Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Little Piggy and The Last Of The One A Days

Squigglefly design team member Anita Autore wants to send a bunch of cards to a group of soldiers in Kosovo, and she's also giving people who help her out a chance to win some blog candy. I think this is a wonderful idea and I know the cards will be so appreciated. If you'd like to help out and have a chance at the candy, go read the details on Anita's blog here.

I have a tooth that is on a post and it has been feeling "funny" the last couple of months but my dentist couldn't really tell anything was wrong with it. Well, yesterday I was brushing my teeth and the darn tooth came off the post! It's a tooth that shows too, so I need to get to the dentist as soon as possible tomorrow! I hate having dental problems.

Well, today is the very last day of Squigglefly's One A Day In May digital stamps. It's sad, but at the same time I'm excited to see what they will have in store for us in June. Today's image is called This Little Piggy, and I think this little guy is adorable! Here's the first card I made with him

(click to enlarge)

The font is called Dear Teacher. It's available here. The pig was printed out twice and I cut the eyes and nose part out separately and popped them up over the other image after it was colored. I added googly eyes at the last minute; still not sure I like them. Since he was cut out and popped up on the card I had to hand draw his curly tail.

I doodled around the image panel with a pink sparkly gel pen, and in my impatience to finish the card I smeared some of it! I was originally going to have a cluster of three different buttons on the lower left corner, but the top right corner smeared enough that I wanted to cover it with a button instead.

I haven't put anything on the inside of the card yet, but I was thinking of putting this
and now he's round as can be
oh wait! That's not a pig at all
it looks like a pig, but it's me!

If you say the whole thing along with the first part of "This little piggy" it makes a sensible rhyme. What do you think?

Okay, now I have really gone back and forth about showing you my next card. When I was coloring this, I thought "his eyes are so big,he looks like he's being goosed!" and that gave me an idea of something to say on a card. Something I thought was cute and rather clever. However, when I proudly showed it to my husband and waited for him to chuckle he didn't. "Well, I'm just too clever for him" I thought so I started to explain "See, the pig could be a piggy bank" and he handed it back to me saying "I get it." So, I tell a few other people and a few laugh and then one person chuckles but says "It might be a little off color". Well that surprised me because it just didn't seem so to me. I then thought I'd just not show it, but I finally decided "You know, it's me and I find it funny so maybe other people will too"
So, with all of that warning, you're probably very apprehensive, very curious, or very bored and you've already scrolled down and looked at the card and are on your way to another blog now! LOL! But here is my clever (I think anyway) card

(click to enlarge)

okay, are you ready?

(click to enlarge)

Well, I hope you are all laughing, or if you're Crystal you are saying bwahahahahahahaha!!!! If you've stuck with me this long you're probably more than ready to move on,so I wish you a happy day and thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Text Video Finished!

I finished the video on how to get text placed where you want and just wanted to jump in and let you know. Please let me know if you have ANY questions I didn't answer. I'd love to know if this helps those of you who were having problems with this. oh, one more thing - if you love being surprised with the new images from Squigglefly don't view this until after tomorrow because I've used the image in the video. Hee Hee!

Dare You To Bug Me For Lunch

Hi everyone! So, does the title of my post confuse the heck out of you? LOL! Well, if you've already seen today's new release Lunch On The Fly from squigglefly, then you know the lunch part of it. The dare part comes in because I made this using the sketch at DareU2DigiStamp for this week's challenge. And to see what the rest of it means you'll have to look at the card I made

(click to enlarge)

That frog looks like he's tried to ignore that fly for a while now and he's tired of it buzzing about! I considered googly eyes for him, but I didn't have any big enough. Here is a picture of the copic colors I used

The font I used is called AEnigma BRK and you can get it here if you like it. Three large green rain dots complete it.

Only one more image to go, and I'm sad. I really liked the anticipation of seeing a new image every day! I wonder what is in store for us in June. Guess we'll have to wait and see!
No big plans for me today. I do need to do some house cleaning. Last weekend so much time was spent on finishing up my room that the rest of the house kind of slid by. Hopefully I'll have time to make that video for ya'll!
Have a great Saturday your own self, and thanks for looking!

Friday, May 29, 2009

On That Note...

Hi everyone, and happy Friday! Today is my oldest daughter Ashley's birthday, so I want to wish her a very happy birthday today! I also want to give you a heads up on a chance to win some High Hopes stamps! Rhonda is having a little give away trying to get to 10,000 hits on her blog. Go leave her a comment for a chance and take a look around while you're there and see her cute cards and her daughter Emily is quite the artist too for a five year old!

Today's squigglefly release is called Feathered Friend and here's the card I made

(click to enlarge)

I colored it with these colors of copic markers

The corners were clipped to allow a little more of the designer paper behind it to show. I printed the greeting directly on to the image panel after I had it all colored and knew where I wanted it. I am going to try to make a video tutorial showing how to place text where you want it to be using Word. I get a lot of people asking how to do that, so if I can set the camera up in a way that you can see me doing it I think it will be helpful.
The font I used is one I dearly love. It's so elegant and flowing. It's called Zapfino and I tried searching for a place you could get it for free, but I didn't have any luck.

I chalked the sky. On the bottom right side of the card I pierced a few rows of holes and placed a clear rain dot in the center of them. I think it draws attention to the hole piercings, and after piercing them all I don't want them to go un-noticed! LOL!
Well, enjoy your Friday and thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kiss The Cook

Wow, this week is flying by isn't it? Today's release from Squigglefly is called Kiss The Cook and it's a great one for the men in your life; especially those who love to grill in the great outdoors! Here's the card I made

(click to enlarge)

I am proud of a couple of things on this card. One is the fact that I drew in my own tree trunk and the other is the way the hot coals in the grill turned out! Overall it's a scene you might see on any summer afternoon in suburbia.
I colored this with copic markers and boy, did I use a lot of them! Here's a picture

I chalked the sky and the grass and then stamped some grass sprigs for depth. The grass sprigs stamp is from Art Impressions and the tree leaves are from Stampin Up's watercolor minis set. There are only three more images to go for May. I don't know about you, but I'm going to miss the anticipation of having a new image every day! If you've enjoyed the one a day, please let Squigglefly know and maybe they'll do it again!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scaredy Cat

Good morning everyone. It was so nice of all of you to wish Chesney a happy birthday yesterday!
I have to be honest with you here and tell you a little secret about myself. I have a terrible time coloring eyes! I'm never sure what part to color and what part to leave white. I was always calling Chesney up and asking her until finally she drew an eye and colored the colored parts so I have it saved to my computer and I can look at it when in question. I know, it sounds silly even to me and I'm sure she's laughing at me right now.
But the image they released today; Scaredy Cat threw me for a loop. The part that is usually black is white, and I colored in some of the white part below the black leaving little white spots, but the eye still didn't look right. So, I colored in the white in the center and it looked weird to me. I finally just colored it all in black leaving some colored below with little white spots. I am not sure this is right, but it looks okay to me!
Now with all of that build up, here's my card

(click to enlarge)

This card also qualifies for the Squigglefly Challenge #3 which is to use bordering blue, chocolate chip, and pretty in pink. I didn't have the bordering blue so I improvised with brocade blue instead.
I colored the cat with copics and here are the colors I used.

I'm getting pretty good at remembering to take pictures of the colors! The sky is chalked and the designer paper is some more of the stuff they had on clearance at Hobby Lobby. I tied a little bow and then tied a square pink button to the center of that.
At the last minute I decided to add some crystal lacquer to the eyes. If I've done the eyes wrong I'm only drawing more attention to them! LOL!
This cat looks like he's tried to jump over the fence and couldn't quite make it and now he doesn't know what to do! Or maybe he thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence and he jumped up only to see it wasn't. What's your take on the image?
I hope you all have a wonderful day and find a little time to create something. Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Under The Sea

Hi everyone! Today is my daughter Chesney's birthday and I want to wish her a very happy 25th birthday! I love you Ches! How I'd love to stay home and play in my newly painted and organized room, but it's back to work for me today.
I got bit by one of those little black gnats (we call them buffalo gnats) right under my eye yesterday, and it's all puffed up and red and itchy this morning!
Today squigglefly has a cute little seahorse for us! I paired it with the mermaid and made this

(click to enlarge)

I colored the whole thing with copic markers and then I painted some radiant pearls Caspian Sea and some H2o Bashful Blue on to the mermaid tail. Here's a picture that shows the shimmer from adding that.

Here are the copics I used

At first I didnt' have the fish on here, but I added some chalk for the background and when I went to erase the chalk off the image, her tail was still wet from my painting and it rubbed some of the paper off. So, I went back and printed out one of the fishes and colored him with Y19, R14, and R29. I cut him out and mounted it with pop dots to mask some of the messed up part of her tail.
I added some little pale blue rain dots for bubbles and fun googly eyes for the sea horse. Isn't he cute? Idon't know why I say he when I've colored him pink, but he looks like a boy to me!
The words are computer generated and the font is one I found here called Never.
The card was embossed with an embossing folder from Provocraft. At first I was going to make this card fit the challenge on the Squigglefly blog that Kim is hosting this week, but I wasn't happy adding brown anywhere, so I still have a card to make for that! Go see all the wonderful cards the design team has made and get inspired to join in too! You can read the challenge on the blog.
Riley seems to be back to her old self. It's amazing how quickly they bounce back!
Oh, Maria contacted me with her choice of sentiments for the card she won. I wanted to show you the finished card before I mail it off!

The whole time I was finishing this up I was thinking of the Incredible Hulk saying "You won't like me when I'm angry!" LOL!
Maria, if you're reading this I will get this in the mail to you today, and I hope you enjoy it!
I wish all you a wonderful Tuesday and thanks for looking!

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Unveiling

Okay, I've got the video of my craft room ready! Before you can appreciate it though you have to suffer through the "befores". Ignore the mess!

And here is how it looks today

Birthday Parade

Hi everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your Memorial Day and that you take a little time out of your day to think about the men and women who have made it possible for us to enjoy it.
Yesterday was a hard day for Riley. We had taken her to the park Friday afternoon where she romped and splashed and played for over an hour chasing up frogs and who knows what. When we left she was a muddy but happy pup. She got a ton of those little seed burrs stuck in her hair. The kind that stick to your socks and poke your ankles. Well Saturday morning her eyes were all runny and she was blinking a lot. We put some antibiotic ointment we got for her eyes before in them, called the vet who told us to just continue the ointment and they'd see her on Tuesday if she wasn't better.
Yesterday morning one of her eyes looked a little better, but the other one was a lot worse. We finally decided to take her to the emergency pet care where lots of waiting was done, but she did finally get seen. He had to numb her eye and look behind the lid and pulled out one of those seed burrs! It had been stuck there continually rubbing a little sore on her eyeball. Poor girl! We came home with four different medicines for her, a loopy dog, and a lighter wallet.
By evening though she was out in the back yard in the rain looking for frogs and moths. It's so hard to see your pets feeling bad. She's much better this morning though; in fact she's looking at me now wondering when I'm going to finish up and go walk!

My room is finished! I spent the better part of the day putting things in order and it looks so good. Before I mess it up too badly I'm going to film a little tour of it for you all.
I did take a little time to make a card with today's newest release from Squigglefly Ant Birthday

(click to enlarge)

Isn't this a great image? I like it because it's good for birthdays no matter who is having a birthday! It's not too cute for a guy and I can see kids liking it too.
I colored with copic markers and remembered to take a picture of the copics I used

The greeting is from My Sentiments Exactly and the designer paper is some I found at Hobby Lobby's clearance section. They had some cute papers in that area! I really liked this because it was black and white and I can add color to suit my needs!
I'll be back tomorrow with the video tour of my crafting space so be sure to come back for that! Have a great day and thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Summer

Hi everyone! Well, my room is finished being painted, and back together for the most part. There are still a few touch up things I need to do, but over all I'm really happy! Can't wait to show ya'll! I got some window scarves instead of curtains, and I love the color of them but I've never used them before and I need some help in that area! My best friend is coming over to see tomorrow so maybe she can help.
Okay, I have a quick card I made just so I could use the newly released Breezy.

(click to enlarge)

I thought of a few funny things to say with this image, but since I haven't been able to find my printer cable (room painting), I had to use my husband's printer and I wasn't used to it and I gave up printing more than this one word! I was thinking about saying on the front "I'm too young to have hot flashes!" and then on the inside say "It's not a hot flash, it's summer!" You could think of a lot of things along the menopause and hot flashes line.

I colored the image with copic markers and I actually thought to take a picture of the copics I used!

Oh, one other little thing - if you look closely in the picture of my card in the background you can see glimpses of the images to come the next few days! Hee Hee Hee <-------evil laugh

Have a wonderful day and thanks for looking!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two cards, two challenges!

Good morning everyone! I feel great today! I slept better last night and I've got three whole days stretched out before me, and my room will be finished by tomorrow! And to top all of that off, I was able to complete TWO cards! Both of my cards feature today's new release from Squigglefly, Turtle Taxi.
My first card is for the designer showcase sketch challenge #2. You can see the sketch here.

(click to enlarge)

I colored with copic markers and chalked my background. I was getting a little tired of always having blue skies in the background, so I made a little bit of a sunset on this one.
The four circles in the corners look like black brads in the photo, but they are actually green rain dots. My words are computer generated in a FG Jayne print font.
This was a fun sketch to follow. The image was so cute I decided to use it again except this time I gave it some fun colors!

(click to enlarge)

This card is for the Squigglefly challenge that Rhonda issued. For her challenge we're supposed to use one Squigglefly image, at least two designer papers, three embellishments (mine are the buttons), and a letter (mine is the f in friends). Rhonda is offering up some pretty good blog candy for all who enter her challenge, so go for it! Even if you don't have any squigglefly images you can download one of the free images. You can read about it here.
I used a font called Kayliegh for this one. I think another cute greeting for this would be "Thought you could use a lift".
Squigglefly has added several new designers to their design team, but the call is still open! The deadline to apply is May 31st. Just send a link to your blog or card gallery to and put design team in the subject line!
I'd like to welcome the new designers
Amanda Teel
Janet Rossi
Heather Huggins
Crystal Boling
Jana Mays, and
Jeanette Waters
Swing by their blogs and show them some love!
Well, however you spend your day today I hope you enjoy it to the fullest! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Look Ma, one hand!

Oh my goodness I am so glad that it's Friday! I have not slept well the last couple of nights and it is catching up with me! Plus, I am excited because I know we will completely finish my craft room this weekend!
Today's card uses the new release from squigglefly called Trick Rider. I think it's a wonderful image for boys, or you could even send it to a man and say something about being a kid again. Here's my card

(click to enlarge)

I asked a lot of people to give me some skateboard lingo to use on this card, and people have told me names of trick moves but I just didn't think any of them would work. In the end, I just went with this. I think the "Look Ma, one hand" thing might work or something about "flipping over you" for Valentines. Does "Hang Ten" work for skateboarding or is it just surfing? I guess I need to be around some adolescent boys to really get a feel for what to say!
I colored the image with copic markers and chalked my sky. The words are computer generated in the Rockit font. I added a few highlights with a white gel pen.
This weekend there is a big festival down by the Arkansas River that will last three days. There is some really good entertainment this year; Willie Nelson, Heart, Little River Band, B-52s, and some other local bands. There's always lots of good food and fun people watching going on. As much as I'd like to go, I'm going to opt to stay inside where it's cooler and finish my room. I can always put on a Heart album instead!
Whatever you have planned, I hope you stay safe and have fun! Thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Card winner

I'm back with the card winner! picked #8, which makes Maria the one who gets the card. After Maria tells me what sentiment she'd like on the front I'll post the finished card. Thanks for commenting everyone!

Cat Scratch Fever

Hi everyone! If you haven't commented on yesterday's card yet and you'd like to have a chance at winning it, you have until noon today to leave a comment here!

I told ya'll a while back about a lady who is on a rubber stamping list with me who wrote a book about caring for her elderly father in law. Well, she wrote a post on her blog yesterday that had me rolling on the floor with laughter. If you remember Erma Bombeck's writings, this story reminded me of her. So, if you'd like a laugh, you can read her story here.

I do have a card for you today. It was a very hard card to make because I had to scramble to get my desk in order to find everything I needed to make it! But I scrambled for you! LOL!
Here's my card

(click to enlarge)

This uses squigglefly's release of the day called Trickery Dickery Doc. I colored him with copic markers and used some designer paper along with some hand made paper. It's really rather plain looking and not one of my favorite cards because I was really in a rush to do it.
I did take time to do the inside though!

The words are computer generated and the font is Boopee. I was going to say something about cat scratch fever, but when I was asking a friend where I could go with that she informed me she had never heard of the phrase. When I told her it was a Ted Nugent song she said she never heard it! I couldn't think of where to go with it anyway, so this is what I came up with.
I am really looking forward to this weekend and I'm soooo glad that we have an extra day! I can finish my room! Yay!
I'll be back at noon with the winner of yesterday's card! Until, then have a great day and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If Mama's not happy...

Hi everyone, and welcome to another card give away! Before I show you the card that's up for grabs I want to say that NIKI won the last card give away and still hasn't contacted me with her address. Niki, if you will e mail me at and let me know your address I'll send it on out to you! Also, yesterday Niki left this comment

"What printer do you use for your digital images? I'm thinking of asking for a new printer for my birthday. I have an HP right now, and the ink smears too much for me to color the images with Copics or water based markers."

The printer I currently have is an Epson CX8400, but I sometimes print out images at work on our HP Deskjet 842C. If you are having trouble with the ink smearing try heat setting your image with your heat gun. If your ink still smears you can lightly spray your image with a workable fixative or an aerosol hairspray. If you do that you should be able to color your images with anything you want! The workable fixative I use is from Prisma. Please let me know if this works for you Niki!

Okay, today's card is using the image just released from Squigglefly called The Mrs.

(click to enlarge)

There are several greetings I thought to put on this card; one being the title of my post "If mama's not happy, no one's happy!"
But I thought of saying "You ain't seen mad yet!" (okay, maybe change the word mad to b**ch!) I decided to leave the sentiment up to whomever wins the card, so chime in with your thoughts when you leave a comment!
I colored with copic markers and chalked the background. I think it needs some more embellishing but I can't really think what to add to it right now and even if I could I doubt I could find anything right now with my desk covered up like it is.

The room is almost finished though! As much as I wasn't looking forward to painting and as long as I put it off, I am so glad now that we finally just did it! One wall to go, and it's the wall my computer is on so we're waiting until the weekend to finish it up so I won't be without a computer for long. In the meantime I'm putting the rest of the room back in order and we're painting the trim. Hopefully I'll have my desk back this afternoon and can stamp something for tomorrow! Also, Squigglefly has acquired a new artist and they've released several of her images! Be sure to check them out!
Okay, go leave a comment so you can have a chance at winning this card! Have a great day and thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tail Talk

Okay, I have to say that I just LOVE today's new image release from Squigglefly called Talk To The Butt! I think anyone who has a cat will recognize this look

(click to enlarge)
LOL! I see this side of my cat about as often as I see the other side! It's not only a fun image, but it makes for a quick card too because there's not much coloring involved. I colored my cat in shades of gray and added a light blue shadow and chalked a little halo around him. The designer paper has glitter already on it for the bling, and I tied a ribbon around it. My words were computer generated and the font I used is called rickles. You can get it here free!
I added three green rain dots on the side.
Tomorrow is card giveaway day, so don't forget to come back for that! Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Rocking Challenge!

Happy Monday morning everyone! Nope, my room is still not finished but it's getting there! We are taking our time and not getting in a big hurry. I just want to have my desk back by Wednesday and it's looking good! I promise photos or a video tour when it's finished.
Also speaking of photos, I get asked all the time about where are the wedding pictures? Well, she STILL hasn't gotten them back from the photographer! When she shares them with me I promise I'll share them with you.
Today I made a card for Taylored Expressions challenge which was to use this sketch. I flipped the sketch on it's side and made this

(click to enlarge)

How do you like my attempt at getting creative with my photo taking skills? I propped the card up next to a little stuffed dog that is really one of Riley's toys! LOL! The image is today's newest one a day in May releases called Rocking Horse. I also saw they released another new image that isn't part of the one a days. It's called Whimsical Posies and is one I can't wait to use! It's so fresh and airy looking and can be used for so many different occasions!

Back to this card though,the words are printed out on my computer in the Kayleigh font. I colored the horse with copic markers and used nestabilities dies for the circle and the scalloped circle.

I caught up on some of my blogs yesterday and saw that Crystal has passed on a wonderful blog award to me!

This just means so much to me; especially coming from someone like Crystal. I would like to pass this award on to
Vicki and
Each and every one of these wonderfully talented ladies brings a smile to my face every time I visit their blog!

Don't forget to spread the word around the Squigglefly is looking for a few new design team members! Details for that can be found here. Oh, and i just remembered that it's Monday and squigglefly should have a new challenge up on their blog today! Gotta go and check that out now!
I hope you have a great Monday, and thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's Party Time!

Good morning everyone! My room is still a mess, but I was able to clear out enough space to make this card with today's release from Squigglefly called Party Time!

(click to enlarge)

I made this in colors for the Dare You 2 Digi Stamp challenge this week which are lilac and lemon. The only thing I'm not happy with is that I cut my image to close on one side, and to make the greeting at the top centered, I had to cut off some of the blow horn on the left side.
I really like this image a lot. It's great because it can be used for anyone's birthday; young old, male, female.
When I have more time to play I think I will use this image and have real tissue coming out of the bag!
The greeting is from a My Sentiments Exactly clear stamp set.
I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday and as always, thanks for looking!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sleepy Head

I'm back with a card! Pam made me feel guilty. LOL! This is using the new squigglefly release Naptime.

(click to enlarge)

I colored her with copic markers. I use the labels nestabilites dies to cut her and a piece of designer paper. The ribbon is some pink velvet ribbon that I am almost out of, but I love it!
The words were printed out on my computer in a Kayleigh font. Like it? You can get it here free!
The bottom part of the card was embossed with the swiss dots embossing folder. I was so proud of myself for still being able to find everything with my room in such a state!
Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with squigglefly's latest! Thanks for looking!

It's A Mess!

Well I had hoped to be able to continue stamping while my craft room is being painted, but it just isn't happening. My room is in such a state right now that I can barely find my desk, much less stamp on it!
I do want to let you know though that Squigglefly is looking for a few new design team members! If you're interested, read the info here!
If it's at all possible, I'll be back later with a card using today's new image Naptime!
Thanks for listening even though I have nothing to share with you - yet!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Flying High

Yay for Friday! And here we are at the halfway point of May already! How the heck did that happen?
Today I have a card for you that uses the new Squigglefly release called Whee!

(click to enlarge)

Isn't this a fun one? I colored the image with copic markers and chalked the sky in. Two designer papers that have the same design on them, but one has little bitty spirals and one has bigger, wider spaced spirals.
The three blue "brads" are actually three holes I punched out of cardstock. I highlighted a bit with a white gel pen. The words are computer generated.
I think it would be cool to stamp the tops of trees beneath him too.
Well, we have one wall painted and this weekend we may finish the whole room! I have two beautiful framed prints that my boss gave me when she retired and I have been wanting to hang them in my craft room forever. They just did not go at all with the color in the room. That's the main reason I decided to paint. I've been picking out colors to go with the pictures. Then when we got to the paint store with our little samples, my husband and I both immediately chose a different color!
When we got home I dragged the frames out to hold the new color samples up to them to see how they looked and I left the frames leaning against a desk. A couple of minutes later my cat jumped off of a chair that was at the desk and BAM! The pictures fell and the glass broke out of one of them! Thankfully the print wasn't damaged.
I took the picture with me to work yesterday and took it to a door and screen place near where I work and was able to pick it up after work good as new! Lots cheaper than Hobby Lobby would have done it for too. The guy cut the glass and took the frame apart to re-do it and had it all back together for me for $18.00! And I didn't have to wait a couple of weeks. Can't beat that!
I'll show pictures of the before and after room for you too. I may just video my whole craft space for you since I don't think I've shared that on my blog before! Yikes! that means I'll have to clean up too! LOL!
Well, ya'll have a great day and thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'll Be Waiting

I had the best idea come to me AFTER I finished making today's card! Therefore, you will only get to hear about my great idea rather than see it. Well, maybe someday you'll see it. LOL! Let me just show you what I did make and then I'll tell you my idea.

This card is using today's new release from Squigglefly, Lonely Friend. I love the perspective of this image and wanted to bring that out a little more by creating a scene, so I drew the sidewalk for the dog to sit on (yes, that's a sidewalk!), and then I chalked the grass, sky, and road. I know my bus is taking up the whole road, but it's a small country town and the roads are narrow! LOL!

The image is colored with copic markers and I think I went a little overboard on my highlights, but it is what it is. I put the sentiment at the bottom of the card to be a little different, and also it kind of reminded me of a puff of exhause coming out of the bus!
Okay, now for my great idea. I was thinking you could erase the "School Bus" words before you printed it and make it say "National Guard" or "U S Army" and color the bus in camouflage. Wouldn't that be a perfect card to send to a soldier letting them know we miss them and we're waiting on their return?
I think camouflage would be hard to color, but then again it's imperfect blobs of color really, so how hard could it be! Feel free to use the idea even if I don't get a chance to, and I'd love to see it if you do!
Yesterday I asked on the squigglefly yahoo group which of the of the one a day in May images are favorites and no one could come up with just one. Do you have a favorite? Let me know if you do when you leave a comment!
Hope your day is a great one, and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Inking Of You

Here it is Wednesday already! I have to tell you that I think today's new release from Squigglefly Inky Paws is just adorable! I'm just going to jump right in and show you the card I made

(click to enlarge)

Isn't the look on the cat's face just too cute? She just looks so proud of herself! I can tell you that I wouldn't be thinking it was so cute if my cat did this in real life! LOL!

Anyway, the details of the card are that I used kraft cardstock for the card base and added a piece of designer paper on the side. I folded the top of the paper over the top of the card. The image didn't require a lot of coloring since I made my cat white. I just used a light gray on the cat and applied some pink to her ears and cheeks. I put a little bit of blue shadow color to the ink bottle.
I drew in my wall line and applied chalk for the floor and wall. I'm not sure you can see in the photograph, but I used a clear glaze pen to go over the ink spill and paw prints so they look wet.
The image panel was layered over some dusty pink card stock that had a border punched on the bottom.
I printed the greeting directly to the card front in the ck becky font (available free here)> I love that font! Then three little bitty pink rain dots were applied beneath it. I think it just turned out really cute. The flower at the top of the card was one of several I got a while back from Oriental Trading company. I pulled the petals off of a green flower and used them for leaves. These flowers aren't quite as nice as the primas, but they are way cheaper!
The weatherman has told me my rainy days have ended for today. It is supposed to be a hot 86 degrees today and I'm not looking forward to that one little bit.
On the plus side, I've got the wallpaper border down in my craft room, well the border that will come down. See, when we moved here this bedroom had a baseball theme to it and there was baseball border at the top of the wall and below the chair rail. My daughter of course didn't want a baseball themed room, so as a quick fix I found a border to go over the baseball border. Fast forward ten years, and the top border will not come off without more scraping than I care to do. I know that it will end up damaging the wall to the point we would have to re-do the drywall, so I'm opting to leave the top border and paint over it. I was afraid there would be a noticeable line where the border ended and the wall began, but when I got home from work yesterday afternoon my husband had started priming the walls and I was happy to see NO LINE! Yay!
Well, I wish you all a happy hump day and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bird Happy and Challenge Time

Hi everyone! Did you know that squigglefly's design team has started to have a challenge on Monday? Every Monday one of the senior design team leaders will come up with a challenge for three members of the design team! This week it's a sketch by Kim. You can play along too! Stop by the squigglefly blog today to see what it's all about! I had a little time after work yesterday to play and here's the card I made for the challenge

(click to enlarge)

I used Peter Puppy and some digital paper from to make this. The bone is cut out freehand and then sponged with brown inks. The inside of the card reads "I was a bonehead!"

Now, are you ready to see what I did with today's newest image release? It is called Home Tweet Home, and I think this is a great image because it can be used for so many different things. You can welcome someone to their new home, make it welcoming spring, or even a baby card (well the bird is nesting isn't it?)!
I personally used this to send to someone who had just purchased a home traveling around the United States in an RV for many years. I think this little bird looks really happy to finally have a place to decorate and make his own just like my friend is.
She's a stamper too and has had to really make do with essential supplies and little work and storage space. Now she has a whole room to spread out and play in!

(click to enlarge)

I colored with copics, chalked the sky, added some stickles, and did a lot of piercing along the bottom and right side. I folded down the corner at the top and held it in place with a little prima flower and brad. The Happy Hello is from a clear Stampendous set, and the designer paper is from Basic Grey.
The month is not even half over and I'm already saddened by the thought of the one a days being over. It's just so much fun to go to my computer and see what new image is there is play with!
Enjoy your day, and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

Happy Monday everyone. We had another rainy weekend. I'm not complaining; I love it! I know so many people who are tired of this weather though. Our temperatures cooled down too and I'm enjoying that tremendously as well.
I didn't do hardly any stamping this weekend. I worked on the wallpaper border in my craft room and I was lazy a lot of the time!
So, that being said I don't have a card showing you today's image which is called Fourth Of Mewly. But I DO have a card using their new image #1! Did you really think I'd leave you high and dry on a Monday morning? LOL! Here's my card

(click to enlarge)

I don't know any little girls who play soccer, but I thought this image was so cute I just felt like coloring it. If any of you would like to have this card, just ask and first person who wants it can have it. I suppose it's unlikely the colors would be what someone needed, but it's worth a shot.

Anyway, I colored it with copic markers and chalked the sky and ground and then stamped grass springs. I love adding the grass over the chalk. I embossed the blue cardstock layer with a cuttlebug folder and used some rick rack between that and the designer paper. The designer paper is some new I bought at Michael's called Tranquil. I really like it because some of the paper is patterned, and some of it is textured.
I printed the words in a font called Freestyle Script and then punched it out and sponged with black.
I added the stars because it looked like it needed something there.
I hope you all had a great weekend and that you have a great Monday! Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kind Butterfly

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are mothers! I hope you all have your children close to you today. I have a good start on the wallpaper border, but I am not trying to break any speed records in completing this project! LOL! I will share before and after photos though.
Speaking of photos, I get asked all the time about the wedding photos. She still hasn't received her photos! The photographer is putting them all into an album for her and she should have them soon. I promise I'll share!

Today's squigglefly release is called Floating Among The Flowers, and I made a pretty simple card with it

(click to enlarge)

The greeting is from a clear Wordsworth stamp set. I colored the image with copic markers, chalked a little sky background, and then went crazy with the bling! I added stickles and black half pearls for the butterfly's body. After all the glitz I didn't think it needed any designer paper or more embellishing so I left it alone.

Have a wonderful day, and thanks for checking in with me!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Purrfect Cupcake

Good morning and Happy Saturday! Today's Squigglefly release is one called Ticky Cupcake Kitty. It's a cute and fun image for any occasion really, but I've made it a birthday card since I always need birthday cards.

(click to enlarge)

I colored him with copic markers and chalked the background and also chalked glow around the candle flame. I added stickles to the flame too!
Notice the pinked look to the edge of the circle? I made that with my scalloped circle nestabilities using a trick I learned from Melanie's blog here. It's a cool thing to do to stretch your nestabilties uses!

The greeting is from a Wordsworth clear stamp set I've had a long time. The flowers are some cuttlebug dies and I stuck a glue dot in the centers and then sprinkled some glitter on top. Easy peasy way to do glitter!
Here's a peek at the inside

and a side view

That little cupcake is from one of the Studio G clear sets from Michael's dollar bin. Easy little pop up piece, but it makes the card a little more special and fun to add it, don't you think? The greeting here is from Rubber Stampede. It was on a wooden stamp that had a piece of cake in the middle of the words, and I cut the words off to use separately.

I worked on getting the video on envelopes made and it's now ready for viewing! I finally got out our tripod and found a way to set it up so that you don't have all the camera movement.

Here's some blog candy for you to try for. Heike, one of my fellow design team members for Inky Impressions is having a pretty awesome giveaway here

Well, I've been "thinking" about painting my craft room for a few years now, and Thursday night I tested pulling the wall paper border down. It's not going to be a quick and easy process, but I've started and I know I'll be so glad when I've done it. Anyway, working on getting the border down is on my list of things to do today. I will of course be finding time to stamp too!
Enjoy your Saturday and thanks for looking!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Happy Friday! Hey I've got to tell you that squigglefly has re-deisgned their design team and Rhonda Zmikly and Kim Rhead as senior design team leaders are going to be issuing challenges to the design team that we can all participate in! You need to go subscribe or follow the Squigglefly Blog or Yahoo Group so you'll be able to see what the challenges are. I'm really excited, because I love a challenge!

How many of you remember that little poem about the bald bear?

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?

That's what came to mind when I finished this card. It uses today's new release from Squigglefly; Broken Teddy. I was just so tickled over the way this little guy turned out, and I couldn't wait to show it to you.

(click to enlarge)

I colored him with copic markers and when I started to assemble the card I thought "I think I've got some buttons that are small enough to work on this" So I rummaged through my supplies and found them. I sewed the one button on, and then sewed the other one, but left the thread loose so the button would hang. I did glue the hanging button down to cover the hanging button on the image.

Then I decided to add some flocking to make him fuzzy, but my glue dried in some places before I got him all flocked so the flocking didn't stick everywhere. I was afraid I had completely messed him up, but then I thought it looked even better because he looks like he's well worn! I love happy little accidents like that!

Then I decided to go a little further and I cut a slit where the stuffing is coming out of the top of his head, poked some batting through, and stiched a couple of stitches where the stitches were on the image. I just think it all made him look so real and so adorable! Here's a close up of the details.

(click if this isn't close enough for ya!)

Isn't it cute? I really love it! Now I just need someone to get sick so I can send it! LOL!
I looked around the internet for poems or quotations on teddy bears and I found this little poem that is so perfect for this image. I put it on the inside of the card. It reads

There's nothing as nice as a new Teddy Bear
to tickle and cuddle and take everywhere.
To share all your secrets, your laughter and tears
to keep by your side through seasons and years.
There's nothing as nice as a new Teddy Bear...
except for an old one with memories to share.
by Jeannie Hand-Stuart

Isn't that just the sweetest poem, and isn't it PERFECT for this?
Well, I wish you a wonderful day and happy accidents in your crafting today! Thanks for looking!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Card Winner

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. My daughter Ashley came to town for business today and we had lunch, so I'm just getting back to post the winner. picked #7, which makes Niki the winner of the card

Niki said...
Great card, Holly. The end of school is quickly approaching. I haven't given any time to teacher gifts or cards yet. This one would get me headed in the right direction. Would love to win it!

Niki, e mail me at and let me know if you want any kind of sentiment on this and your address and I'll get it out to you!

See you tomorrow everyone, and thanks for commenting!

Honey, Bee My Friend

Good morning everyone! If you haven't commented on yesterday's card yet and would like a chance to win it, you have until noon to do that. Before I get to today's card I'd like to point you in the direction of some awesome blog candy being given away by Dori here. I can't believe the amount of stuff she's got up for grabs! Her blog is pretty cool too, so take a look around while you're there!

Okay, today's card is of course using today's release from Squigglefly called Bee My Honey.

(click to enlarge)

I had a lot of fun coloring this. I love the way the tree is drawn, and the image is just a really cute one. I colored with copic markers and chalked my sky. I stamped some grass sprigs in the copic colored ground to add some depth to it. For a little detail I added some crystal lacquer to the honey jar and some stickles to the bees wings. Here's a close up of that.

The honey comb on the side is some designer paper that I stamped what I think is really supposed to be chicken wire, but I thought if you didn't look close enough it would pass for honey comb! I colored in a few of the spots with a copic marker because I think that's how I usually see honey comb done; with some of the areas filled in. In the end I really like the result and am rather proud of myself for improvising with chicken wire!
I printed the greeting with my computer in a font called Boopee and used a scalloped oval nestabilities to cut it out. Then because I wanted to take part in Rhonda's challenge I printed the Happy To Be Me image from squigglefly on the top right. That little guy just fit in with the theme perfectly! I hope some of you will take Rhonda up on her challenge and play too! She's giving away some pretty good candy as incentive and you have until May 17th.
I am still working on tomorrow's card, but I am so excited with the way it is turning out and I can't wait to show it to you! Okay, I'll be back a little after noon to announce the card winner! Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Card Giveaway Day

Hi everyone! Today is card giveaway day and the card I have made is the newly released image Back To School from Squigglefly.

Even though the image is called Back To School, I think it could also be used for getting out of school, or graduation! Send it to a teacher who is barely hanging on until the school year is over! I even made up a poem for this occasion that I'll share with you, but I'm warning you poetry is not my strong suit!

Close up the books and clean out the desks
No more lesson plans or grading tests
Take time to enjoy your summer break
You probably need it for sanity’s sake! LOL!

Plus this week is Teacher Appreciation week so it would be a great one for that too. There is no sentiment on this card so who ever wins it can tell me if they want something on the inside.
I think it would be really fun to have little doodles and things like "Ann & Keith 4 ever" written all over the notebook. Remember doing that in school?

I colored it with copic markers and used some Stampin Up designer paper. Three shiny red snaps on the side and some red gingham ribbon complete it! The card base is black, but you can't really tell that because the designer paper covers it all on the front.

Anyway, if you would like to win this card all you have to do is leave a comment on today's post and tomorrow will pick a winner!

I don't know if you've visited squigglefly lately, but they've added several new images besides the one a day releases. Lots of wedding stuff and a darling sporty girl! You really need to go check them out! Have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I'm Thinking Lunch

Good morning everyone! I am busy, busy and don't have much time so this post will be short and sweet!
Speaking of sweet, that's exactly how I'd describe today's release from Squigglefly. It's called Sharing Lunch and here's the card I made with it

(click to enlarge)

I colored with copic markers and chalked the sky and ground. Then I stamped some grass sprigs on the ground to give it a little depth. The flowers are some silk flowers pulled off of some flowers I found in someone's recycle bin on one of my morning walks with Riley! I just put a little brad in the center. The leaves are punched with a fern punch from EK Success.
I printed the sentiment out in a font called Angelina. If you like it and want it, you can grab it here for free!

Thanks to Chrissie for answering my question about those things growing on my iris, and thanks Crystal for sharing that garden web forum. Who knew that iris have seeds? I never thought of that because they are bulbs, but I guess they have to start somewhere! I did pick them off though because Chrissie said they will suck nutrients from my iris.

Before I go I want to tell you to be sure to go to Rhonda's blog to see the card she made. She combined three squigglefly images to create the cutest little scene for a mother's day card. update - well she showed it to me, but she hasn't uploaded it yet, so check back later -it's great!
I hope you all have a great day, and remember that tomorrow is card giveaway day so come back for that! Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother's Day, Challenge Cards, and Weird Things

Hi everyone! Mother's Day is right around the corner and I have the perfect image for a mother of young children! If you pre-ordered the squigglefly one a day in May you know I'm talking about today's new release Joys Of Motherhood. Here's the card I made with it

(click to enlarge)

I love the shy expression on the face of the little girl on the left! The words are computer generated and the font I used is called Monika Italic. If you like it you can get it free here

The right side of the card is embossed with one of the provocraft embossing borders. I colored the image with copics and chalked a little around it. I think this turned out really cute and I have the perfect young mother to send it to! Of course, it doesn't have to just be for mother's day. I think this would be a great image for someone taking care of your child or a baby sitter could use it to the promote her services to parents.

Now, you may remember the card I made with Miss Priss here. Well I told you then that I was thinking about making her imagine herself as the crazy cat lady and I did that yesterday afternoon for the featured stamper challenge at splitcoast stampers. In fact, I did two cards for the challenge! Here's the one with Miss Priss

(click to enlarge)

Isn't it just too funny? I love being able to shrink down images to fit what you want! I hand drew the dream bubble. The image is colored with copic markers and chalked a bit. LaVerne made a really cute card with the Miss Priss image and she tweaked it so she has long hair. If you go join squigglefly's yahoo group you can see all the wonderful creations people are making with these images. So many wonderful ideas!

here's the other card I made for the featured stamper challenge

(click to enlarge)

This one uses stamps from one of the little clear dollar Studio G sets from Michael's. I colored with copics. I followed her layout exactly and just changed the papers and the images. Her card had three chocolate truffles!

Now I have a question for any gardeners out there. Yesterday I was deadheading the iris in my yard and one of the plants had these weird large bulbs growing out of the place a bloom had been. Here's a picture of them

I put my hand beind them so you could see how big they are. What are these things? Does anyone know? I know I haven't seen them on these iris plants before!

Well, I hope you all have a great start to the week and thank you so much for stopping by here!