Monday, June 29, 2009

Old Friends, Furry Friends, and Freebies

This is my second post today. Scroll down to see the one posted earlier today.

Remember when I told you a that I was working on a project last week? Well I'm going to show you what the project was today! A friend of mine saw this card that I made and she really liked the way the words about friendship were done at the bottom. She said she thought something like that would make a nice frame for an old photo she had of a friend of hers. She came to me with the idea of making a frame for the photo and having it open up like a card. She had found an old autograph book that her friend had signed a long time ago and she wanted to slip a copy of the autographed page inside and also be able to write a personal note.

So, I set out to make some paper with all kinds of words describing friends so that I could use the paper to cover a frame. I used lots of different fonts and played around with the sizes and then filled the whole page up and printed it. (special thanks to my daughter Chesney for telling me how to do this!) I created the frame out of some chip board and then covered it with the paper. I attached the whole thing to a card that was sized big enough to hold the autographed page. Here's the finished product

(click to enlarge)

I toyed around with a couple of embellishments a bright red flower to add some color

and the word "Memories" in an oval with pearls

but my friend opted for the plain frame. When I was getting ready to give it to her I thought I'd make an envelope out of the friend words paper

So, what do you think? Do you like my paper? Well, when I had this all finished I asked Chesney if she could make this a free download on squigglefly for all of you and they did it! You can grab that and another freebie that's just been added at squigglefly now!

The other freebie paper is a paws background that is perfect for any pet card you might be making. During the month of July Squigglefly is going to donate half of all sales in their "animals" category to the ASPCA. The ASPCA is a humane organization that is dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals. They remove them from abusive and neglective situations and work to find them loving homes. So head on over and check out their animal images while you're picking up your free paper!


Sara said...

Hi Holly, thank you so much for your very kind comment on my blog. I love the paper you made, on my way to get it right now. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Pam in Ar. said...

How cool is this...your friend is one lucky lady :~) You always have the neatest ideas Holly!!

Stef H said...

oh Holly! this is beautiful! you are soooo good with things like this. what a lucky lady to have you as a friend. she's gonna love it!

and freebies??????? i'm ready to cry. i'm soooo glad i'm a very small part of squigglefly.


Carole RB said...

Hi Holly
I love your paper. This is great!

Debby said...

Oh my gosh this is really incredible. I like it without embellishments too. Always thinkin you are. Thanks for making it a freebie. I was just thinking this probably took a while with all the different fonts. Excellent.

freida said...

WOW! THIS IS INCREDIBLE! You just have a never-ending abundance of creativity! How generous to offer this to us on Squigglefly and help the precious animals also. SQUIGGLEFLY ROCKS! :)


Anonymous said...

Well isn't this just friggin' awesome!!!! I love your project and you're so clever girl!! So glad they took your advice...I know you've got lots of good stuff!! Can't wait to check out the new freebies!! Yippee!!

KAT said...

What can I say? ...
You have an AMAZING mind!

Kendra said...

Cute... love the paper too :)