I love the look!

I think your husband's suggestion is a "man thing" if you get my drift...very typical! I don't know but the lil fellow surely has a seductive look on his face! ;)


Pam in. Ar. said...

Hummmmm, (tapping my chin), what will Holly say....."It's all about the food", that's what I say :~)

Cute little mouse image, can't wait to see the card. Today's card is a cute one too. Great coloring, as usual..

msfreida is so funny, I loved her story..made me laugh.

Kat said...

What a cute card! And I have a purrty good idea what that doggie is thinking as he sniffs the purrty fleur. LOL

"I swiss you very much" would be my choice fur yer hubby's card. Or you could try "HOLE-Y SMOKED CHEESE, BATMAN!" *groan*

Gotta love msfreida's best April Fool joke!!! :-D

bumblebee creations said...

Well, Holly your card is adorable - what a cute pup! I like the brie or not to brie--very cute!! Gotta get my squigglefly cards done for the blog hop-see ya tomorrow!

Kristie said...

That puppy is just adorable and as usual your colouring is spectacular! I'm still giggling about msfrieda's joke...too funny :)

Wendy said...

Aww, what a cute dog! I love your card! TFS! :)

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

Hi holly! I'm pitifully behind on my blog reading again, but am trying to catch up tonight. This is too cute! I have this Whipper Snapper stamp, too! :)