Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Giveaway Some Winter Fun

Good morning everyone! I want to thank Heather from Stamping The Details for passing on this award to me

In accepting this award I have to list ten things about myself and pass this on to five other people. The five blogs I pass this award on to are all admired by me for their fantastic creativity. I know if you visit you are sure to find some wonderful eye candy. They are in no particular order

1. Scrappy Jane's Designs
2. Oh My Cuppy Cake
3. Expressions With Heart
4. VL Designs
5. Tray's Spot

Now let's see if I can come up with ten things about me you don't already know

1. My first pet was a parakeet named Louie.
2. I was born in Houston, Texas.
3. My husband and I were married by a justice of the peace with no witnesses.
4. I've known my best friend since the 9th grade.
5. I once took the GED for a friend of mine so she could say she had it. I thought it was pretty bad that I could just walk in there and tell them I was her and take the test so later I called the newspaper and told them how easily it could be done. They've changed things since then!
6. I wet my pants during mass in Catholic school when I was in the 1st grade and let another girl get blamed for it.
7. I hate spiders (and most bugs really).
8. When I was 8 my friend and I pooled all of our easy bake oven mixes and baked up everything we had for a real feast. We drank dill pickle juice with our baked goods.
9. I am pretty bad at coming up with ten things about myself to tell people.
10. I didn't have my first professional massage until this year.

Today is card giveaway day. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and tomorrow afternoon I'll have pick a person to receive the card along with an envelope (so you can mail it or keep it!)

Here's today's card

(click to enlarge)

I printed out the adorable Slippery Sled Shy Bear from Squigglefly and colored it with copic markers. Then I went to town with the faux flower soft! I wanted it to look thick like snow drifts so I applied crystal lacquer and then sprinkled the faux flower soft on and let it sit for a bit and then I pressed it in and added a little more.

I flocked the brim of his hat and then glued on a tiny pom pom. The card base is a periwinkle blue and I embossed a piece of vellum with a snowflake Spellbinder impressability to lay over that.

I tied a white sheer ribbon around the top and tied on a iridescent snowflake charm. I got a ton of those snowflakes at the dollar store! I dressed this one up a bit with a blue gem in the center. The envelope has a few hero art snowflakes stamped in brilliance sky blue ink and then brushed with some pearl ex for extra shimmer.

It's a card with a lot of texture! Like it? Well, don't forget to comment! Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by!


bumblebee creations said...

Holly- you have outdone yourself!!! I love this card! So Pretty and wintery!!! Love the colors and that sheer ribbon is perfect!!!

freida said...

You DRANK pickle juice? I'm impressed! I think I would gag! LOL

This card is GORGEOUS! LOVE the image and how he's colored! Using this lt blue really makes your Holly Snow stand out...FABULOUS drifts! The embossed vellum adds so much to the effect. LOVE the always think of everything! ;) FABULOUS job, GF! :)


Anonymous said...

I just love the Shy Bears. I have some of their stamps from a long time ago & am glad to see them making a come back. Your card is really quite nice. Collette katshon66@aol.

Pam in Ar. said...

The card is awesome with your faux Flower Soft and all but the info. about you......OH THE INFO is PRICELESS!!!!!

YOU were a baaaaaad Catholic girl weren't you! Taking that GED test for a friend, and IN THE 1st GRADE letting that poor girl take the heat for your wet pants...ROTFL...I love it!!!!! I can't wait to hear what you and your BF since the 9th grade have done together over the years LOL

Thanks for being honest but one exactly did you pull off the wet pants?? Weren't the other girls pants dry??

Sharon said...

Wow, that card is beautiful. I am just getting back into card making and getting a ton of ideas. I have that shy bear image and hadn't done anything with it yet, what an awesome idea. Thanks for the inspiration.


Deanna C said...

I have just recently discovered Squigglefly, and especially Shy Bears! I have fallen in love with them and am thrilled that they offer them as digital stamps. Your card is stunning! I love the color, the faux flower soft and how you added that cute little pom pom to his hat. This is one of the new Shy Bears that I have planned on getting and now I know with a certainty that I will have to have him. Thanks for sharing the interesting things about yourself. That was some 'reveal'!

Jeanette said...

Hi Holly, love your list. And, I've got to try your flower soft technique. I absolutely love this card.


Stef H said...

pickle juice????? ewwwwww!!!!

fabulous card.


Shawna said...

Gorgeous card! I am new to your blog and after your 10 things to know about you, I can honestly say I am looking toward more from you in the future..... naughty girl!!! LOL! LOVE your card. So, so cute!

Niki said...

Dill pickle juice?? Now I'm impressed!

Great card, would love to win it.

Thanks for sharing,

CraftyC said...

Your card is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

First, congrats on your award hun!! You certainly deserve it!! ;) And I ADORE your fun wintry shy bear with that faux flower soft snow!! So awesome, you're brilliant lady!! HUGS

Marian said...

Thank you for sharing your idea for making faux flower soft. Your cards are just beautiful and I have enjoyed checking out your blog.

Ila said...

Your card is totally Gorgeous and Super Cute!!...Years ago I would have thought...Yum ..pickle, Ila

Debby said...

Dang I love this! That embossed vellum is awesome! And well I've never had a massage and pickle juice. I don't know. However when I was a kid I did eat pickle chips on vanilla ice cream. It was that and sometimes peanut butter. I'm an incredibly picky eater too so whodeathought.

Rachel said...

This is just sooo darn cute!!!

Tracey said...

Thanks so much for the award Holly! You are so sweet!! xx

Susie M. said...

What a great card! so cute! and congrats on the award!

Heather said...

Love that card! You are very brave for drinking pickle juice ;)

Debra said...

The card is fabulous! Thanks for showing us how to save money and be creative! You are awesome :)

Jan Scholl said...

Those Catholic school incidents are what contributed to the guilt all these years later. If I packaged up the lightening bolts and days I will spend in purgatory and turned them in for cash, I could pay off a third world country's debt. After I bought every rubber stamp I ever lusted after.