Sunday, March 22, 2009

You Crack me Up

What a great day we had yesterday! Riley was sufficiently exhausted after our boat trip. I enjoyed the beautiful spring trees and listening to the birds sing. We were in this one area where a bunch of red winged black birds were singing and I kept thinking I was hearing a cat. I mentioned that to Brock and he said "Maybe it's a cat bird". I have heard of cat birds, but I don't know that I've ever seen one or heard one. I kept looking for it and it turned out to be one of the red winged black birds making a cat sound! It was so strange! After I got home I looked up cat birds and found lots of videos on you tube that shows cat birds and other birds meowing like cats! This one of a mockingbird was my favorite

Yesterday LaVerne mentioned she couldn't find the image I used on Squigglefly's web site. Since I don't have an email address for you LaVerne, I'll give you the link here Just the newest images are on the front page of their web site. To see all of the images, click on "shop" at the top of the page.

Okay, on with today's cards (yes, I have TWO for you today)!
Remember I told you I borrowed Stampin Up's A good Egg set from my friend? Well, here are the cards I made with it.

The first one I stamped a flourish from Autumn Leaves all over the card front with a craft white ink. It's subtle, but I think it's so much better than a plain card base. I stamped the eggs and cut them out andmounted them over the panel of designer paper. I cut out the little chick and flocked him. When I cut him out I cut off his little hairs on top of his head, so I glued some yellow bits of fluff that I pulled off of some knobby yarn I had. I looked for some yellow feathers, but I didn't have any and the fluff from the yarn looks cute enough.
Here's the second card

I snapped a close up on this one so you could better see the flocking and the yellow fluff on his head.

This afternoon I get to go to a stamp camp, and I'm really looking forward to it! It's such fun to get together with other people who enjoy stamping and making cards as much as I do, and I always come home with so many ideas. I'll share what we make with you too! Have a great day!


Mary said...

Great cards!! Love the flocking on the chick and especially that little poof of feathers on top of his head! TFS!

CRYSTAL said...

Great cards and love the flocking....I have some but have never used it.. hmmmm I guess I will have to try it now...its too darn cute.

Carole said...

Cute cards. Have a nice stamping afternoon!

Stef H (GlitterbabeGreetings) said...

I love that you flocked the chickie! Beautiful cards. And the short video was fantatic. Who knew?


ittybittyinkspotstoo said...

OHHHH I love that little chick and his yellow fluff! He is darling!
Great cards!

msfreida said...

These are AWESOME cards,Holly! Of course I love the flocking,too, and the papers you used are beautiful! That lil chickie is so adorable!

I enjoyed your You Tuber...Mockingbirds are all around us (well they are our state bird!) and I love listening to their different sounds. They are so much fun to watch too!

Have fun stamping! Can't wait to see what all you get to do!


Anita said...

Cute cards! I like your idea of fluff on the chicks head.

Pam in Ar. said...

That Mockingbird was wild..I didn't know they sounded like a cat!!

I bet you didn't know that my washer sounds like birds chirping either LOL....I also bet you didn't know that my husband calls me his angel ...he says I'm always up in the air harping about something! LOL Great cards the yellow fluffy on it's head is great :~)

Happy Sunday....