Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coffee Cow Giveaway

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Wednesday Card Giveaway! The card I made today also qualifies for the Squigglefly Challenge #4. If you like the card and would like to have a chance to have it sent to you (along with an envelope so you can mail it to a friend), just leave a comment on this post and tomorrow will pick a winner!

Here's my card

(click to enlarge)

I used the Divine Bovine Martini image from squigglefly and colored it with copic markers. Here's the markers I used

Then I cut a little cup shape out of cardstock and stuck a pop dot to the back and stuck it over the martini glass. If you look closely you will see I wrote "steerbux" on her coffee cup! LOL! Then I got on line and found a picture of the Starbucks Coffee logo and altered it in my photoshop program. The words are computer generated. Don't you just have to laugh?

A while back I got an e mail from Linda who told me she really wanted to see my envelope tutorial but she is on dial up service and the videos time out on her when she tries to watch them. I told her I'd try to do a photo tutorial for her, and I finally got that done, so if you've already seen the video, this will probably be boring for you.
First I'm going to show you how to make an envelope out of paper without any measuring or templates. Lay your card in the middle of your paper like so

Now, here's how to use a pre-made envelope you have that may be too big for your card

I hope that helps you out Linda! Also, I had a video completed on how to use the format function in word to help when printing digital images and text at the same time, but for some reason it will not load to you tube. I am going to try to re-do the video and have that for you soon! Don't forget to leave a comment to win the card, and thanks for looking!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

You had me at Steerbux! Too cute and thanks for the tut. Always a good refresher.


CRYSTAL said...

You are twisted...bwahahahahah...but in a great way!!!!!

I love coming here every morning with my coffee and having that morning giggle!!!

Debby said...

Love the Caffeinated bovine. Clever girl. Great envie tut!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Now that is so cool!! I love your tutorial on the envelope!! Just brilliant!!

Love that bovine card too!! TEE!!

Pam in Ar. said...

I'm with Crystal...I have my coffee in hand and I'm lovin' every minute of it :~)

You go over and above for everyone...thanks for another great day, Holly :~)

Becky said...

Love this image it is to cute. And great tutorial also.

Anonymous said...

Oh Holly - this is the best! Both tutorials are absolutely perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!


bumblebee creations said...

How do you think of these witty things??? I am totally amazed every time i visit your blog! SOOOO SOOOO cute!!! Thanks for sharing all you know with us!!

Niki said...

Cute card. Your mind works in amazing ways. Thanks for the envelope tutorial. I like using DP for envelopes, just seldom know where I put the template from the last time I used it. Now I won't have to look for it!


Kim said...

OMG!!! This is so cute!!!!!

Christina said...

Ah, I love the cow and the Steerbux. Very cute & creative!

msfreida said...

Ok... No more coffee near my monitor when blogging with Holly! The steerbucks made me spew a mouthful all over it!!! This is card is FABULOUS!!! :)

Thanks for the tutorial! Now I can print out the instructions instead of playing the video and having to pause with each step! Didn't I tell you I have ADD! LOL


MANDEE said...


watchlady said...

Hi Holly-- love today's card. I put some of my cards in a local coffee shop today. My stuff is still packed away because of my house being up for sale.. but can't wait to get moooooving again :)

Jaspere said...

This is great. I love how you added the Steerbucks embellie. Too cute and super duper creative.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ever so much Holly for putting this in a tutorial. Better for us on old fashioned dial up for sure!

I really appreciate it.

rkdsign88 said...

For me this is amazing tutorial. Thank you so much for sharing.

Kat said...

I sure appreciate this tutorial, Holly.
I finally needed it! Once ya actually DO it, it is amazing how *simple* it is, huh? Thanks a bunch!