Sunday, March 8, 2009

Why Wye?

Yesterday was such a beautiful Spring day that we decided on the spur of the moment to take a short trip to Wye Mountain to see the daffodils. Wye Mountain is out in the "country" and there is a small Methodist church that owns this field. The field is acres and acres of beautiful daffodils. There is an old white cross planted in the field among the daffodils and they hold their Easter sunrise service there at the cross.
Every year they have a Daffodil Festival where people come to wander the fields and you can buy daffodil bulbs and there are usually small craft items for sale. The festival is next weekend. It's free to roam the fields, but they do accept donations. All the proceeds pay the church's minister. Anyway, here's a few shots of Spring in Arkansas for you.

After we left Wye Mountain to head back home, we stopped at a little picnic area by Lake Maumelle and I snapped this photo.

Okay, I know you didn't come here to see scenery photos, and I think I promised to show you something that I think is pretty slick! Yesterday I showed you this picture

That is a picture of my ribbon drawers.
When everyone was going to the CHA show I'd read reports of what they saw that was new or things they thought were going to be big sellers. One thing I read about was called the ribbon ring. You can see it for yourself here. I looked at it and thought the idea was a pretty nifty one, but I thought I could make it myself and I did!

I took a tag punch and punched a bunch out of an outdated laminated poster we had a work. There are a lot of things you could use like the plastic that comes in a package of bacon, or even a plastic place mat would work.

Then I took my slot punch and punched three slots along the tag (albeit a little crooked!)

Then I punched a hole punch in the toop of the tag and slid it on a book binding ring. I got a pretty big package of them for 99 cents at Wal Mart.

For ribbons that are narrow, I punched two rows of three slots to keep them separated.

The ribbon ring people suggest you cut your ribbon into 3 feet lengths, but I didn't want to cut my ribbon and hang 3 feet and still have the storage drawers for the rest of the spool, so I just looped my longer lengths and didn't have any problems with it. I love that the ribbons don't get tangled up! Also the fact that they are hanging up in sight makes it really easy to see the ribbon you want rather than pulling out drawers and rummaging though them. Right now I have them hanging on little nails that are in the side of a wooden shelf that goes over my light over my work table, but I am going to look for one of those tie hangers at the Goodwill store or at some garage sales and see if that would work better.

I still have more color groups to do, but when I'm finished I will have all my ribbons prettily hanging for easy viewing and access and I'll have SIX empty drawers! Pretty neat trick huh?
Speaking of tricks, here's today's card

This is a funny little image from Squigglefly that was fun to color. I think it's sure to make anyone chuckle. Don't you love the look on the frog's face; especially with those googly eyes! LOL!


Mary said...

What an adorable stamp!!! LOVE those googly eyes on the frog. This card just made me giggle!! :)

CRYSTAL said...

Love that image too funny....

Carole said...

I like your card. It made me smile. I like the idea of the googling eyes,really funny!

bumblebee creations said...

I love your card!! How funny!! Ribbit!! heehheee
I also love your new ribbon trick!!! A friend and her family had came over for dinner-and she and I were talking about ribbon holders and she couldn't beleve the price they wanted for one!! I will def. pass this on, and I am sure she will be happy to see how easy this can be done!!! Thanks !!!

TeresaW said...

I love that image with the google eyes. It made me laugh.

Gael said...

Ha ha ha!! This is very cute - love the sentiment!

msfreida said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of the daffodils! Oh are they beautiful and such a spring welcome!

I LOVE YOUR RIBBONS TOO! You did such a good job of adapting your own holder. You will love having all their colors for inspiration right in front of you! I have some of mine wound around old clothes pins and attached to a 3x4 piece of lattice. I love having them so visible and you will too! Once you get all your colors done, you'll have a rainbow everyday! :)

This card is fun! The expression on the frog is priceless! They really have some new, fun images at Squigglefly!


Debby said...

You are a clever girl. Always tring to save us a few bucks. Thank you! I must give it a go. My ribbons are everywhere! Your frog is cute. And cute ribbon on the card too! I purchased more squigglefly yesterday. Love the gardner. Too funny.

Norine said...

it sure did make me smile too cute

leenda said...

What a fun card! You'll bring a smile to someone's face w/this jewel! Love your ribbon organization! That's fantastic!

Kristie said...

Love that always you make me laugh with your clever sentiments :)
Thanks for sharing your ribbon organisation too. I was shocked at how much they were charging for those ribbon rings, so it's awesome to see a DIY version that's not going to cost much to do. Right now my ribbon takes up 3 whole cubes in my 12 cube shelf, so this might be a good idea! I especially love that it's all organised by colour...that will make it easy to find just what you're looking for. Let us know how it goes for you.

Pam in Ar. said...

You are so crafty Holly...Thanks for sharing your ribbon idea with us, I'm all about saving money where I can :~)

I've never seen a headless man stamp before LOL...only women!
The ribbet in the hat stole the show I think...

The daffodil field looked like a good place to spend a beautiful afternoon...our weather has been wonderful!!

Kat said...

Love the daffodil photos. Purr-ticularly 'cuz we got 2" snow last nite!

Your ribbon holder is great. So clever you are! I like your idea of keeping the ribbons long too.

Purrfect quote fur the card. Now we have a man with no nose or mouth -- or FACE! LOL

joyflnpyz said...

I LOVE the ribbon storage idea, Holly.I've been holding off an adding another item that was difficult to store/use. now I need go go out and buy some (ribbon)
The "What Bird" is so CUTE! and clever.. looks great
The pics of the daffodils makes me homesick for Michigan..I had a lot of daffs and tulips (many varieties) and loved my spring garden with all of them in bloom.
Down here in South central Texas, I'd have dig up the bulbs after they bloom and replant every year.

Deb Wood said...

Awesome card, love the colors and the coloring, the little froggie is too cute with the googlie eyes!! Love it!

Deb Wood said...

oooooh I forgot to tell you how much I liked your ribbon holders, you did am awesome job. I think I would like to try this too! Thanks for sharing! I hope I remember to come back!!