Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In A Frenzy

Hi everyone! I hope you aren't tired of seeing me use the Floral Frenzy image from Squigglefly, but I just love it. I did one in all pinks, and one in all blues, and just had to do other colors!

Here's one done in yellows and oranges

(click to enlarge)

and here is one I did that is multi-colored

(click to enlarge)

This one has a little more details added to it with embossing, faux stitching, buttons, and different colored rain dots in the centers of the flowers. Both cards have glitter added to the butterfly trails.

I just really like this image because it's fun to color and makes a great card for birthdays or just a card to brighten someone's day.
I hope all of you have a wonderfully bright day and thanks for stopping by to see me!


Linda said...

I love this image and it is fun to see it in different colors. I like the one with all the different colors it looks like my garden,well without the weeds. HeHe

Pam in Ar. said...

I really like the colors of the bolder one. The orange one is pretty too but the vividness (is that a word??) of the second one is beautiful. Thanks for sharing :~)

Tracey said...

WHat a fabulous image! These cards are both so pretty Holly!

Crystal said...

Beautiful job...the different colors makes them all look so different. Love the glitter trails on the flutterbies...LOL

Maria Matter said...

ok, ok, I'll buy it! lol You sold me on this image, girl!

Wouldn't it be fun to make a little gift set of these in all the colors?! Gosh, you got the gears in my brain turning!
These are fabulous Holly! Love the glitter!
take care and have a super day!
Blessings, Maria

Karin said...

gorgeous cards Holly.
Love the beautifull imagesand happy colours.

xoxo Karin

bumblebee creations said...

I love these cards!! I am really fond of orange, so of course that stands out for me!! I love seeing what you do with the images-I am thinking I have this one, but cant keep track anymore-til i get into the file!! : ) Have a great day!

freida said...

What a sight for sore eyes! These are GORGEOUS! I love how versatile this image is!

Have a lot of catching up to do...computer problems stink! :( Hopefully it won't take me long to catch up on all the fun!

Stef H said...

super duper scooper! of course i'm partial to the bottom one. but heck, i like the top one too. have ya figured out i like EVERYTHING that you do????


Anonymous said...

WOWZER!! Holly!! These are so gorgeous!! You've done an awesome job with BOTH, but I have to say that the orange has really captured my attention!! :) TFS!

Debby said...

I love this floral frenzy and I definately must have it. It is indeed fun to see it in different colors. Makes it look like a brand new different image each time.