Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shaking Up A Birthday Wish

Hi everyone. Well unfortunately I never did hear from Cheryl on the card she won last Wednesday, so I went to and picked another winner. The winner of the card (you can see it HERE in case you've forgotten what it was) is Elaine Allen. Elaine, if you will e mail me at with your mailing address I'll get this in the mail to you. UPDATE: Cheryl just contacted me and said she's been sick all week. I think the card sounded perfect for her so I'm still mailing it to her and Elaine - I'm making you another card - so still e mail me your address!

Well I do have a card for you today, but I'm really not liking it too much. My boss is having a birthday today and I needed to make a card. I'm not that great with cards for men. Add that to the fact that I have had very little crafting time, and this is the result. The card could have been so much better, but I'm sure it won't make a bit of difference to him anyway.

(click to enlarge)

I used the new Make A Wish Cake image that Robin Willis drew for Squigglefly. I really like the square sentiment and the fact that this image is gender generic.

The shaker piece was an item that I picked up at Archivers. They are from Impression Obsession. You get a package of ten for about $5.00. They come in large and small squares, large and small circles, and one size of ovals. This card is using one of the small squares. They sure make shaker cards quick and simple! Here's what they look like

Now I have to tell you that it wasn't until I was taking the picture of the package that I saw they are self-adhesive! I ran a bead of glue on mine! Guess it'd help if I read the darn instructions! oh well, live and learn!

I hear there was supposed to be a snow storm in Illinois last night, so if you are where there is snow - run outside and build a snowman or make a snow angel! Then, if you can take a picture and send it to me so I can live vicariously thorough you! I want a SNOW DAY!

Well, even if you don't have snow I hope you enjoy your day tremendously and thanks for looking!


msfreida said...

Well I don't understand why you're not happy with it, because I think it is FABULOUS and I know he will too! The DP is PERFECT for this FABULOUS image and making it a shaker card with the stars is so clever! I know it will bring lots of smiles when he sees it! :)

I'm with you on the snow...just one good snowfall...that's all I ask!!! So those of you that get it, please go out and enjoy it and think about us down here!


Vicki said...

Holly, well the snow storm for our section of Illinois really was not as bad as they had predicted...we have snow on the ground...maybe only about 2 no snow angel this time but I PROMISE you one for the next snow storm! We are going to get bitter cold temps starting today for a few days so that is the big weather thing now. And I LOVE your card...I think it turned out really convenient are those shaker things! I am going to have to see if I can find an Archivers close to me...take care kiddo,

Becky said...

Well Holly I live in Rhode Island and it is snowing right now :), but it will turn to rain later today.
I love the card, it turned out nice..

Shawna said...

Holly, there is snow on the ground here but it is frozen, so can't make you a snow angel. -2 at the moment. I go and on and on about the weather, but it is, after all, California. As for your card, I love it! I don't see a thing wrong with it, but I do sympathize. I have trouble with masculine cards, too, and rarely do I make one that I like. Have a great day!

Patricia St Martin said...

I got some round ones, have not tried them yet. Live in Wisconsin 6 miles from Illinois and we just got a dustin of snow not enough to make a snow man.

Dawn B. said...

I just talked to my sister in IL. They did not cancel school there so all the bus drivers called in sick.. They got 8 inches.. I love this fun card. I have not seen these shaker things.. they are awesome.. Have a super snowless day.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

we're our own worst critics. this is fabulous! fun, festive and fabulous! he's gonna love it!

you want snow? come to my house tho' we've more ice than snow! but you can ALWAYS come to my house.

and i'd love to make a snow angel for you. problem is... i'd never get up and when i did, it would ruin the beautiful angel i would make! oy yoy yoy!


momzilajn said...

Oh Pooh! I have been really sick, and so I have not been on the computer much, and just found out I was too late to email you my address for winning the cute card!! Crud, and I loved that little card too! Oh well, better luck next case you ever need it in the future, lol, my email address is Thanks anyway. Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly!! Now I think this is just adorable!! I love those shaker cards!! So fun and I'm sure it will be very much appreciated!! HUGS

Biscuitlid said...

fab card Holly, perfect for a blokey card

Maria Matter said...

I think your card is wonderful Holly and the fact that its a shaker, even more so!
Never made one, thanks for sharing info on the shaker pouches!!

Blessings, Maria

Kim said...

Your card is a great man card Holly!
I wonder If I can get those shaker windows here in Canada????

Elaine A said...

Hi Holly -

Love that shaker card. I really have to try making one of those. Aren't you a doll, you really didn't have to make me a card, I would have understood (but glad you are - LOL). I'll send you my snail mail.

Cheryl - glad you are feeling better. Not fun to be sick during the holidays!

Thanks again

Elaine Allen

Jane said...

LOVE LOVE this card! I never knew they sell those shaker card I have to find a place where I can order it (and that will deliver to Croatia).

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

This is beautiful Holly!! Love the shaker!! Anyone would love receiving this beautiful Birthday card!

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

How cute! congrats cheryl!

Kristie said...

Oooh something new I need to look for! I can't remember now if I got that stamp, if I didn't its on my wish list. I love to make birthday cards!