Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Good morning everyone! Sorry I was missing yesterday but I sure did get a lot of pressing things done! I got the entire stack of gifts tha's been sitting on my craft room floor wrapped and under the tree! Our tree still doesn't have any decorations on it yet, but ...

I made six of the stocking gift card holders using the template on Splitcoast stampers, and I also decorated some hot chocolate tins that I got to give to our mailman at home and at work.

The stocking gift card holders are sure quick to make! If you have last minute gift cards to give anyone, I'd highly recommend making those! Not only are they quick, but you can make them all different and as simple or as fancy as you like!

I found these round tins of Cadbury hot chocolate mix on clearance last week, so I picked up a couple to give to our mailmen. I simply covered them with designer paper, added some punched snowflakes and a topper made with Robin Willi's circle sentiment snowman from Squigglefly, and they look pretty cute!

I added some snow tex to the hat pom pom and brim to give it a little texture. The designer paper is from Brenda Walton Christmas collection.

Did you all see the new images released at Squigglefly yesterday? There are so many that I love. By popular demand there are some new Shy Bears from Lynne Stansbery. and some wonderful new images from Susan Spiller, Cheryl Alger, Jane Beljo, Robin Willis, and Chesney Young! You really should swing over and take a look at the phenomenal talent that's there!

On a personal note, we took Riley out in the woods on Friday afternoon. She just thoroughly enjoys being out there sniffing for mice, moles, and squirrels. She checks out ever tree and hole there is and then goes back and does it again. She spent a long time inside this hollowed out dead tree and finally ran a mouse of it. He ran to the top of the dead tree and then a flying leap off and got away.

anyway, later when we got home we noticed her eyes looked all squinty and upon closer inspection we saw that both of her eyes had a lot of tree bark flakes in them. We tried to flush them out, but there was just too much of it so we ended up taking her to the vet. They got them flushed out and showed us how we could do it ourselves more easily. She just gets so involved in the hunt that she doesn't let a little old thing like tree bark in her eye slow her down a bit!

Brock was saying he didn't want to let her go back in the woods and hunt anymore, but I really hate to deprive her of something she loves to do so much. If we had a child who loved to ride bicycles and they fell and got hurt, would we say no more bicycle riding? We've tried to use the dog goggles to protect her eyes, but the grasses and brush that she runs in just pushes them off her head. They are great for wind and sand, but aren't much good for the stuff she's hunting in. It's a dilemma; we don't want her getting hurt but I sure don't want to keep her safe but have her be un happy!

Well, I'm going to make out my grocery list and menu for the week and then I hope to make a card for Vicki's Saturday Spotlight challenge as well as a featured stamper card! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, and thank you for looking!


Rose Petal said...

Hello Holly. What lovely ideas you come up with and yes so simple. They look pretty and very effective.
Love Sandra xx

Kim said...

Just beautiful! I may have to borrow this idea!

Jennifer Scull said...

love those! super cute with the round stamps on top! :)

hope Riley is feeling better by now. we had a black lad named Riley who was the light of our life. we couldn't deprive her of anything either. :) she loved to romp in the beach, which is where we lived with her. now our 2 labs love to play in the woods. dogs just gotta run! grins!

Debby said...

Dogs are so much like kids it's scary sometimes. Tree bark in the eyes. That's a new one. :-/
Wonderful gifts. They look super festive.

Becky said...

How thoughtful..and lovely.

Elaine A said...

Hi Holly -

Thanks for the great gift ideas. I think I'll do something like that to have as last minute gifts. You know, when folks you weren't expecting show up - LOL!

Elaine Allen

Shawna said...

Congrats on getting so much done AND gifts made --- woohooo! I love hearing stories about your Riley, but so sorry about her eyes. My wire hair was the same way. If he was interested in getting something, forget anything and everything else!!! Hugs to you AND Riley!

Maria Matter said...

Glad you got your pressies wrapped and put under your undecorated tree! that's too funny Holly!

These are so adorable and a great idea!!!

Poor Riley, can't keep her from what she loves! Hope you figure something out!

Thank you for the lovely Birthday card!!!! Your cards are alway beautiful online but wowzer lady, even better IRL!!! Thank you so much!
Hugs & Blessings, Maria

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

dog goggles? now that sounds funny to me. riley sounds like she's have the best time ever!

and what a super idea on the hot chocolate! love how you decorated.


Anonymous said...

Oh you are already WAAAAY ahead of me girl!! :) I've still got some cards to send out!! LOL!! I adore your fun little gifts though!! That Santa image is so sweet and fun!! Thanks for your inspiration hun!! HUGS

Dawn B. said...

These are so cute and it is awesome that you remembered the postal folks.. They work hard this time of year. Glad you got lots done.. Your dog sounds like ours.. She is just a tiny thing but loves it.. We got HAPPY snow mail today.. Cole was so excited until I told him why it reminded me of him and then he was embarrassed LOL.. He is sick today so it came on a perfect day..huge hugs.

Jane said...