Friday, April 24, 2009

Brace Yourself

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Happy Friday everyone! Today I have a card that uses the Braces image from squigglefly. This card took me a long time to finish and I think you'll see why

(click to enlarge)

Let me tell you, threading that wire through those holes was a chore! I was originally going to go through two holes and have it wired like braces, but it was just too bulky and I knew it wouldn't mail well like that. So I settled by just threading the wire.

I followed a sketch from Our Creative Corner. I think it's a cool looking sketch and I will probably use it again soon.
The words were printed out in a font called Barbarello. Isn't it a fun one? I just did a search for wired fonts and found that one.
You can download the font here if you like it.

Spring has left us here and I'm afraid summer has arrived. It was nearly 90 degrees yesterday and we had to turn on our air conditioning. I will have to start getting up earlier in the mornings to walk Riley before the heat sets in. Summer is not my favorite time, and unfortunately where I live we have more than five months of it!
Well, enough complaining from me. I hope you all have perfect weather and a wonderful Friday. Thanks for looking!


CRYSTAL said...

That si simply adorable.... great job adding the wire!!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

What a fabulous card and another cute sentiment. That wiring is genious. You get the award for "most patient". I'd go batty doing that. I'm very impresssed!

Weather here turning nice & supposed to be in the 80s today - from 60s yesterday. Go figure.


bumblebee creations said...

Hello Holly!!! Great job on the card! love the wire! Cute cute sentiment too! Supposed to be nice here today-but we will see! I decided to do a quick garage sale since I have the day off-helps out with the spring cleaning!

msfreida said...

What patience! I think I would just have to bring out the stapler! Am I lazy or what???

This is adorable! I love the sentiment! Isn't his expression priceless? AWESOME card!

I'm about to try your idea of running flower blossoms through the CB. My azaleas are in full bloom and are they gorgeous! They are a salmon color which I think will pair up beautifully with some new DP I bought. I'll let you know! ;)


Carole said...

Hi Holly
Wire all around the card!!!Super

Anita said...

Cute card! I love how used the wire on your card!

Christina said...

The wire looks super tedious but great job on your card! I would have just cheated and put staples all over instead. :)

LouAnne said...

Love the card-very clever.
I'll trade you weather- we get 5 months of winter!
Our daffodils are just starting, and it's high 50's only today.
Why is it that "the grass is always greener"?

Pam in Ar. said...

What a cute card! I love it!!
Not only has summer arrived, but everything in my house is yellow!!!
It was 91 here yesterday...I am not ready for the humidity :(

Love the saying on the card too :~)

Shellys Crafts said...

The card is the cutest, but you have way more patience than I do. I wouldn't have had the patience to wire the card...but its so cute that way..


Good morning Holly, wow, what a gorgeous card, im so loving this adorable images. hope you are well. Hugs Linda x

Chris (catt871) said...

ohh Holly, this card is FABBY!!!!! I love the threaded wire...such a perfect touch!!!!!