Monday, April 6, 2009

Tunnel Vision

Good morning everyone! We had such an enjoyable weekend. We went to see the Monsters vs. Aliens movie and we saw the 3D version on an Imax screen. 3D and Imax - need I say more? It was great! I had my fill of buttered popcorn, and then when we left the theater we spied a Maggie Moos and went to get ice cream! Maggie Moos has different flavors of ice cream and you pick what you want and then pick what you want mixed in it. They put the ice cream on a frozen marble slab and mix all of your stuff in it. I got a cinnamon ice cream with toffee pieces in it. Yum! but I was so full after that that I didn't eat anything the rest of the day!

Yesterday morning I saw two of my iris plants had bloomed; one a deep dark purple and the other a larger lighter purple. The light purple one has a shimmer to the petals that is just gorgeous! I also saw my first clematis bloom. Then the weather turned really windy and I was afraid my newly bloomed iris were going to break in the wind! It's much colder today too; but I like that!

I'm still making some Easter cards. One of the things I loved to find in my Easter basket as a child was those little sugar eggs that had a hole in one end for you to look through. Inside you would see a little 3 dimensional Easter scene. The outside of the eggs were always decorated so pretty too!
I made some of those eggs myself one Easter when my kids were little. It was so much fun! The hardest part was finding a plastic egg that opened in half length wise. You just mix sugar and food coloring and a little bit of water and press it into the egg halves and let harden. Then you carefully remove the shells and build your scene in one half and then use icing to seal the two halves together and to decorate. We cut out some of the Easter images that come on the boxes of egg dies for our scenes.
Anyway, it was thinking about those panoramic eggs that made me come up with today's card.
I made a tunnel card! Here's the front

(click to enlarge)

The bow wrapped egg is an image from DRS Designs. I colored it with copic markers and added stickles to the flower centers.
When the bow is untied you see this

here's a close up of the scene

I used the little Happy to Bee Me image from Squigglefly, a little chick from an unknown source, the little bunny from Squigglefly, and the sheep from Squigglefly.
It was fun making my little scene! What was your favorite thing to find in your Easter basket when you were a kid?
Well, have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!


Kristie said...

That's so clever Holly!!! I love that bunny from Squigglefly...I used him on my Easter cards for my niece and nephew! I love what you've done with him though...just such a great idea.
When I was a kid I loved the small Cadbury's solid eggs...I'd get one and pop it in my mouth and slowly let it disolve to make the experience last as long as possible :) I always had some left when my brothers and sisters had finished theirs because it took soooooo long for me to eat each one! I hadn't thought about that for ages :) I might just have to pick some up at the store tomorrow...LOL!

CRYSTAL said...

How cute..Holly!!! I love those eggs too... I love anything with a sugary Peeps!! But I love them to get really hard so I open up the pack and let them set a day before I dive into them. Great card!!!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

WOW! How'd you do that? That is amazing. I love how you used those digi images! Fantastic!

I don't remember getting baskets at Easter but I did get a new outfit every Easter! THAT was always fun! But, FYI.... I LOVE jellybeans!

ittybittyinkspotstoo said...

What a great card!! I love that Easter Egg! Bunnie's are sooo cute! I've always wanted to make one of these but for some reason, scare me! LOL I'm going to give it a try!! When I think back on my Easter's as a child, I had so much fun! My grandpa loved to color eggs and would color and hide DOZENS! I don't like eggs! I know strange, so he must of colored them for me and he would eat the eggs!! LOL
Great card!

Anita said...

Holly, This is so cute! How did you make it? I love the way it pops out!

msfreida said...

Holly, you are SOOOO creative! This card is AMAZING! I would never have the patience to make it!

Ahhh sweet memories! Just think...the memories you have now will one day be shared with your grandchildren b/c you made these gorgeous panoramic eggs with your girls. (wouldn't have the patience to make these either!)My favorite Easter basket surprise would always be (and still is!)the chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies. There weren/t premade baskets back, so Mama would always make sure we had plenty of our favorites...and they were HUGE!~

I hope everyone has a fantastic week! I am going to WV on Thurs to spend Easter with my grandson! Can't wait! Yeaaa...I get to play Easter bunny one more time! :)


bumblebee creations said...

I love this card!!! You are so creative when it comes to making different opened cards! GORGEOUS!!! Hey, guess what? I actually mailed mail today!!! HEHEE!!

Martha said...

how cute! Great card.

Pam in Ar. said...

What a lovely card, Holly. I really like the 3D on the never cease to amaze me :~)

I enjoyed the blog's a big shout out to msfreida for winning on one of them...I'm jealous...have a great time in WV playing the Easter bunny

Debby said...

This is just adorable. So creative. Never in my wildest dreams. My favorite thing was the HUGE chocolate bunnies. Yum!

Kat said...

Wowie! This card certainly is eggs-tra-special, Holly. Kewl!
But I have no idea what you are talking about with those little sugar-eggs with a scene inside. Never saw such a thing, but they sound fun!