Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cat Scratch Fever

Hi everyone! If you haven't commented on yesterday's card yet and you'd like to have a chance at winning it, you have until noon today to leave a comment here!

I told ya'll a while back about a lady who is on a rubber stamping list with me who wrote a book about caring for her elderly father in law. Well, she wrote a post on her blog yesterday that had me rolling on the floor with laughter. If you remember Erma Bombeck's writings, this story reminded me of her. So, if you'd like a laugh, you can read her story here.

I do have a card for you today. It was a very hard card to make because I had to scramble to get my desk in order to find everything I needed to make it! But I scrambled for you! LOL!
Here's my card

(click to enlarge)

This uses squigglefly's release of the day called Trickery Dickery Doc. I colored him with copic markers and used some designer paper along with some hand made paper. It's really rather plain looking and not one of my favorite cards because I was really in a rush to do it.
I did take time to do the inside though!

The words are computer generated and the font is Boopee. I was going to say something about cat scratch fever, but when I was asking a friend where I could go with that she informed me she had never heard of the phrase. When I told her it was a Ted Nugent song she said she never heard it! I couldn't think of where to go with it anyway, so this is what I came up with.
I am really looking forward to this weekend and I'm soooo glad that we have an extra day! I can finish my room! Yay!
I'll be back at noon with the winner of yesterday's card! Until, then have a great day and thanks for looking!


CRYSTAL said...

I remember Cat Scratch Fever.....LOL

Loved it, still do!!!

That would make a great sentiment!!! Love the card too!!!

Nora said...

Okay, how UN-American is it to NOT know Nuge OR "Cat Scratch Fever"?!? BOTH are classics! *LOL* I like what you did with the card...not too bad for someone in a rush!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

I remember Nugent tho notsure on the song. But your card sure is adorable. I loved Erma Bombeck. Maybe you, me & Crystal can team up as a comedy team! Wouldn't that be a hoot! We'd never say anything because we'd be too busy laughing!


Anonymous said...

I know that song!! :)...showing my age? I like it! Your card is sweet!! beautiful coloring Holly!!

Kat said...

LOVE the saying you came up with!
And I'm with your friend, never having heard of 'cat scratch fever' or Ted Nugent. LOL

Anonymous said...

Now you have that song in my head. lol Really cute card, Holly!

Shirley said...

Cat Scrath Fever is a real disease. Can't say I've heard of the song.

bumblebee creations said...

what a cute kitty dr.!!! Love it -your card is gorgeous as usual!

Debby said...

Well cat scratch fever is about a man and a woman so hmmmm "you give me cat scratch fever" I guess it's all about interpretation though.

Cr8ive ME said...

what a cute card.

M.E. aka CMCMaryD@SCS