Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Angels, Dog, Balloons, and SNOW!

Hi everyone! Well yesterday morning we awoke to a very light dusting of snow! Here's the view from my driveway

We don't get snow very often andI love the stuff, so I was a happy person to see it. Then my boss told me not to bother coming in since the weather pretty much had us shut down anyway (construction), so I had the day off! Well, what's a person who loves snow do on a day off when there's a little snow?

Make snow angels! LOL! There wasn't any snow on the grass I could use, so I went to the parking lot of the church next door to us and laid down and made snow angels! Riley loved it when I got on the ground and moved my arms and legs around! She loves the snow too!

Sunday on Splitcoast stampers they have their featured stamper challenge, and you know how much I love to participate in that! So here is the card I made for that

(click to enlarge)

I combined the balloons from Crissy Armstrong's Birthday Teddy image with the Proud Papa image that Eline Pelinkhoff drew. I used a ruler to draw the balloon strings.

I colored this with copic markers. I think what I am most proud of is the way I got the green balloon to show through the other balloons so they look transparent. It really turned out like I envisioned it! If you'd like to see the card I chose to CASE you can see it here

Well, I hope you have a fantastic day today, and thanks for looking!


Rose Petal said...

Hi Holly. Well you have had fun outside with your lovely little dog and making Angels too.
Your card is lovely. Great image and a lovely bright card.
Love Sandra xx

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Cute card. You are welcome to come here and get all the snow you want! We have plenty. I'll gladly share.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

things shut down?????? with that little snow?????? you should be here and they're expecting 6 more inches tomorrow!!!!

you actually got down on the ground too! i'm impressed. i'd never get back up without anything to hold onto (fake hip ya know). but the angel is a beauty - and so are you! ok, so i get mushy every now & then. and riley is a looker! my kinda dog!

card is super, but then..... always are. and your coloring is super.

have a fab day!


Pam in Ar. said...

What a perfect snow angel you made! The picture of Riley is adorable with the one ear bent and the other straight up LOL...such a cutie :).....oh yeah, the card id cute too LOL, sometimes I forget what I'm here to look at ;)

Great coloring job on the card and the image is just as cute as it can be! Have a great Tuesday...maybe more snow tomorrow night??

Chesney said...

Very good use of combining two totally different images. I was impressed with the way you used color to show the green balloon behind the red and blue balloons. A challenge when using tangible media for sure. I did laugh that he just tied the strings around his hand though, instead of holding them in his fist the way a normal person would (yeah, yeah, I know, the image came that way and couldn't be manipulated into a fist) but I just laughed at the idea of a real person doing it that way.

MANDEE said...

Hi Holly! We are suppose to get 3-6 more inches of snow here tommorrow! Its a winterwonderland here in MO!

Cazzy said...

Angels in the church yard seem appropriate!

Cazzy x

Vicki said...

Wow Holly I really like your transparent balloons! You really rocked this image..the card is awesome as always! And you finally got your snow angel! I know I promised one...but not yet...our snow is hard as a rock cause it has been going down below zero here...and besides that...I would have to do it in the driveway too cause my yard is full of dog doodoo!!! I am dogsitting for my son and DIL St Bernard and black Lab while they are basking in the Carribean!



KellyRae said...

LOVE your transparent balloon! How cool it looks and something I'll have to try.

msfreida said...

Tee hee...oh look at that angel...both of them! (snow and Riley!) I have my fingers crossed that ours, that's forecasted, comes thru on Thurs! People from the northern states will never understand our excitement even if we only get a dusting!

I love what you did with these images, and the coloring ROCKS! It's almost magical when you combine the images! Tell Ches once she has kids, she will understand about tying the string on their wrist! I've had to buy too many extras and wipe too many tears because they let go of the string! These look FABULOUS, BTW!

Stay warm! :)

Jeanette said...

I'm with Stef....shut down? Where I came from you were expected to show up to work no matter how much snow was falling. Some of my work day morning drives were pretty darn scary. That's why I didn't stay there when I retired. No more Snow for me.

Love how you combined the 2 images. And, wow, the balloons are awesome.

jacque4u2c said...

This is just so much fun!!! The snow angels and the card too! those balloons are so CUTE!!! I just love your pup too! I know he was glad you were off work!

Shawna said...

Sounds like everyone at your house is having a great time!! Doesn't Riley look like she is really enjoying herself! Glad that snow is at YOUR house and not mine! Ha! Love your card Holly.......yes, the coloring on those balloons is perfect. Great job!

Elaine A said...

Hi Holly -

Let me thank you for that wonderful video yesterday on shimmer - Wonderful! I wish someone had gotten a photo of you laying on the ground making snow angels - now that would have been fun! Hmm, wonder if Riley could make snow puppies? I loved your card today, that little mouse is so cute!

Elaine Allen

Kat said...

Hey Holly ~ I just want to say that is THE most beautiful snow angel I have ever seen!! I think it shows much more detail by making it on the pavement. Glad you snapped a photo so you can have your angel forever. Yay for Riley -- and you! -- extra play time! :-)
P.S. A blessed 2010 to you!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You should see the snow over my way...and more is on the way!! Things shut down?!! WOW!! I love your card!! That mouse is really adorable Holly!! have a good day and enjoy that snow...looks like you are anyway!! LOL!!

Dawn B. said...

Awww great merging of images..I love the way you did that... We are suppose to get 3 inches of snow..I am so hoping for it. We will for sure have no school..I LOVE your snow angel..

Maria Matter said...

you are too fun holly! that's a really good angel too!

love your little mouse holding balloons, great idea!

gosh I hope 'all' your snow doesn't melt and you have tomorrow off too!
Blessings, maria

Heather said...

Oh great idea with the balloons.. I'm going to do that next time!! Great card..

Rachel said...

WOW!!! Love the snow too, you just had wayyy too much fun didn't you.lol. you made such a beautiful snow angel. Love that proud papa image and how you combined balloons from another image. great job. Beautiful card.

Bonibleaux Designs said...

What a HOOT you are! I wish I was there with my camera to catch you being silly in the church parking lot!! God was definitely smiling that day!! Love ya Gal!!

Jennifer Scull said...

love your little mousie card! the snow angel just cracks me up - I am giggling over here! :) but the pic of Riley is my all time fave!