Sunday, September 27, 2009

Where Are Those Shy Bears?

You know the Shy Bears will be released by Squigglefly tomorrow, but right now the little fellows are a bit shy, so they've been hiding out on five of Squigglefly's design team members blogs. You need to help us find them! Go visit the design team blogs and try to find all five bears. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me where they are and tomorrow will pick a commenter. If that commenter has all five blogs correct they will get to choose their choice of two of the new shy bear images making their digi debut tomorrow! Plus I've put together a little goodie bag from my stash.

You can find all the design team blogs on the left of my blog under the Squigglefly Design Team logo. Good luck finding those little guys! The comments left here will remain hidden until the contest is over so people's answers are kept hidden!


freida said...

What fun that was! You always come up with the coolest games! ;)

You can find Shy Bears at :
Kim Rhead's
and Debbie's


Alexandra Lundgren said...

This was SO much fun!!!! Thank you all! The Shy Bears were on the blogs of:


Thanks again!

Rhonda Miller said...

What a cute shy little guy. I found the 5 shy bears. On Vicki's page he was under the Midnight Madness logo, on Debby's page he was under the quote of the day, on Jeanettes page he was above the the scrapbooking friends logo, on Jenny's page he was under the Squigglefly member list and on Kim's page he was in a post from Sept 20 under a Christmas card post. Thanks for a chance at this prize and an opportunity to check out all these blogs again.

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

OK I finally found all 5!
Do I leave the comment here??

designsfromwithinbycharlotte said...

This is where I found those cute little shy bears:
Rhonda - bumblebeescreations
Kim - Frommystamproom
Jeanette - H20creations
Jenny - Inkywishes
Vicki - stampedsmiles

This was so much fun!!
Thanks for doing this!

Julie said...

Wow, the shy bears are so cute...Will be back tomorrow too to see the new release...
I found six shy bears....
Bumblebee Creations
From My Stamp Room, Debbys Stuff, Jeanette-H20 Creations, InkyWishes and Stamped Smiles.
Thanks so much...that was fun...

Heather said...

Those little guys were well hidden!
Jeanette Waters, Jenny Skaggs, Rhonda, Vicki Parsons and Debbie Boltman.

Unique challenge ;)

StampinCathy said...

This was really fun trying to find the adorable Shy Bears.
Here are my guesses:
1. Stamped Smiles
2. Debby's Stuff
3. H20Creations
4. Inky Wishes
5. From My Stamp Room
6. Bumblebee Creations

Thanks for letting me play along.

Michelle said...

I found the bears. They are hiding at these DT's blogs.


It was fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Hi. I found the 5 little guys on the following blogs: Jeanette, Jenny, Rhonda, Kim and Debby.

Sara said...

Hi Holly, I found them all-hehe!
Thanks for the fun, can't wait to see all the bears!

Caryl P said...

I found those bears....
Rhonda Z
Kim R
Debby B
Vicky P
Jenny S

I enjoyed the hunt, thanks for the adventure.

Jeri said...

I found six bears on the following sites: Rhonda's Bumblebee Creations,Kim's From My Stamp Room, Debby's site Debby's Stuff,
Jeanette's H2O, Jenny's Inky Wishes by Jenny, and Vicki Parson's Stamped Smiles. They all had the little Shy Bear that said "you found me". Do I get extra credit for finding six? LOL

jan farnworth said...

the shy bears on these 5 blogs

1. jeanette waters
2. jenny skaggs
3. vicki parson
4. rhonda zmikly
5. kim rhead

they are so cute.

Barbara said...

Holly, I found them! What a fun treasure hunt! The sneaky designers who are hiding that precious bear are Jeanette Waters, Jenny Skaggs, Vicki Parson, Debby Boltman, and Kim Rhead.


Barbara said...

My first comment got an error message so I don't know if you got it. I'm resending just in case.

This was a very fun treasure hunt. The sneaky designers who are hiding that cute little bear are: Jeanette Waters, Jenny Skaggs, Vicki Parson, Debby Boltman, Kim Rhead.


Tracey said...

These bears are just adorable! I found all of the cuties at the following blogs - Jenny, Debby, Jeanette, Rhonda and Vicki.

Shannon - Desert Designs said...

Hi Holly - thanks for the fun hide-n-seek! I found bears hiding here:

Deanna C said...

I can't believe I am the first to leave a comment. But I found all the Shy Bears! They are so cute!!! I look forward to including them in my cards.

I found all five Shy Bears at:
Inky Wishes - Jenny Skaggs
Debby's Stuff - Debby
H20 Creations - Jeanette Waters
From My Stamp Room - Kim
Bumblebee Creation - Rhonda

That ws fun, but it was hard to find that last one!!!

Cassie said...

Yay, I found them! They were on Debby, Jeanette, Jenny, Rhonda, & Vicki's blogs! So darn cute ;D

Val said...

the cards the team have made with Little Shy Bear are Sooooooo cute I can see so many card variations in my head already the 5 blogs are Jeanette, Jenny, Rhonda, Kim & Debbie.
Val from OZ

weatkins said...

I found 5 Shy Bears: 1 at Stamped Smiles, 1 at Cristy's Zaney Creations, 1 at H2O Creations, 1 at Bumblebee dreations and 1 at From My Stamproom.

janet said...

hope i have this right!!
bumblebee creations - rhonda zmikly

stamped smiles - vicki parson

from my stamp room - kim rhead

h20 creations - jeanette waters

inky wishes - jenny skaggs

Nicola said...

Hi Holly,
What fun looking for these cute Shy adorable Bears.
I have found them hiding in the following blogs:

1. Holly (your blog)
2. Christy Dillman
3. Kim Rhead
4. Rhonda Zmikly
5. Vicki Parson

and may I add what fabulous cards have been created using these cuties.


Brenda said...

What a fun hide and seek game!! I think I am going to love these bears.
I found all five they are hiding on the following blogs
Thank you for the chance this was fun!!

Crafty In Carolina Stamper said...

Hi Holly! I went on the hunt looking for the Shy Bears and OMG! they are so darn cute! Love them! I found them hiding on these blogs: Rhonda,Christy,Kim,Holly and Vicki
Thanks =)

Gale said...

Yea! I found them all.
Sure hope I'm picked to win them, they are so cute!!
1.Debbie Boltman - Debbie's stuff
2.Jenny Skaggs - Inky wishes by Jenny
3.Kim Rhead -From My Stamp Room
4.Rhonda Zmikly-Bumblebee Creations
5. Vicki Parson's Stamped Smiles

Betty J Schaub said...

Umm I found 6:
Debby's Stuff
H2) Creations
Inky Wishes by Jenny
From My Stamp Room
bumblebee's creations
Stamped Smiles
Thanks for a chance to win!

I too am giving away some BLOG CANDY on my blog.

Margaret said...

Thank so much for the fun hunt & the chance to win. I found them on:
Debby's Stuff
From My Stamp room
Bumblebee Creations
H20 Creations
Stamped Smiles

Barbara Taylor said...

1.From My Stamp Room, 2. Bublebee Creeations, 3. Hog Wild About Stamping, 4. Christys Zaney Cratins, 5. H2O Creations, 6 Stamped Smiles

Rachel said...

These little bears are adorable, i can't wait to try one. my choices for the hidden shy bears are: Christy, Vicki, Rhonda, Kim and Holly.

Irit Shalom said...


Patricia St Martin said...

I found six not four.
I found then at....
1. Jenny
2. Vicki
3. Jeanette
4. Debby
5. Rhonda
6. Kim

I enjoyed looking for them. the cards are wonderful. the images are sooo cute. wonderful job.....