Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The 8th Challenge

Hi everyone! For some reason I kept thinking yesterday was Tuesday and last night it dawned on me that it was only Monday, so this already feels like a long week!
I know one thing for sure, it's a busy week! There is so much going on and it all starts tomorrow with the squigglefly blog hop! I'm not officially on the design team, but they are kind enough to include me anyway. I guess I'm kind of the un-official spokesperson for squigglefly. LOL! Anyway, the blog hop starts tomorrow and continues for two days. I'll be on the second day. There will be a prize from Squigglefly to a lucky person who comments on all the blogs. Plus I think some of the blogs will have give aways of their own. I plan on having a prize to give, but the prize is going to be, well a surprise!

Today I have my very first ATC. I made it for the Squigglefly challenge where Rhonda challenged us to make one. ATC stands for Artist Trading Card, and people trade little pieces of art just like kids trade baseball cards! They are actually smaller than a baseball card though. They are 2.5 x 3.5 inches! I just thought of it as a miniature card. Digital images are perfect for ATCs because you aren't limited by a stamp's size. I chose to shrink down the April Showers girl and color her with copic markers.

(click to enlarge)

I added crystal effects for the puddle and put some stickles on the rain drops. Here are the colors I used

I am going to send this to someone who is very special to me, but I had to add a sentiment to it first! I also added a couple of tear drop shaped rain dots at the puddle. I added a little easel to the back so the person who gets it can stand it up like a little picture frame. I think that makes it more verstile if the person isn't a collector of trading cards.

This was fun to do and I think I will make more little works of art to trade in the future! I hope you will try your hand at it too, and at the very least swing by the squigglefly blog to see what awesome creations the design team made. A lot of them are first timers too!
Have a wonderful TUESDAY, and thanks for looking!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Old Friends, Furry Friends, and Freebies

This is my second post today. Scroll down to see the one posted earlier today.

Remember when I told you a that I was working on a project last week? Well I'm going to show you what the project was today! A friend of mine saw this card that I made and she really liked the way the words about friendship were done at the bottom. She said she thought something like that would make a nice frame for an old photo she had of a friend of hers. She came to me with the idea of making a frame for the photo and having it open up like a card. She had found an old autograph book that her friend had signed a long time ago and she wanted to slip a copy of the autographed page inside and also be able to write a personal note.

So, I set out to make some paper with all kinds of words describing friends so that I could use the paper to cover a frame. I used lots of different fonts and played around with the sizes and then filled the whole page up and printed it. (special thanks to my daughter Chesney for telling me how to do this!) I created the frame out of some chip board and then covered it with the paper. I attached the whole thing to a card that was sized big enough to hold the autographed page. Here's the finished product

(click to enlarge)

I toyed around with a couple of embellishments a bright red flower to add some color

and the word "Memories" in an oval with pearls

but my friend opted for the plain frame. When I was getting ready to give it to her I thought I'd make an envelope out of the friend words paper

So, what do you think? Do you like my paper? Well, when I had this all finished I asked Chesney if she could make this a free download on squigglefly for all of you and they did it! You can grab that and another freebie that's just been added at squigglefly now!

The other freebie paper is a paws background that is perfect for any pet card you might be making. During the month of July Squigglefly is going to donate half of all sales in their "animals" category to the ASPCA. The ASPCA is a humane organization that is dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals. They remove them from abusive and neglective situations and work to find them loving homes. So head on over and check out their animal images while you're picking up your free paper!

Let's Shake Things Up

Hi everyone! Today I'm shaking things up with a shaped card! Yesterday was the featured stamper challenge on Splitcoast Stampers and I chose to CASE a scalloped round card that Dawn had in her gallery. You can see her card here

Here's my card

(click to enlarge)

I used the same layout and color theme as Dawn, but I have a different image and I used green dots around my white layer instead of black ones. The image I used is Shaken, Not Stirred from Squigglefly. I think this is a great all around image. It can be used to congratulate someone or to wish them a happy birthday or anniversary, or even as an invitation for a girl's night out!
Dawn had crystal lacquer on her guitar and I used crystal lacquer on my glass. I also added stickles to the circles just to spice things up a bit.

Here are the colors I used

Squigglefly added a bunch of new images last night! There are some I just can't wait to color. Head on over and check 'em out for yourself!

Has anyone seen the great news coming at Sheetload of Cards? If you don't know what I'm talking about you should go take a look at this!

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday, and you know I thank you for stopping in to see what I've done!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rockin' Silhouette

Good morning everyone! Yesterday I stayed inside most of the afternoon to avoid the heat wave, but also to work on a few challenges. The card I have to show you today was a really fun one to make, and so fast! It's fast because it required no coloring at all.

I did this for the challenge at 365 cards blog. It is a unique challenge this week too! You were to create a silhouette of an image on your card or project. It's cheating if you use an image that is already a silhouette!

I also followed the sketch at the Sweet Stop blog, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to use images that aren't sweet'n sassy images. Anyway, here's my card!

(click to enlarge)

Do you recognize the Little Rocker image from squigglefly? I just opened it up in my photo program and used the paint bucket feature to fill in my image with black! How easy is that? It makes for a pretty cool effect don't you think?

I meant to tell ya'll yesterday that when I was talking about my mailman at work being grumpy on Fridays, he's just acting that way. He's not really being grouchy. It's all fun teasing between us. I did give him the card though and he said I was exactly like that happy baby all smiles and clapping my hands when he comes in on Fridays! LOL!

I enjoyed breakfast out with my friend yesterday. It was nice to be able to visit for a bit and catch up with each other. Life moves at too fast a pace much of time. Today I've got to plan my menu for the week and make a trip to the grocery store. I hope to find time to craft too!

Lots of stuff happening this week. Tomorrow is Squigglefly's challenge on their blog, Wednesday and Thursday is the Squigglefly Blog Hop (yes, there are prizes involved!), and Saturday is Papercraft Planet's huge 4th of July blog hop! Whew!

Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for visiting me!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Nature's Way

Hey everyone! Today's post is going to be short and sweet. I have lots to do and I'm going to try to get most of it done before the sun heats things up too much! It's supposed to be a scorcher today as it has all week long. I hope you are all staying cool and drinking lots of water.

I am re-building my stash of birthday cards and today I used an image that someone sent to me. I think it's from Whipper Snapper but I am not sure.

(click to enlarge)

It's colored with copic markers and I chalked a little bit of yellow around him. Stickles were added to the sprinkles on the icing. The words are computer generated and I didn't write down what font I used, but I think it's ck becky.

I think it's a cute card, and it would have been good for a male or female birthday if I had kept the colors a little less girly. I should think of that BEFORE I make the card!

We did get the bandage off of Riley's foot and she's doing pretty good. She still holds her leg up a lot when she walks but I'm sure it's still a little sore. I'm going to try to go take her for a walk as soon as I get this posted.

When I get back I'm going to get ready to take my best friend out to breakfast. I called her the other day and told her that all of our conversations during the week are quick little "how was your dayS" and we need a chance to just get together for an hour and really talk and enjoy ourselves, so I invited her to breakfast!

I hope you all have a wonderful and day, and thanks for looking!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Yes it's a happy day because it's Friday! The mailman we have at work is off on Monday's so he works on Saturdays. He knows I love Fridays because I usually get to leave work a little early on Friday and the weekend is coming up. He always acts so grumpy when I look at him all happy and grinning and say "It's Friday" and says "yeah, well not everyone is happy about it!"

Today's card was made with my mailman in mind.

(click to enlarge)

Isn't it cute? I also made this for the Digital Tuesday challenge that's being sponsored by Squigglefly this week. You're supposed to make something using your scraps. The scraps on my card is the designer paper and the white cardstock I printed my image and words on. I colored the image with copic markers and here are the colors I used

Now you might be scratching your head at how this could possibly relate to my mailman story. Well, let me show you the inside

LOL! I think I may even give this to him even though it's all girly with pink and purple!

Squigglefly has added a new feature to their site that I'm excited about. You can now shop by artist! You should go take a look and see if you can guess which artist did what image. Fun stuff!
Well, I hope all of you have an absolutely wonderful day and thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

BIG Birthday Wishes

Hi everyone! I have been working on a project for someone and had to rush to make a card for my blog! I also have been going through my birthday stash of cards, so today's card is a birthday card!

(click to enlarge)

Isn't this cute? This is using the Elephantastic image from Squigglefly and it's one that Crystal drew! I hand drew the balloon and string which is why the balloon is a little wonky on the right side!
I can think of a lot of things to say with this image. I think it's just so cute and it's a steal at 99 cents!

Squigglefly has added a few more images and they're making some changes in their web site. They now have an idea gallery that you can browse for inspiration! I love seeing what others are doing and it's great having them all together in one easy to get to spot!

I used an EK Success border punch and then made some little dots all around the border with a white gel pen. In the middle of coloring my elephant my warm grey markers went empty on me and I had to finish up with cool greys and putty. I almost pitched it and started over, but I was running out of time and I didn't think it looked so bad that I should throw it away. What do you think?

I added the ribbon at the last minute because it looked like it needed something. When I look at it now it looks like a fourth of July card with all the red, white, and blue! I guess it could be a birthday wish to the good ol' USA!

Thanks for all the well wishes for Riley. She's doing really well, and I am really surprised that she hasn't tried to chew at her bandage at all. We can take the bandage off tonight, and I'm sure she will be glad!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and thanks as always for taking time out of your day to visit me!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Young At Heart

Hi everyone. Those of you who have followed my blog for a while may know that our dog Riley seems to get into scrapes on a daily basis. Well yesterday morning she had her latest mishap. She jumped up on pur picnic table and one of her toenails got wedged in between the boards and she tore her nail rather badly.
I had to get her to the vet and after she examined the toe she said she'd have to sedate Riley and remove the whole nail. Poor baby has her leg all bandaged up and came home with a collar to keep her from chewing it off. We took the collar off and keep it off if we're around to watch, but so far she hasn't tried to chew on it.

First thing she did when she came home and got the collar off was go to the sliding glass door and lay down to watch for squirrels! Can't keep her down for long!

I do have a card for you today! I made this card because I thought the image was cute and I wanted to try my hand at a ribbon frame. I used the image The Heart That Loves from Squigglefly and colored it with copic markers.

(click to enlarge)

I really had fun making the ribbon frame. I just cut little slits to poke the ends of my ribbon through and taped them to the other side. I didn't take a picture of the copics I used for this one because I colored it at work and didn't have my camera with me!
Right after I finished making it someone on one of my rubberstamping groups asked for people to send cards to her aunt and uncle for their 65th wedding anniversary and I thought this card would be perfect for that!

Did you know that squigglefly is sponsoring Digital Tuesday this week? It looks like a fun challenge that I hope to have time to participate in!
Well, I hope you are all beating the heat and that you have a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting me!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In A Frenzy

Hi everyone! I hope you aren't tired of seeing me use the Floral Frenzy image from Squigglefly, but I just love it. I did one in all pinks, and one in all blues, and just had to do other colors!

Here's one done in yellows and oranges

(click to enlarge)

and here is one I did that is multi-colored

(click to enlarge)

This one has a little more details added to it with embossing, faux stitching, buttons, and different colored rain dots in the centers of the flowers. Both cards have glitter added to the butterfly trails.

I just really like this image because it's fun to color and makes a great card for birthdays or just a card to brighten someone's day.
I hope all of you have a wonderfully bright day and thanks for stopping by to see me!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Squigglefly Challenge #7

Hey everyone. I'm here to announce the winner of my blogaversary candy and I also wanted to show you the card I made for the squigglefly challenge #7 which is to create something using the "out of the box" technique. To do this you simply cut a shape around your image letting some of the image go out the shape.

I used one of the newer images Squigglefly has called Wishing Well, and only let a tiny portion out of my oval shape. Here's my card

click to enlarge)

Only the top of the wishing well and some of the cat's tail are out of my box. I colored this with copic markers and chalked the sky and grass. Here's a picture of the copic colors I used for this image

I used my coluzzle to cut my oval and then I created a mat for my image by cutting one a little larger. The corners of the card are pierced. I still may add a sentiment at the bottom, but for now this is how it stands. Hope you like it!

Okay, I know you really want to know who won the blog candy, so let's get to it! Random.org picked #2 which makes Pam in AR the winner! I think this is rather fitting for my blogaversary giveaway since Pam has been with me from the start and never fails to leave me a comment. Thanks Pam, and I already have your address so all you need to do is watch your mailbox!

See ya ya'll tomorrow!

A Little Therapy

Hi everyone! I got my camera back from my daughter yesterday and re-took a picture of the card I made with the outhouse. I just replaced it on yesterday's post, so if you go back and look today you'll see a better picture of it. Yesterday was the featured stamper challenge on Splitcoast Stampers and I got to play! The card I chose to CASE can be seen here

I kept the layout the same and stuck with the same theme of the card, but I used a different image and different designer papers. I also had to add some rain dots to mine.

(click to enlarge)

I colored this with copic markers and the words are computer generated. The font I used is Kristen ITC. The image is one from Squigglefly called Shopping Girl. Here are the copic colors I used for this image

I will be back later this evening to have random.org pick the winner of my blogaversary candy, so watch for that! If you haven't commented for the candy yet you've still got a little time so go do it now here!

Have a great day, and thanks for looking!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

If This Were Jerry Springer...

If you are here for my blogaversary candy, please go here. But come back!

Hi everyone! The whole time I was coloring today's card one thought kept going through my mind. Before I tell you that thought though I need to give you some background. As the whole world knows because the television stations bombarded us with the news night and day, television stations went from analog to digital on June 12th.

Well, I have a television at work that uses the old rabbit ears antennae and on June 12th I no longer had tv. It wasn't a huge loss. The rabbit ears only picked up one station! But my boss, great guy that he is went and bought one of the converter boxes so that I'd have T.V. again.

I got it all hooked up and let it scan for stations and got 5 channels! But none of those channels was the one that I had always watched. So, I was punching the channels around to see what was on and one of the channels had Jerry Springer on. I detest that show and was surprised to see it was even still on the air. I watched a few minutes of it and continued channel surfing. Anyway, I think the little bit that I saw made this thought run through my head and then I couldn't get rid of it.

Here's my card with the greeting I went with

(click to enlarge)

but I was thinking "That guy on Jerry Springer could give this card to his dad with the greeting 'You're a crappy dad' for father's day" LOL! Isn't it funny the things that go through your head when you're coloring? Oh, it's just me?

Anyway, this is one of the new squigglefly images and it's called One Seater. Isn't it a hoot? Crystal from Rustic Daisy drew this one!

I also participated in the Inspiration Challenge on Splitcoast Stampers yesterday. I don't get a chance to do that challenge very often, but it was so hot yesterday that I was spending more time in my craft room.
Anyway, the inspiration came from a pair of baby booties from a place called Bugaloo. Here's a picture of the booties I got my inspiration from

When I saw this I knew what I wanted to do and the good thing is that it also qualifies for the DareU2DigiStamp challenge this week which is to create a scene!

Here's my card

(click to enlarge)

I colored the entire thing with chalks. I embossed a cuttle bug embossing folder onto a card that the bird was already printed on, and then I colored the leaves and branches with chalk. I then chalked in a tree, sky, and grass. I stamped grass sprigs and colored the bird with chalks. The bird is from squigglefly and is called Hungry Bird.

I hope you're all enjoying your Sunday. Don't forget that tomorrow I'll announce the winner of my blogaversary candy! Thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Treat Yourself!

Happy Saturday everyone! It has been sooo hot here that I needed to make a card that was cooling. What better image to pick for that than this cutie patootie here?

(click to enlarge)

She's from squigglefly and you can see her here. I colored her with copic markers and chalked the grass and sky. I ran a quickie glue pen around the edge of the scalloped border and then sprinkled on some glitter.
The words were computer generated and punched out with a nestabilities die. I left the die on while I sponged on some blue ink.

Here are the copics I used to color.

If you can believe it, Squigglefly added a bunch of new images last night! Crystal has some new ones up and a new artist has joined the squigglefly team too! Those of you who got the free download of Little Joey By The Seaside that Teresa Ward offered on her blog recently will be glad to hear that she's got more wonderful drawings at squigglefly!
I'm almost finished with a card using one of Crystal's new images and will have that ready to show you tomorrow!
I hope you have a wonderful day and stay cool! Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Card Winner!

Okay, so it's a lot longer than right after noon, but I do have a winner! Random.org picked #7 which makes Wanda the winner of the card. Wanda, I'll e mail you for your address!
Thanks to everyone who commented!

Moooving Friendship

If you are here for my blogaversary candy, please go here. But come back! :)

If you haven't yet commented on yesterday's card, and you'd like to have a chance to win it, you have until noon today to leave a comment here. I'll be back a little after noon to tell you who random.org picked!

I made today's card for last week's splitcoast stampers featured stamper challenge. The card I chose to CASE is here.

(click to enlarge)

I used Squigglefly's Clarabell image and only colored with black because the card I was casing was all black and white. The print at the bottom of the card is a mixture of several stamps. I just stamped portions of some stamps.
The words in the main greeting were printed out on the computer and then punched out with the word window punch. I also used the word window punch to punch out pieces of black cardstock to go under and to the left of the words like the card I cased did.

Over all I like it. I think anyone could tell it's a based on that card. It is hard to not add just a bit of color though!

On the home front, my sister is out of the hospital and back home. It's amazing to me that someone can have a total hip replacement on Monday and be back home on Thursday. She and I both thank everyone for their prayers. She really is doing great; so much better than I think I would be!
Okay, I'll be back later to tell you who won the card! Have a great day, and thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Featuring A Day Late Giveaway

If you are here for my blogaversary candy, please go here. But come back! :)

Well I totally forgot that yesterday was card giveaway day! I guess since I was off work Monday and so busy running around that it seemed like Tuesday was my Monday and it didn't dawn on me until late yesterday afternoon. So, that means that today's card will be a give away a day late!
This card was actually made for Splitcoast Stampers featured stamper challenge two weeks ago. If you'd like to see the card I CASED you can see it here.

(click to enlarge)

I chose the Big Mama image from Squigglefly. I colored the cat and mouse with copic markers. If I had a couple of flowers on there and used brads instead of hole punches this card would qualify for the squigglefly challenge!

If you'd like a chance to win this card (and an envelope too), just leave a comment on this post and I'll have random.org pick a winner around noon tomorrow. Right now there is no greeting or anything on the inside of the card, but if you win it and would like me to add something to make it more personal for you, just let me know!

Did you see that there have been a few new images added to Squigglefly's ever growing gallery? I have it on good authority that a couple of the new images were done by Crystal!
Also, squigglefly has changed up the way you shop! The newest images are shown on the front page, but now there are categories to the left to make browsing a little easier. You can also just see all of the images in alphabetical order. You don't have to click on the individual thumb nails either, just let your mouse hover over the thumb nail and you will see what the entire image looks like without having to click! Head on over and check out the changes for yourself!
I hope you all have a really great day whatever you do, and thanks for looking!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Sympathy Card

If you are here for my blogaversary candy, please go here. But come back! :)

There's a big vote going on at Squigglefly's blog! Plus there's a challenge taking place and you can check out all the cards for the challenge on Mr. Linky!

My sister asked me to make a sympathy card for a friend of hers who had lost her daughter. Sympathy cards are hard to make when you're making it for someone you know, and I really wanted this one to be special. I wanted my sister to like it too since it was coming from her.
One of the first things I seem to pull out when I think sympathy cards is vellum. I also have a stamp with a verse that I think is such a good one for this type of card. Both the flowers and the verse stamps used are from Penny Black.

(click to enlarge)

I colored my flowers directly on to the rubber with watercolor crayons. Then I misted some watercolor paper and I misted my stamp and stamped them on letting the water do all my blending for me!
I stamped the verse on to vellum paper and then clear embossed it.
I used an oval nestability to cut out a shape in some ivory cardstock and then ran the piece through the cuttlebug with a provocraft embossing folder called textile.
I distressed the edges a bit and also ran my ink sponge over the embossed areas to bring it out more.
I attached the vellum to the back of the embossed piece and then attached that to the watercolored piece. All of this was then mounted on a card of shimmer ivory cardstock. I debated adding ribbon, but I thought it would look too busy.
Now that we are all finished with my craft room painting my husband has decided to remove the wallpaper from another room and paint it. So, I spent a lot of my evening last night stripping wallpaper! I need a craft fix today!
Hope you have a wonderful day, and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Squigglefly Challenge 6 & Blogaversary!

Hi everyone! Thank you for the prayers for my sister yesterday. I'm happy to report that she came through her surgery fine! She's still got quite a recovery period ahead of her and re-hab, but she's on her way. She wanted to ask ya'll to keep praying!
I'm also happy to report that my dentist said all I need is a stronger antibiotic and he thinks the tooth is fine and will last me a long time.
We even went out to celebrate my husband's birthday, and I didn't have to cook! I got him a wallet (which he asked for) and put it in a Backyard Burger bag that I decorated like a shirt. Look how cute

I found the directions on Jill Coleman's blog here. It was super easy, and he liked it!
So, with all of that good news, how about a little more? My one year blogaversary was on Sunday, and like all good bloggers I'm offering up some candy to celebrate! Want to see a peek at some of the goodies I'm offering?

There will be more added to this, I just haven't gotten everything out yet. So what do you have to do to win this? Just leave me a comment telling me Happy Blogaversary! It'd be nice if you became a follower or subscribed to my blog but I'm not going to make that a condition. I'll have random.org pick a winner on the 22nd of June.

Okay, let's get to the card I have to show you today. Squigglefly has a challenge on their blog every Monday and yesterday Rhonda's challenge for us is to make something using the colors black and pink and a third color of your choice, plus two brads and two flowers. Well I may have cheated just a little because I used almost every shade of pink I had in my copics!

(click to enlarge)

The image I used is called Floral Frenzy. I just love it! I used green as my third color (I had to color the leaves and stems!), and I used four flower shaped brads. I figured two would qualify as brads and two would qualify as flowers!
I added some glitter to the butterfly trails. Here are the copics I used coloring this

I normally would have colored all of these flowers in multi colors, but the challenge made me stick to the pink pallett and I kind of like it! I liked it so much I decided to do another in a blue pallett!

(click to enlarge)

Notice I used a new EK Success border punch on the side! Which one do you like best?
One more thing before I go - Squigglefly is going to be sponsoring a sheetload of cards next month and they had the design team make some cards for it. The problem is not all of the cards can be used, so they need YOU to go by and vote on the cards that should be submitted. Can you help them out by going here to vote?
Don't forget to comment to win the prize I've got! Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for taking the time to visit me!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cowboys Drive Me Nuts

Good morning everyone! I'm just about ready to go pick up my sister to take her to the hospital, so I don't have much time for chit chat. I am taking off work today though because of all I have to do, so I may be back a little later with a card for the squigglefly challenge! In the meantime, I do have a fun little card I made yesterday to share with you.

(click to enlarge)

Isn't she just the cutest little cow girl you've ever seen? She's called Cowgirl Up and she's available at squigglefly. I colored her with copic markers and computer generated the words in a font called Giddy Up. You can get the font here if you like it!

I was rather pleased with my little rope knot/lasso embellishment! I added four little button brads to her cowboy hat.
Here are the copic colors I used

Well, I'm off for now! Enjoy your day and thanks for taking time to stop and see me!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Tale Of Two Tildas

Good morning everyone! Yesterday was such a lazy day for me. I woke up, but felt sleepy almost all day long. Finally around 4:00 in the afternoon I laid down with our cat and slept for about an hour. That is just not like me to do that, but I woke up feeling much more refreshed! I did manage to make a couple of birthday cards before taking my nap though.

On a rubber stamping list I belong to someone asked what copic markers were and a whole discussion about them arose. This spurred me into making two cards as a comparison. See, before copic markers came into my crafting life I did most of my coloring with colored pencils and blended them with odorless mineral spirits. So, I wanted to color one image with colored pencils and one with the copic markers. I used the exact same image and colored with colors that are pretty much the same, and even kept the layout and the designer papers the same. Here is the card I made with the colored pencils

(click to enlarge)

and here is the one I made with copic markers

(click to enlarge)

Most of the people said they liked the copic colored one better. I do too. I enjoyed getting my pencils out again and working with them, but they do take a lot more work and time than using the copics. I was particularly pleased with the transparancy of my balloons.
You know of course the girl image is from Magnolia and the words are from a Clearly Wordsworth set I have. Here are the copic colors I used on the second card.

Here's a picture of the two cards side by side for a better comparison.

If I had had another of the same image I would have watercolored one. I might have to do a copics vs watercolor comparison sometime! I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. My sister is having hip replacement surgery in the morning and I have to have her at the hospital at 6 am. After that I have to go to her house and get her dog to the boarders, and later in the afternoon I have my dentist appointment for that infected tooth. Plus, it is my husband's birthday tomorrow! Such a full day tomorrow means a lot to do today while I have the chance!
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, and thanks for looking!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Boni's Shoes

Happy Weekend everyone! I have a card to show you today that was such fun to make. Stef over at glitterbabe greetings posted a link to a sad (not really sad, but sort of hilarious) story that her friend Boni had to tell. You can read the story here and I do suggest you read it to have a better appreciation of my card; plus it's funny as heck! So go read it right quick and then come back to see my card.

(click to enlarge)

I wanted to send Boni a card that would help her laugh at her shoe situation. So what better image to use that Squigglefly's Shoes, Shoes, Shoes? I colored this with copic markers, and I used a ton of different colors on this. Sorry, the picture is really blurry!

The words are computer generated. I used the High Heel from squigglefly as an embellishment. I colored it and then glued it on to some chip board and mounted it on top with foam dots.

Now you might be thinking "yeah, that's cute" but if you're thinking that's all there is to it, you are not a frequent reader of my blog. I have to take it a little further. So, here's the inside of the card.

LOL! I think both Boni and her husband will get a laugh out of this (I hope her husband isn't offended by my use of Harvey)!

Well, that's all I have today. My husband's birthday is on Monday and I need to get the store to find him a gift! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Day!

Of course it's a happy day, it's Friday! The little blue bird in my card is happy because he's landed himself in a tree that's brimming with crystals!

(click to enlarge)

I used the summer season tree from the Seasonal Trees Set at squigglefly.com to make this card. I originally wanted to put red brads or crystals in the tree to mimic apples, but I didn't have enough red brads, and I had zero red crystals. So I chose the one crystal I had enough of the same color in. I'm smart like that. :)

I colored this with copic markers and then chalked the sky and ground. The grass was stamped over the chalk. Here are the copic colors I used

The green layer behind the image is embossed with the textile embossing folder from Provocraft and the card base is Kraft.
I computer generated the words. I think all of the seasonal trees in the set are so cute. I'll be glad when the weather is telling me to print the winter one!
Ya'll take care, have a great day, and thanks for looking!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crystal Dog

Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing great today. Yesterday we had some cloud coverage so after I got off work, my husband and I took advantage of it and took Riley out for a boat ride on the river. We stopped at a few sand bars and let her chase and bring back a tennis ball a couple of hundred time, swim in the water, look for fish, look for squirrels, look for snakes, look for anything that moves, and then chase the ball some more! We had a really good time watching her cut up.
When we got home I printed out Crystal's freebie dog image and made this card

(click to enlarge)

Didn't it turn out cute? I think Crystal is super talented and so generous to share this darling doggie with us! If you missed out on seeing where to get this cutie, go visit Crystal and she'll tell you!

I colored him with copic markers and then stamped some grass and some tall grass with cattails. I dotted pink and yellow markers in the grass to look like wildflowers, and then I dotted purple around the cattails so they'd look like another kind of bloom. The grass sprigs stamp is from Art Impressions, the little butterfly and the greeting are from Stampendous, and the cattails and grass stamp is an unknown company.

I am sending this card and a few others to Anita at Cards and Coffee. Anita is collecting cards to send to the soldiers in the 184th Battalion of the Army Reserve unit from California. If you have a few thank you or thinking of you cards laying around, think about sending them to her. She's collecting until June 20th.

Well I wish you all a wonderful day and as always, I thank you for looking!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heard The Happy News

Hi everyone. I was very surprised and happy to have received the following award from Crystal at The Rustic Daisy. I haven't known Crystal long, but she grows on you fast! She is one funny, sweet, and talented gal and if you haven't visited her blog before you should do it now. I know you'll leave there with a smile on your face!

This award comes with the stipulations that I tell you ten things about myself and pass it on to seven other people. Let's get the ten things out of the way first

1. I am the fifth of six daughters my parents had. No brothers in our family. Yes, you can feel sorry for my dad!
2. I love puns; even bad ones.
3. I don't have toenails on either of my big toes.
4. I hate to have my picture taken.
5. I had to ask friends to help me think of ten things.
6. I'm afraid of spiders.
7. I take baths more than showers.
8. I do not like to go away for vacations.
9. I will grow weeds if the bloom is pretty.
10. I do not ever go barefoot.

Pretty boring stuff there huh? But what's NOT boring is the blogs I'm passing this award to!
1. Carlie Bug Crafts - Carlie is the daughter of Jana Mays who is on the squigglefly design team. This girl creates cards like there's no tomorrow! Seriously, I've never seen anyone go after challenges like she does!
2. Suzanne Dean at Scrapbitz - I haven't been following Suzanne long because I just found her through a friend, but she's got so much talent and she shares what she knows! She's probably gotten this award and many others over and over.
3. Rebekka at A Diamond In The Rough - I love to read Rebekka's bible verses and what they mean to her and how they play a part in her life.
4. Loretta at Stamping With Loretta - she's always got something interesting on her blog and videos every now and then too.
5. Nina B. at Crafting In Croatia - Nina is one of the newer artists at Squigglefly and that's how I discovered her blog. She is full of talent and so giving.
6. Debby Boltman at Debby's Stuff. Debby is a true artist in my eyes. She's got a real eye for design and an offbeat sense of humor I adore.
7. Angie Kennedy at Chic n' Scratch - full of information and so willing to share!

Now before I show you my card let me whine a bit. Remember my tooth that fell off the post? Well I got it glued back in last week, and now the darned thing is infected! I had to start a round of antibiotics last night and go back to the dentist in a week. Oh well, maybe I'll sell some more cards when I go back! At least it's not hurting.
Okay, now I'm ready to show you my card. I had this idea for a while and it turned out so cute I think! I hope you all think so too.
Remember the card I made here where I had the turtle's shell swing open and reveal the little bug he had inside? Well, I took that idea and made this. Here's the front of the card

(click to enlarge)
The image is the For You turtle from squigglefly. There's a little yellow rain dot in the center of the flower. I colored it with copic markers and made the shell just like I did the other one so it swings open. The words are computer generated and I'm sorry I couldn't find a free download for you. It's called Miss LeGatees. So, any guesses what's hiding behind the shell? Let's take a look

Isn't it cute? This mama turtle is having a baby that's gonna grow up to look just like her! LOL! I think it makes a cute and definitely different congratulations on your pregnancy card! Here are the markers I used to color.

Have a great one, and thanks for checking in!