Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You're The Best

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments both good and bad on my effort at collage yesterday. I'm happy to say that Nora will be getting the card in the mail. I told her that since she said it was "right up her alley" she could take it and make something better with it. Like I said, I liked the image part but just didn't like how I used it. Nora, please share with us what you do with it.

Today is card give away day, but before I get to my card I have another card to share with you. I got this in the mail yesterday and it just made my day.

This card is from Pam Pruett who comments on all my blog posts. A while back she mentioned how hesitant she was to download and print a digital image. With lots of encouragement (okay you can say pushing!) she finally did it! And she colored it with copic markers! And she sent it to me! I just love it Pam. I think using the brad for the eye was a great idea, and I love your ribbon in the little slide at the top. I love the colors, and even though you don't think your coloring is great, it really is. I am so proud of you for finally doing the digital thing. Now you have to admit that it really was pretty easy, and it'll get easier the more you do it! LOL! Thank you so much for sending it to me!

Okay, up now is the card I made to give to one of you!

I used the squigglefly image I Love You Daddy and colored it with copic markers. The words are computer generated, but I didn't write down which font I used! Sorry about that! Anyway, if you would like a chance to win this card, leave a comment on this post by noon tomorrow and then I'll have pick a winner!
Thanks for looking!


CRYSTAL said...

OMG...I'm in love with that image... If I win, I would give it to my daughter to give to her daddy. He wasnt around when she was little (he's really her step dad) but he has been more of a dad than her biological one. Wow, I'm actually tearing up as I'm writing this.
Great card!!!!

Shirley said...

I love it. If I win, it will go to the girls to give to Randy for Father's Day.

Kristin said...

This is the BEST card for dad's day! What a great image :-). Hope to win!

Stef H (GlitterbabeGreetings) said...

Pam did a wonderful job with that hummingbird - and how nice that you got it!

Your card is fabulous! That image is just so heart-warming. It always brings a smile to my face. Great job coloring too!


msfreida said...

Yea Pam! I'm so glad you took the plunge! ;)
What an awesome coloring job you did! You won't believe how you will grow to love these images.

I agree with the others about the image you used Holly. There isn't a sweeter one, nor one more perfect for Father's Day. Awesome job!


Pam in Ar. said...

Teacher, Teacher (waving my hand in the air frantically), pick me, pick me LOL I love today's card Holly....who ever wins it is one lucky duck :~)

I'm glad you liked my card, I look forward to many more (itty bitty steps) in the future :~) Most of all, thanks for sharing with us every day...we appreciate you!

Kat said...

Ohmygosh! The card from Pam is awesome! I don't "do" hummingbird images 'cuz I always thought of only attempting to color in their real colors, which is too complicated for me. LOL I *love* this red one!! And wow - yah, the brad (with a highlight dot) is purrfect for the eye 'cuz their eyes sorta 'bulge' out in real life. I am very impressed! Way to go, Pam!! :-D And I love the red ribbon in the purrty slide too!

Anita said...

Beautiful card! I just love that image.

bumblebee creations said...

Oh my!!! There is my Emily on your card!!!! It makes my heart skip a beat sometimes when I look at that image-it just looks so much like her!!!! I totally love that image!!!! Pam did a great job!!! and yes, thanks for sharing with us each day Holly!!

Kristine B. said...

Both cards are delicious!! :) The 2nd one reminds me so much of Maddy--my 8 yr. old giving her daddy a kiss. GREAT CARD!! I'm also a sucker for birds--very lovely card.