Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Watching What You Eat

Hey everyone! I had several people ask me for the recipe for the sugar eggs I mentioned yesterday. Here is the recipe I used when we made ours except I added a little food coloring to the sugar so our eggs would be colored ones. Use the royal icing to decorate the outside of the egg and to seal the two halves together, but also on the inside of the bottom half to stick your cardboard or plastic figures in. If any of you try it I'd love to see your creations! If I had grandchildren I think I'd be creating them their special easter egg from grandma every Easter! LOL!

Panorama Easter Eggs

2 cups granulated sugar
3 to 4 teaspoons water

Mix and press in egg mold that has been dusted with cornstarch. Leave hollow. Turn on flat surface and cut opening at end. Let dry 24 hours.

Royal Frosting
1 pound confectioners' sugar
3 egg whites at room temperature
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

Mix all at once and beat with electric mixer for seven minutes. Add color and decorate.

I also had a few people ask how I did the tunnel card yesterday. It's really very simple and also very fun! You take one sheet of cardstock and cut it into two pieces that are 8.5" by 5.5". Score both pieces in the center at 4.25". Set one aside.
On the other piece of cardstock score on either end at 2 and 1/8"
Your center fold will be a mountain fold and your end folds will be valley folds.
Fold on the center line and cut your hole out. It can be any shape you want. You will glue (or tape) the ends to the other half of the cardstock piece. But before you do that you do all of your stamping.
The pieces on my card that have the grassy areas are just pieces of cardstock that are scored in the middle and attached to the back of the piece that has the cut out with pop dots.
If you're all confused I'll be happy to take pictures and show you; just let me know.

Today I have a card that I think turned out so much cuter than I had envisioned it. I used the Yum image from squigglefly and colored it with copic markers and chalked the background. I then stamped a dotted background stamp from DRS designs on the "wall" behind the cat.

(click to enlarge)

I put some glitter on the goldfish and then added some crystal lacquer to the fish bowl. When I was applying the crystal lacquer I had a couple of air bubbles in it and I started to pop them with a toothpick, but instead I moved them over so they would look like little bubbles coming from the fish! LOL! It was perfect! Here's a close up for you

The designer paper I used is from K and Company. I used a wide neon ribbon and then tied a couple of buttons on to the ribbon bow. My words are computer generated. Speaking of the words, isn't the saying just too funny for this image? I wish I could take credit for coming up with it, but my daughter Chesney thought of this one! I just love it!

Squigglefly's yahoo group is growing daily! The first challenge has already been issued and there's already several people who have completed it! Yikes! I need to get on the ball and work on a challenge card! I hope you'll come and join in the fun too!
Thanks for stopping by today. Tomorrow is card give away day so be sure to come back for that!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

This is way too cute and I love that sentiment. I always say "My life is one complete diet!" Now if only I was thin!!!!

ittybittyinkspotstoo said...

WOW this is fantastic! I love that glittery fish! That fishbowl is awesome and looks REAL!!
Kitty is as sweet as they come!!
Very very pretty card!

Beth M said...

Love this card!

msfreida said...

Thanks for the instructions for the egg and the card. :) I may quickly grow some patience for my lil darling! You gave me another flashback with your terms for the fold (mountain & valley). I would tell my students to fold it into a hotdog or hamburger! LOL

THIS CARD IS SO AWESOME! Only you would think to move the bubble to your advantage! Using the color you used and the crystal effects really makes the water look real! WOW! Pretty spunky goldfish too! Tell Chesney she can come up with my sentiments from now on! :) The green...OH THAT GREEN...ribbon is so FABULOUS! Oh, Holly! This is a KILLER CARD!


Pam in Ar. said...

LOL..I watch what I eat too! I just watched left overs from the other night for my lunch :~)

Great card...I forget about the crystal effects, I need to use that more often!!

Anita said...

Cute card! I like how the bowl glistens.

CRYSTAL said...

That is so darn cute... I love how you moved the bubbles so it would look like the fish did it.... Very ingenious!!!! You rock!!!

Martha said...

wonderful card., love what you did!

Shellys Crafts said...

I absolutely love this card.Makes me smile...

Debby said...

You are the cleverest (word?) person I know. This is toooooo cuuuuute!

Kat said...

Oh geez, what a card! I'm just so far behind in reading your blog - bet you wondered how come I hadn't commented on this one, eh? *g*
Leave it to you to MOVE the air bubbles - clever gal! :-D