Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wedging In A Pun

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Hi everyone! I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July holiday yesterday. I have a surprise for Sonia Kertznus! She became my 100th follower yesterday and wins a prize for that! Sonia, if you will e mail me at and let me know your mailing address I'll send you a prize, and thanks for following!

I also wanted to let you know that Squigglefly's reward points is up and running! For every $15.00 you spend you can pick out a free image; you can even choose sets as your freebie! The cool thing is that if you've already purchased something in the month of July Squigglefly is going to give you credit for those purchases! Just visit Squigglefly for details.

If you read my blog regularly, then you know that I love a good pun and I even like bad puns but there is the rare pun that is so bad even I don't like it! So before I show you today's card I have to give you a little background on it.

When squigglefly first came out with The Big Cheese image I was in the middle of coloring it when my younger sister called me. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was coloring this new image and trying to think of something for the card to say. (If you remember my card I ended up using "I thought you'd like some cheese to go with your whine")
Anyway, I described the image to my sister and she started trying to help me come up with something, but I wasn't really liking any of her suggestions.
So, the next day she calls me up again and says "I thought of the perfect saying to put on your card." She sounded all excited and proud of herself and tells me "Wedge a cheese forgive me?" I groaned and said "That is bad!" And I still think it's bad, but fast forward a month or two and her birthday has come and gone. She asked me last week if I had sent her a birthday card. I told her no; I've been busy. She whined (yes, I used that word on purpose) "but I love your cards! You have to make me a card!" (forgetting the fact that she hasn't sent me a birthday card in YEARS!) So you know I had to do it

(click to enlarge)

and the inside

Even though I think the pun is awful I think the card turned out pretty darned cute! I found some colored cheese clip art on the net and printed up a full sheet to use for my background. All the words are computer generated in boopee font and I chalked a couple of them (I like doing that these days!)
Now I can pretend to her that I missed her birthday on purpose just so I could use her pun! LOL! I know she'll get a kick of it too.
Enjoy your day, and thanks so much for stopping by!


Stef H said...

you are definitely QUEEN of the puns! i absolutely love it! if you could only see my grin!!!!


and big congrats on 100 followers!

more hugs,

GinniG said...

OMG what a FUNNY story!!!!! I'm sure she'll love it even more than she would have it had been on time! :)

Becky said...

Yes you are the Queen of puns...:) This is a great card, love the image.

Crystal said...

Bwahahahahahahaha....I think its cheesy...... but too darn cute!!!!

I just know she will love it!!!!

Pam in Ar. said...

LOL...she's going to Love this card!! She even had the "WHINE" to go along with the card LOL
Supah Job Holly :~)

Teresa said...

Hahaha, I split my sides when I read this and then scrolled down to the card. You are so punny!

Anonymous said...

TEEHEE!! I just LOVE your creative sentiment here!! Too stinkin' cute!! I love that image and have been going back and forth on it!! :) Hope you're having a great weekend!!

Carole RB said...

Cute card Holy

photographer said...

hilarious! i love the card!

KAT said...

Oh, Holly - this is great! And hey - *you* thought up the 'cheddar' pun yerself. You don't mozarella around, do you?

freida said...

OH SHE WILL LOVE IT!!!! Bet this will be one she never forgets....and won't let you either! :)

Congrats on your big time followers!!! So proud for you! :)


Kristie said...

Yeah, you are definitely the Queen of Puns...and you're right, that's a pretty bad one! But it will probably be your sister's favourite b'day card for this year!
A huge congrats on all those followers...I'm not surprised though as your blog is always fabulous ♥

Kim said...

Love the pun even if it is cheesy!

Maria Matter said...

Oh, Holly, this turned out great! I love the puns! great backing paper too! This is a fabulous card!
Thanks for the giggle!
Blessings, Maria