Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Heard The Happy News

Hi everyone. I was very surprised and happy to have received the following award from Crystal at The Rustic Daisy. I haven't known Crystal long, but she grows on you fast! She is one funny, sweet, and talented gal and if you haven't visited her blog before you should do it now. I know you'll leave there with a smile on your face!

This award comes with the stipulations that I tell you ten things about myself and pass it on to seven other people. Let's get the ten things out of the way first

1. I am the fifth of six daughters my parents had. No brothers in our family. Yes, you can feel sorry for my dad!
2. I love puns; even bad ones.
3. I don't have toenails on either of my big toes.
4. I hate to have my picture taken.
5. I had to ask friends to help me think of ten things.
6. I'm afraid of spiders.
7. I take baths more than showers.
8. I do not like to go away for vacations.
9. I will grow weeds if the bloom is pretty.
10. I do not ever go barefoot.

Pretty boring stuff there huh? But what's NOT boring is the blogs I'm passing this award to!
1. Carlie Bug Crafts - Carlie is the daughter of Jana Mays who is on the squigglefly design team. This girl creates cards like there's no tomorrow! Seriously, I've never seen anyone go after challenges like she does!
2. Suzanne Dean at Scrapbitz - I haven't been following Suzanne long because I just found her through a friend, but she's got so much talent and she shares what she knows! She's probably gotten this award and many others over and over.
3. Rebekka at A Diamond In The Rough - I love to read Rebekka's bible verses and what they mean to her and how they play a part in her life.
4. Loretta at Stamping With Loretta - she's always got something interesting on her blog and videos every now and then too.
5. Nina B. at Crafting In Croatia - Nina is one of the newer artists at Squigglefly and that's how I discovered her blog. She is full of talent and so giving.
6. Debby Boltman at Debby's Stuff. Debby is a true artist in my eyes. She's got a real eye for design and an offbeat sense of humor I adore.
7. Angie Kennedy at Chic n' Scratch - full of information and so willing to share!

Now before I show you my card let me whine a bit. Remember my tooth that fell off the post? Well I got it glued back in last week, and now the darned thing is infected! I had to start a round of antibiotics last night and go back to the dentist in a week. Oh well, maybe I'll sell some more cards when I go back! At least it's not hurting.
Okay, now I'm ready to show you my card. I had this idea for a while and it turned out so cute I think! I hope you all think so too.
Remember the card I made here where I had the turtle's shell swing open and reveal the little bug he had inside? Well, I took that idea and made this. Here's the front of the card

(click to enlarge)
The image is the For You turtle from squigglefly. There's a little yellow rain dot in the center of the flower. I colored it with copic markers and made the shell just like I did the other one so it swings open. The words are computer generated and I'm sorry I couldn't find a free download for you. It's called Miss LeGatees. So, any guesses what's hiding behind the shell? Let's take a look

Isn't it cute? This mama turtle is having a baby that's gonna grow up to look just like her! LOL! I think it makes a cute and definitely different congratulations on your pregnancy card! Here are the markers I used to color.

Have a great one, and thanks for checking in!


NinaB said...

This is so clever and another reason why I love digistamps. Very cute, Holly, and THANK YOU for the award. It means a lot coming from such a talented artist.

Sue said...

Wow thats brill Holly what a clever idea, luv it, sue.x

CRYSTAL said...

Love it!!!!!
Great ideas you have, thats why I love coming here every day!!!!

I have to thank you as well, I sent some designs to Ashley to see if Squigglefly is interested...:)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

you are sooooo creative it'scary!!! well, not scary, but really fun to see. i love it.

congrats on the award.

how awful about your tooth. make sure he doesn't charge you for anything..... including the office visit. fight, girl!

as for your list.... i, too, HATE spiders, ALL my flowers are weeds and I definitely do NOT go bareful. I even wear water shoes at the beach. Beach????? i haven't been to a beach in over 20 years! who am I kidding?????

big hugs and thanks for ALWAYS making me smile and giggle and chuckle and roar and laugh so hard tears are rolling down my face!

Becky said...

This is so cute, I love how you colored him, your coloring is fab, and your so creative too. Left you an email :).

Suzanne J Dean said...

Aww, thanks so much Holly for giving me this award--I really appreciate it, you're too sweet! Love how the turtle shell flips up on your card--fabulously creative!


Kat said...

I was thinking it was probably "baby news" -- but ohmygosh, Holly, how CUTE is that! Adorable!!! :-)

That's awful about your infection -- caused by the glue? Doesn't sound good to me. Keep a watch on that - please!

Wow -- 5 sisters -- very special!!

angie said...

Wow, your turtle looks amazing. You've got those copics down!
Thanks for the award :)

Christina said...

ah I was wondering why there was another turtle inside, then I ready the sentiment. Very very cute!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Holly, this is so creative girl!! I just LOVE your awesome idea...what's behind that shell of his?!! Well, now we know!! TEE!

Love it!! Congrats on the award too!! :) HUGS

Carole RB said...

Hi Holly
You are amazing always having a special touch on your card. I love your swinging shell: great idea!

Emma said...

HI Holly
Hope your tooth is better. Fantastic card and sooo cute.
You have sure been busy since my last visit...all fabulous as always.
Emma x

Crissy Armstrong said...

What a clever and innovative way to paper craft! I love this great idea! Wow!
Such a cute card!

bumblebee creations said...

I just adore this turtle-but i guess we better rename him(her) tina istead of tommy now!!!! this is just adorable! I just cant get how creative you are-I wish you could send some my way!!! What a cool idea!

Debby said...

hahahaha. Love the turtle. Love the turtle. Did I say I love the turtle. Your brain is always workin. I like that about you. And thank you for sharing your award with me. That was very sweet and thoughtful. Now to share about myself. Tough for me to do. I do though am with you on the spider thing. I don't care how big or smaill. I hate them! And bees! I hate them! Hope you had a terrific day!

Scrubbysue said...

Thankyou for sharing your answers with us holly. It's so fun to read and get to know our blogging friends. :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE this card too!!! how NEAT!!

Pam in Ar. said...

My palms are already sweating for you just thinking about the Dentist LOL

Love the pregnant turtle, you think of everything!!!

msfreida said...

Hope your tooth is better! Congrats on the award and I too enjoyed learning more about you! :)

This card came out even cuter than I imagined! IT IS ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS! I don't know how you come up with the ideas you do! The coloring is perfect, as always, and I love the colors you chose!


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Awwww! This is SO sweet. I must have channeled your creativity somehow for the Babushka card. Heeheehee. :o)