Friday, May 8, 2009

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Happy Friday! Hey I've got to tell you that squigglefly has re-deisgned their design team and Rhonda Zmikly and Kim Rhead as senior design team leaders are going to be issuing challenges to the design team that we can all participate in! You need to go subscribe or follow the Squigglefly Blog or Yahoo Group so you'll be able to see what the challenges are. I'm really excited, because I love a challenge!

How many of you remember that little poem about the bald bear?

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.
Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?

That's what came to mind when I finished this card. It uses today's new release from Squigglefly; Broken Teddy. I was just so tickled over the way this little guy turned out, and I couldn't wait to show it to you.

(click to enlarge)

I colored him with copic markers and when I started to assemble the card I thought "I think I've got some buttons that are small enough to work on this" So I rummaged through my supplies and found them. I sewed the one button on, and then sewed the other one, but left the thread loose so the button would hang. I did glue the hanging button down to cover the hanging button on the image.

Then I decided to add some flocking to make him fuzzy, but my glue dried in some places before I got him all flocked so the flocking didn't stick everywhere. I was afraid I had completely messed him up, but then I thought it looked even better because he looks like he's well worn! I love happy little accidents like that!

Then I decided to go a little further and I cut a slit where the stuffing is coming out of the top of his head, poked some batting through, and stiched a couple of stitches where the stitches were on the image. I just think it all made him look so real and so adorable! Here's a close up of the details.

(click if this isn't close enough for ya!)

Isn't it cute? I really love it! Now I just need someone to get sick so I can send it! LOL!
I looked around the internet for poems or quotations on teddy bears and I found this little poem that is so perfect for this image. I put it on the inside of the card. It reads

There's nothing as nice as a new Teddy Bear
to tickle and cuddle and take everywhere.
To share all your secrets, your laughter and tears
to keep by your side through seasons and years.
There's nothing as nice as a new Teddy Bear...
except for an old one with memories to share.
by Jeannie Hand-Stuart

Isn't that just the sweetest poem, and isn't it PERFECT for this?
Well, I wish you a wonderful day and happy accidents in your crafting today! Thanks for looking!


CRYSTAL said...

Wow, girl...dont ya love 'artistic license'!!! This one is super duper fab...and that poem is the sweetest thing to go along with that card!!!!

Pam in Ar. said...

You nailed this one Holly...The poem is perfect too :~) The bear sure looks well loved...sort of like a monkey named Zippy that I have. Zippy was my husbands monkey when he was small and he has all of those stitches and half of an ear missing too LOL not sure what the story is about the ear....not sure I want to know either...

Have a great Friday....whoever you send the card to is a lucky person for getting it but unlucky for being sick!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

Are you sure he's just sick and not drunk???? Only kidding. I love how your flocking came out. It IS perfect and I love those seed beads on the side and the colors and..... oh heck, the whole card is terrific!


Becky said...

This is a sweet poem :). I love your creative flare with this bear, he is fabulous.

Anita said...

Cute card! I like how you did the stuffing and stiches.

Chesney said...

"Are you sure he's just sick and not drunk????"

Hoo, boy. That made me laugh out loud for real, and I was drinking coffee, too.

I am looking forward to seeing this one in person. It is cute cute cute. Maybe we can come over tonight or tomorrow for some Howie Doit, and I can drop off the stuff I have in my car for you, too.

Carole RB said...

Hi Holly
I lllooove your card. Neet idea: the stuffing.

Christina said...

haha this is cute. love the poor bear!

bumblebee creations said...

Oh don't these just get better and better.... I love this little guy!!!! He ia just absolutely adorable, and I LOVE what you have done with him-no wonder you were so excited to show your card! It is perfect!!! TFS!!

lindal said...

Very cute, well loved bear. Love how you did him.

Kristine B. said...

:) LOL---what a pathetic little teddy! But those are the ones that give the most comfort! My girls still have their baby blankets I made them and threw all the washes and sewing machine stitches etc. they STILL have them and sleep with them.

Kristine B. said...

OH, and I meant to say that was such a sweet poem!! Great find :)

Kat said...

Great job, Holly! And I have to say OUCH when I see his hanging button-eye!!

msfreida said...

What an ADORABLE image, and what you did with it knocks it out of the park! Your mind must be a newer version or something because you can just pull out the neatest ideas from nowhere! I would NEVER have thought to put so much detail(and in this case, character!)into this image! I will DEFINITELY CASE this one! :)