Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Young At Heart

Hi everyone. Those of you who have followed my blog for a while may know that our dog Riley seems to get into scrapes on a daily basis. Well yesterday morning she had her latest mishap. She jumped up on pur picnic table and one of her toenails got wedged in between the boards and she tore her nail rather badly.
I had to get her to the vet and after she examined the toe she said she'd have to sedate Riley and remove the whole nail. Poor baby has her leg all bandaged up and came home with a collar to keep her from chewing it off. We took the collar off and keep it off if we're around to watch, but so far she hasn't tried to chew on it.

First thing she did when she came home and got the collar off was go to the sliding glass door and lay down to watch for squirrels! Can't keep her down for long!

I do have a card for you today! I made this card because I thought the image was cute and I wanted to try my hand at a ribbon frame. I used the image The Heart That Loves from Squigglefly and colored it with copic markers.

(click to enlarge)

I really had fun making the ribbon frame. I just cut little slits to poke the ends of my ribbon through and taped them to the other side. I didn't take a picture of the copics I used for this one because I colored it at work and didn't have my camera with me!
Right after I finished making it someone on one of my rubberstamping groups asked for people to send cards to her aunt and uncle for their 65th wedding anniversary and I thought this card would be perfect for that!

Did you know that squigglefly is sponsoring Digital Tuesday this week? It looks like a fun challenge that I hope to have time to participate in!
Well, I hope you are all beating the heat and that you have a wonderful day! Thanks for visiting me!


Pam in Ar. said...

Awwww poor Riley. Of all the freaky things to happen! Glad she's doing well.

That ribbon frame is so cool...I love it! As usual, you did a great job coloring it too...they are a lucky couple to get the card.

Well today is the day that my newest granddaughter arrives :~) I can't wait to meet her....her name is Hannah and I have been feeling her kick her mommy for quite some time now but am anxious to see her!! Will let you know tomorrow how much she weighed and of course if she looks like her Nana LOL

Have a great day everyone!

Stef H said...

ooooohhhhh poor, poor riley! owy! i once walked into a table and knocked my toenail just about off. had to go to emergency for them to remove the nail. couldn't wear shoes for a month. good thing it was summer!

love the card. that ribbon border is beautiful and your colors are super. but at work????? wish i had a job like that? oh wait! i do. i'm retired! bwwahhhaaaaa!

really lovely card!


bumblebee creations said...

Hi Holly! I love your card! Such pretty colors you have used! You are right, what a perfect card to send! Hope Riley heals very quickly! Stay Cool, and oh, I love that ribbon all around the edges-gorgeous!

freida said...

That hurts me just thinking about Riley's nail....poor baby! Make sure you give her an extra treat for me :)

You did an AWESOME job with your ribbon frame! The colors are all perfect for this card...such a sweet image! I've never tried a ribbon frame, but will definitely give it a go!You always inspire me to try new thing! ;)

Congrats Pam...I know you are so excited! Hope everything goes well for mom and baby!

Yes, we're scorching over here too! Dang, you add one of my personal "power surges" to the 110 heat index and we're in trouble! May just have to do a rain dance too! LOL


Becky said...

Poor Riley, but she looks well.
Love the ribbon frame, and I just love that image,

Karin said...

Cute card Holly.
My wash is hanging outside to dry right now (looks very similar to the image).

xoxo Karin

Jeanette said...

I just stopped in to say hello. I love your blog and your art is terrific.

Poor little Riley all boo booed. My cat is just like her, he loves to watch the squirrels. The squirrels are merciless when it comes to teasing him.


Anonymous said...

AWW!! Poor doggie!!! You know...when they go after those darn squirrels, there is just no stopping them sometimes and look what happens! Poor thing!

Your card is precious though Holly!! I adore your coloring hun!! :) TFS!

Maria Matter said...

Awww, poor Riley! I hope she heals fast! I think it's funny that she went right back to look for squirrels! Good for her!

Well, Holly, this is another lovely SF image you have found! I love the way you dressed it up with the ribbon frame!!! Great job!
And thanks for giving the Digital Tuesday challenge a shout out!
I hope you're enjoying your day, we just turned the a/c on, I'm afraid the humidity has arrived!
Blessings, Maria

Crystal said...

Ooohhhh Riley..... poor baby....

But wait that would make for a great image..... smell anything burning....LOL Its the gears in my head turning....

Great card, love that scene and your ribbon frame sets it off perfectly!!!!

Susie M. said...

Awwwwwwwww............poor baby!! I hope she heals up quickly!!

what a great frame! these colors are fabulous!

Unknown said...

This is soooo good!
I love it!
And thank you so much for the advice about the images on my blog. I hadn't even thought of that!

Sharon Noble said...

Awww bless poor poor Riley she looks adorable , hope she has a quick recovery . I have a border Collie and have some pics of him on my blog if you want to see him.

I adore dogs.

Love and best wishes to you and your family including your furbaby xx from Sharon and Ben the collie xx

KAT said...

LOVE the ribbon frame! And what a purrfect card for the couple's 65th anniversary!

Debby said...

Darn it! Can I do digital Tuesday a week later on Monday? I am so far behind in everything it's just not funny. And poor Riley! That have hurt the poor baby :-( I sure hope she is doing much much better. Your card is darling. That image is cute and your ribbon frame is very very cute.