Thursday, September 10, 2009

Prissy Challenge

Hi everyone. I'm making this short and sweet because my neck is killing me. I did go to the doctor yesterday and he took some x-rays and said that I have several degenerative discs in my neck that may be contributing to the problem, but really I just slept in a way that made a muscle in my shoulder tight and the next morning when I had that little "crick" my instincts are to protect it, so I unconsciously bunch my shoulders up which keeps more muscles tense and they are just tight and pulling up into my head.

So, he sent me home with some topical ointment, some muscle relaxers, and some pain pills along with instructions to put moist heat on it and do some stretching exercises. I did that all day yesterday and still don't have that much relief. It even hurts to swallow because the muscles used to swallow are all part of it! He said if I don't feel significant improvement by Friday to call his office and he'll set me up with some physical therapy.

Okay, enough about that! If you haven't yet commented on yesterday's card and you'd like a chance to win it along with a matching envelope, you need to go do that now. I'll be hack around noon to tell you who picked!

Now for today's card - I made this for the challenge that Squigglefly is having this week. We are to use the colors red & green (but it doesn't have to be Christmas colors) and two stars somewhere on out card. Here's the card I came up with

)click to enlarge)

I used these copics to color it

The words are computer generated, but I can't remember the name of the font I used. The image is one from Squigglefly called Miss Priss. I used a little bit of vellum that was embossed and border punched over the same border on the red piece of paper. I really like that look!

Well, take care and have a wonderful day! I'll be back a little after noon to announce the winner!


Anonymous said...

Holly, I hope you're feeling better soon hun!! It's no fun to have those kind of problems and take meds that make you sleepy on top of it! BIG HUGS for you!! :)

I think your card is perfect for the challenge!! You've got some gorgeous coloring going on too!! I'm going to post my card for the challenge...I've got to do it first!! TEE!! TFS!! HUGS

bumblebee creations said...

I am so sorry your neck isn't better today!
I love the card you made for my challenge though! Perfect saying for a perfect image! Love the papers too!!!

Heather said...

Take care of yourself! It can't be any fun if it even hurts to swallow. Hope you relax and rest!

Love your card. Great DP and coloring and that vellum border rocks. I have that image but haven't used it yet!

Jeanette said...

Holly, I love the vellum detail. She is little Miss Priss isn't she.

So sorry about your neck. I had, operative word had, chronic neck problems. On a lark my husband and I went to a chiropractor. It's the best thing I ever did. My neck was shaped like a swans neck. I would have been more skeptical but Lornes neck is straight as a string. This doctor isn't the twist the neck type. It's all very gentle. I am a new woman. No more pain.

Pam in Ar. said...

OMGosh really did hurt your neck! Hope the pain gets better soon...those muscle relaxers really can make you loopy I hear so be careful if you drive.

As for the card, anything using one of Chesney's "chick" images is OK in my book!

Enjoy the rain today.....

Stef H said...

have i not been here? holy moly am i ever sorry! i can't believe i missed this and that beautiful cat in the post below! busy, busy, busy. too many blogs - LOL.

so sorry about your neck. IBP. 800 mg. works wonders. better than any prescript.


Maria Matter said...

oh,Holly, I'm so sorry to hear you're still hurting! I know that kind of pain just drains you! I pray you're able to get some 'relaxing' sleep tonight and morning will look brighter!

Your Miss Priss card is fantastic for the challenge! You need to do a tutorial on coloring...yours is always right on! great card!!!!
take care
blessings, Maria

Anonymous said...

HOLLY - I hope you can try this before you have to go to the doc again. Try a cold pack rather than heat. Heat causes inflamation which presses against the nerves - causing more pain. Cold - reduces inflamation.
Another method: use heat for 10 min. then cold 10 min., continue alternating
If you try it - I hope it works for you.
I've gone through this many times with my back - so I feel for you.
The 'theory' for pain is that if your not sure - 'always use cold.'

freida said...

Hope you feel better this morning!

I love how you designed this card! The angle you put the image really makes it pop! Love, love, love the vellum border! Fabulous job!


Sue Stampin Daly said...

So cute!! I gave you an award on my site.

Debby said...

I love Miss Priss. And you do so good with the border punches. Dang I am border punch challenged. Scissor challenged. Glue challenged. I need a new hobby.