Monday, April 19, 2010

Hoppy Get Well Card

Well, here it is Monday again. Weekends just fly by don't they? I hate to wish my life away, but I hope the work week goes by as fast as the weekend seemed to!

Yesterday Pam teased me about digging up weeds and planting them in my yard. I told her that weeds are just un-loved flowers! If someone had planted some bright yellow dandelions in a pretty pot and wrapped a bow on it, we'd probably all be buying dandelions in florist shops! Anyway, I took a picture of the purple flowers (that I think are really weeds) so you can see how pretty they really are. They have runners that spread out so it will make a good ground cover, and I think the flowers look like delphiniums - only they aren't as tall as delphiniums. Anyone know what they are?

Today my best friend's daughter is going to the hospital to have back surgery. She's suffered with back pain since she was in junior high school, so I'm glad that she will get some relief. If you have time to say a little prayer for her and the surgeons who will be operating on her, please do so!

I have made a little get well card to send her, and I hope she likes it

(click to enlarge)

I used the cute little Squigglefly image called Get Your Bounce Back that Rich Davis drew. I think this bunny is so cute and I hope my friend's daughter feels as good as he seems to when she's recovered!

My image panel was a little larger than I wanted for my card layout, so I trimmed the edges a bit, and the bottom of the panel cut really ragged because I was trimming off such a small sliver. So, I trimmed again and my blade grabbed a piece of the ragged edge and tore it! So I had to trim yet again. It reminded me of when I was a kid and my mom would cut my hair. She'd keep getting it shorter and shorter to "even it up"!

Anyway, there was still a little bit of a tear on the bottom edge, so I cut a flower from the designer paper I used on the card (which is from Pink Armadillo by the way) and stuck it over the small tear.

The image is colored with Copic markers and the purple card stock piece was embossed with the swirl embossing folder and then sponged with lovely lilac ink from Stampin' Up!

Here's a picture of the inside

(click to enlarge)

I printed the words with my computer and then stuck another flower that was cut from the paper.

Remember that today is a new challenge on the Squigglefly blog! I never did get a card made for the last one - shame on me! I wish you all a wonderful day and thanks for looking!


Lynnor Goodwin said...

In total agreement with you about getting the work week to fly totally interferes with my stamping time!! Don't know what your wildflowers are, but my granddaughter and I were out in the yard last night picking "weeds." Some were puffy dandelion heads. Others were pretty little yellow and purple flowers that we don't know the names of. Pretty all the same!
Your card is so cute!! Adorable image and I love the layout! Great coloring, too!!!

msfreida said...

Well I can definitely see why you wanted your weeds...they're beautiful! I don't blame you for transplanting them! Nope, certainly not Periwinkle! I want to say this looks like Catmint, but not sure. Whatever it is, it's a thumbs up from me! :)

So sorry to hear about your friend's daughter! Bless her heart...I pray she gets the relief she needs. Your card will definitely boost her spirits! You did a fabulous job of coloring and placing the flower over the boo-boo was sooo clever...hmmm matches the flower in the DP perfectly! I am forever messing my piece up when I try cutting just a sliver! UGH!

Hope everyone has an awesome week!

Shawna said...

Will definitely being saying a prayer for your friend's daughter. So young to have back problems! A sweet, lovely, card-making friend told me last winter not to wish my life away ------ bouncing that one back at ya Holly! But of course I am teasing and I do understand. I think it is only natural to yearn for a different time frame sometimes. BUT, not to worry, Friday will be here in a blink of an eye! Love your weeds!!! And that cute card! She is sure to love it!

Becky said...

This is an adorable card, love-love this image, and this would put a smile on any ones face.

Patricia St Martin said...

sorry about your friends daughter. something like this is so scary for a young person. I hope everything goes well for her. she will love the card, it will put a smile on her face. really cute.
the flower almost look like texas blue bells but not quite. sorry no idea.

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

those weeds are gorgeous! we have a field of dandelions behind us and they look beautiful. good thing they get cut every tues. tho'.

will say a prayer for your friend and she'll love your card!

Vicki said...

Holly I will say a prayer for your friend's daughter as well...I am a firm believer that prayer works in numbers! And those flowers are very pretty even if they may be weeds...funny you mention that about weeds being unloved mom used to say that too! Your card is so cute...I am sure she will love it. And I am with you on the work week going fast! I am always wishing for the weekend and then it is here and GONE!


Linda L said...

Hi Holly I was always told weeds are flowers that grow were you don't want them too. Those are beautiful.Is it from the mint family?
I hope you friends daughter is well soon. Back surgery is so painful.
I love the card. It is so cute. I am sure it will help her smile.

Aimeslee said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's daughter, Holly. Very cute card. Thanks for mentioning your trimming frustration, thought I was the only one that happened to. And, my favorite flowers are the weeds that spring up in my backyard before the first mowing of spring. xoxo

Kim said...

Love your weeds...not sure what they are.
Love your card too! I hope the surgery goes well!!!

Maria Matter said...

sending prayers for your friend's daughter!!!

beautiful card Holly!

Blessings, Maria

Dawn B. said...

Sending up prayers.. She will love this.. Hope it all goes well. I think your weeds are beautiful..:)

Heather said...

He's totally cute.. Made me smile..

Pam in Ar. said...

Your friends daughter will love her card! The flower in the corner looks like a spring board or looks exactly like it's supposed to be there. You need one of those sanding blocks Holly. You can sand off those rough edges instead of cutting small pieces.

Glad to hear (I read it in the other post) your friends daughter's surgery went well, hopefully she'll get the relief she needs now.

Ok,ok, I give up!! The weeds are pretty BUT..........