Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You Asked For It

Hi everyone! Today is card giveaway day so if you want to be in the running to win today's card along with a matching envelope just leave a comment on today's post by noon tomorrow and I'll have pick a winner.

Before I get to today's card however I want to give a huge congratulations to Squigglefly's very first design team! I hope you will all take the time to go visit their blogs and see the cute things they've made with some of Squigglefly's images. Congratulations to

Stef Hughes
Anita Autore
Chris Sather
Karin Hoeve
Rhonda Zmikly
Debby Boltman
Kim Rhead

Also, Squigglefly just added some new images last night that are soooo cute! I'm telling you there are some terrific images there that I'm itching to color!

Okay, now on to the card. You asked for it (well some of you did!), and I really wanted to do it anyway. I made a Totally Twisted card with the girl and doll image that I used yesterday. I went all out too.

Check out the doll's face! LOL! Everything is colored with copic markers except for the background and it's chalked. I printed the word on the computer with a font called Matisse (the same one I used on the What Bird card I made the other day. I know that such a twisted card might not want to be won by everyone, but you don't have to comment if you don't want it! LOL!
I had fun making this though. Did any of you ever see that episode of the Twilight Zone I was talking about yesterday? In the end the mother followed her daughter who was taking the doll into the woods where they changed places. When the mother saw what happened she ran up to the girl (who was the doll come to life) and yelled crying for her daughter and it scared the girl so she ran away thus leaving her daughter as a doll forever. No wonder I was scared of my doll after that! LOL! I remember going to bed not long after that show and my younger sister shared a room with me and was lying in bed next to me. My doll (a life sized one) was in the corner next to my bed and I started imagining she was talking to me and I got so scared but my little sister had no idea all the terror that was racing through my mind. I finally jumped out of bed screaming and running out of the room into the kitchen where my parents were and my poor little sister was screaming behind me having no idea what she was running from! LOL! I wonder if she remembers that. Well, I hope you enjoyed the card and the little story that goes with wiht. Have a fantastic day and thanks so much for stopping by!


watchlady said...

You just do amazing things w/your cards! Very cute! Can't wait to go to squigglefly and see the new images!

Kat said...

LOVE your story, Holly! Ask your sis if she remembers it. I do not recall that Twilight Zone episode, tho I do recall watching that series and often feeling very frightened too!
Great MOUTH on that doll! LOL

Pam in Ar. said...

Ahhhh, the memories of our childhood :~)

Loved the card!

msfreida said...

This is AWESOME HOLLY! One could read so much into that expression! I'm not sure I saw that particular episode, but I'm sure I did since I would never miss a one of TZ or "The Outer Limits"! Oh I was such a brave chick back long as someone else was in the room too! Ya know, back then we had some very creative minds to come up with all these ingenious, but scary plots...and they did it without the gore and language we see today! UMMM...yep, those were the good ole days!

Oh I am so excited about the new designers on Squigglefly! What a fantastic, creative team they are! Congrats to all!


Emma said...

Thanks Holly...I am delighted to have been chosen as part of the design team.
I have been playing with some of the images which I got round to buying, thought I had resisted for long enough!! Just posting on my blog this evening.
Love you card and your sentiments are always brilliant.
Emma x

Anita said...

Great card! I love the story behind the card. Thanks for the congratulations!

Kristie said...

Oh yeah...that is totally awesome!!! I don't think I ever saw that TZ episode, but it sounds lovely & scary :) Just like the doll on your card! Thanks for humouring us twisted chicks :)

bumblebee creations said...

Holly-you are too funny!!! I can just picture you running with someone little running behind you!!! What a story!!! Isn't it funny how certain things just stay with us!!!

catt871 said...

HAHHA!! I LOVE IT!!!!!! I don't think I ever watched many episodes of Twilight Zone - I remember them scaring the PANTS off me!!!! LOL


Congratulations ladies on your new DT places, you all deserve them. I am looking forward to seeing your new creations. Hugs Linda x

Niki said...

I DO remember that Twilight Zone episode. Your card is a creative remembrance of it!

Great idea and wonderful execution. (OK, maybe execution isn't the best choice of wording here.) Thanks for sharing your talents.


Deb Wood said...

The coloring on this is absolutely fabulous!! I'm getting the chucky feeling though!! hehe

Cazzy said...

my parents bought me a life size doll for my birthday when I was 4 or 5. They left it in my bedroom unwrapped to surprise me - I sure was surprised, screamed the place down.
I never did like that doll and tried to damage her secretly so she got melted in the sun and was slightly warped in the middle. My parents never knew how much I hated that doll which was called Mandy!