Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rockin' Silhouette

Good morning everyone! Yesterday I stayed inside most of the afternoon to avoid the heat wave, but also to work on a few challenges. The card I have to show you today was a really fun one to make, and so fast! It's fast because it required no coloring at all.

I did this for the challenge at 365 cards blog. It is a unique challenge this week too! You were to create a silhouette of an image on your card or project. It's cheating if you use an image that is already a silhouette!

I also followed the sketch at the Sweet Stop blog, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to use images that aren't sweet'n sassy images. Anyway, here's my card!

(click to enlarge)

Do you recognize the Little Rocker image from squigglefly? I just opened it up in my photo program and used the paint bucket feature to fill in my image with black! How easy is that? It makes for a pretty cool effect don't you think?

I meant to tell ya'll yesterday that when I was talking about my mailman at work being grumpy on Fridays, he's just acting that way. He's not really being grouchy. It's all fun teasing between us. I did give him the card though and he said I was exactly like that happy baby all smiles and clapping my hands when he comes in on Fridays! LOL!

I enjoyed breakfast out with my friend yesterday. It was nice to be able to visit for a bit and catch up with each other. Life moves at too fast a pace much of time. Today I've got to plan my menu for the week and make a trip to the grocery store. I hope to find time to craft too!

Lots of stuff happening this week. Tomorrow is Squigglefly's challenge on their blog, Wednesday and Thursday is the Squigglefly Blog Hop (yes, there are prizes involved!), and Saturday is Papercraft Planet's huge 4th of July blog hop! Whew!

Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for visiting me!


Crystal said...

I never thought to do a silhouette like that....awesome.

You ROCKED it!!!!!!!! LOL

Nora said...

I really like this one, Holly - nice job!

Teresa said...

I think that card is great. It looks to me like a nurse calling for assistance if you take the musical notes away. Funny how a shadow can fool the eye into thinking it is something it isn't.

Pam in Ar. said...

That's what I love about ALWAYS think of the UNthinkable :~)
Great card Holly!

Maria Matter said...

You know you're brilliant, right? This is soooo awesome Holly! OMGosh, I'll be turning all my images into silhouettes now! lol

Funny about your mailman!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!
Blessings, Maria

Becky said...

I would have never thought to do that either.. This is so cute. Stay cool.

freida said...

How clever! Never would have thought to do that either! You are just "rockin" on all cylinders lady! :)

Hey....I hear some thunder!!!! PLEASSSSEEEE bring some rain!


Sharon Noble said...

Hi Thanks for saying hi Holly and the lovely comment on my blog, they sure have a way of wrapping little paws round our hearts , Your fur baby is adorable.
love your blog xx
Have a great week

Melanie said...

LOVE this card!! I'm so excited to get the new Cricut cartridge (Childs Play) because of the silhouette cuts. So precious, wonderful job!

Stef H said...

i love it. i'm gonna have to git with you on how to use photo bucket. my paint program that comes with my computer sucks! HELP!!!!!


Unknown said...

Cute card.Great idea to make images into silhouettes.
I envy folks who make a menu, then shop accordingly, and then actually cook the stuff.
That's about 2 steps too many for me.
I usually think about cooking dinner around 4:30, and wish I had defrosted some sort of meat.
You are my hero for SOOOO many reasons!

Linda said...

What a great idea to use paint and fill in the image. This is really a cute card. Rockin is the way to go!

Unknown said...

Such a cute image - thanks for playing along!!

Debby said...

Okay this is genius. But you knew that alrady ;-)

Anonymous said...

OMG!! You clever clever girl!!! This is sweet!! I love how you did this image!! Thanks for the idea!! :)