Monday, July 20, 2009

2nd post for today, scroll down to see today's cards.

I'm just popping in here to announce the winner of the Squigglefly Digi Day prize from me. I wrote down the names of all the ladies who completed the color challenge and the sketch challenge. The names of all who completed are
Rhonda Zmikly
Vicki Parson
Cheri Graves
Maria Matter

I cut the names out in strips of paper and folded them up and then scattered them on my desk and asked a co-worker to pick a piece of paper. He wanted to know he would get if he did it and I told him "You don't get anything, but the person whose name is on the strip of paper you pick will get something!"

So, the winner is Vicki Parson! Vicki, I already have your address so all you have to do is watch your mailbox!
Thanks for playing along ladies!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!! WOOT!!! I'm so excited Holly!! Thank you to the guy that picked my name!! :) He at least gets a thank you!! A hug if he was near!! TEE! And thank you for your generous gift!!

Maria Matter said...

woot woot Vicki!

It was a fun fast paced night! Let's do it again!

Carole RB said...

Congrats Vicki

Stef H said...

congrats vicki!