Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dare You

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Alright, here goes. I wanted to make a card for the Dare You 2 Digi Challenge which was to use pink and green. Not too hard, right?
So I looked for an image and planned a card.
I ended up picking out the Whistling Girl from squigglefly and here is my card

(click to enlarge)

I was really proud of the sidewalk I drew (learned that from Lauren!) and I think her shadow on the sidewalk turned out cool. I chalked the sky and the greeting is computer generated with a font called CK Becky. I attached the balloons with pop dots and taped some thread to the back of the balloons. then I cut a little slit in the line at the top of her head and inserted the threads and taped them to the back of the image.

So now that you've seen the card let me tell you the conversation I had with my best friend half and hour before I finished the card.
She comes over to walk her dog with me and Riley and I'm just finishing up the card and need to come up with a sentiment. So I show her the card

ME: I'm trying to come up with something for this card to say.

HER: How about "I'm a big fat pig?"

ME: What are you talking about? She whistling so her lips are pursed!

HER: She looks like a little pig! Look at her fat cheeks!

ME: Well, she's looking up and at that angle cheeks look like that. What do you think of the balloons, does it look like she's holding them behind her back and they're blowing back behind her?

HER: No! It looks like she's wearing some kind of weird hat!

So on that note I put it aside, we walked, and I came home and finished the card. Fast forward to a couple of hours later. My daughter Chesney comes over and I show her the card.

ME: I made this card for a challenge where you are supposed to use pink and green.

HER: Well, it qualifies for that.

ME: Let me tell (starting to tell her about the conversation I had earlier)

HER: Do you know why it looks like the balloons are coming out of her head?

ME: (exasperated) You don't think it looks like they are behind her?

HER: No, but I'll tell you why.

And she did explain that the strings come together right at the top of her head and that if she was holding them, they'd come together at her hands so I should spread the strings apart at the top. AH! makes sense, and maybe I'll take it apart and re-do it some time, but some days you're just better off not crafting! If I do the strings right, I'll show you the "after" shot.

UPDATE: card re-done here

Before I go, I wanted to let you know that Squigglefly has two new sets up and they are by a new artist joining the team. Swing by and take a look!
Have a wonderful day, and thanks for looking!


yvonne said...

How sweet is she? oh i do like her, a proper little cubby girl.I adore her

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Bbbwwwaaaaahhhhaaaa. You definitely had me ROTFL! And I'm still laughing!

1) Yep. She looks like a pig - but a cute pig
2) Yep. The balloons are coming out of her head.
3) Who the heck cares! It's still adorable!


CRYSTAL said...

Hahahahahaha...too darn funny... I have conversations like that too, but I'm the only one having the conversation.... {the voices} bwhahahahahaha
Cute card, and she is a little bit of a chubster... but that makes her cute!!!!

msfreida said...

Oh I very well know your frustration, but it's adorable as it is! I would have done the same thing you did without even thinking. I'm with Stef...what does it matter?

You did an AWESOME job on the sidewalk...I'M IMPRESSED! ;) And her shadows...perfect! I still wish I could morph into something so I could sit in the middle of your card and watch you color! TOTALLY AMAZING!


Fabrizio said...

Just like it ! It's a lovely card. Thanks for sharing it. X fab

Michelle said...

Great card anyway and love your sense of adventure in trying new things - brill!
Thanks for joining us at DU2DS this week
x Michelle

Caroline said...

LOL that was soooo funny aren't kids great! I do think the balloons look better on the 2nd pic lol Still a fab card and love your pavement
Thank you for joining us at DU2DS this week
Caroline xx

Sandra said...

Sweet card...If you had fun making it and you are pleased with the results then it's a huge success!!!! Don't worry too much what others may say.
Sandra x

Sandra said...

Hi....Beautiful card,what a cute your pavement :0),great take on our pink and green theme,thanks for joining us at DU2DS,
Take care
San x

Alex said...

Great card and I love that you created the scene around her.

Kat said...

picky, picky, picky. But at least your friend & daughter gave you their honest opinions. LOL
I think the card is adorable. Your chalking & shading (& sidewalk-drawing) is all so great, Holly!

Larissa said...

Really cute card! The image if the girl is so sweet!

Thanks for joining us at DU2DS!


Chris said...

Well I think it's a stunner! You're a very talented cardmaker, love your design and the image is so cute. Thank you you for joining us at DU2DS this week. Chris :)

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Really cute card - look at her little pursed lips lol!! Love it!